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Submitted: September 12, 2009

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Submitted: September 12, 2009



Now you see you have come again because you are curious…you have found me in this boat…you have also heard of me and you want to know truth…I cant tell you what is truth, can I? live your life and you say yes this is my life but if you look well into it you surely realize that this is not your life…you have been taught a lot of things and I know now it is so hard to get over it…you have looked into it all and I see you have started to hate god…but let me ask you not to be stupid…the god you have so heard about is the life that you are…I don’t know if you know a guy called Jesus…he once said that none can go to the father expect trough the son…I know some idiots and excuse me for the terms have made him a god…something which is not wrong at all but along the line you will realize that those people live trough fears…ok let us get back to what I was saying…you have heard just what I said here…none can go to the father expect trough the son….you must know your true nature…you are what you are and in reality you have no name…I am not asking you to go about and to forget your name but I am saying that you are what you are…you are the silence before every sound in your mind…you are the song and the singer…but now you have been also taught to judge people…don’t  you know that good and bad don’t exist? In your world there seem to be a reverse way of life, everything seems to be upside down and it gives you a vertigo and I know that this is why you have come in this boat…if you are a Christian it is only because you don’t like another religion…you are not open and your kingdom is a poor one…have you not heard of the old Egypt where all the men of the earth came to exchange their fortunes? You hardly listen…you are always judgmental and you think that life is acting up on you when in fact you don’t know that your misery and joys are self created things…now you have heard me say it…your thoughts about things will create your heaven and your hell. Play with them things and remind yourself that all shall pass. It is to you to remake yourself if that is your will. If fact you will only be accountable for the beliefs you have imposed on others…you hear them saying that they go on evangelizing people but they don’t know what they do…they talk and talk till you become like them…they hate the diversity…whites think there shouldn’t be blacks and blacks think there shouldn’t be white and the world goes upside down. I want you to know that no events never bring with it its own interpretation…I am going but I would like you to stay because I will tell you her sin.

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