The Rond Table

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Submitted: March 01, 2009

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Submitted: March 01, 2009



When I look around I know that god is ignorant. Well, that’s the very reason which makes me love him more. I see him as the imperfection. And trough it I find my place in the shame of things. People think god knows it all, yet I tell you that he knows nothing apart from what you know. Never pray for a solution to the problem. Pray for the will and the courage to face it. Prayer is never addressed to some king sitting on a throne pleased to see us coming to him almost dead, but prayer is a reminder to yourself of the things which bothers you and the things you should do, truth is god but truth cant be truth if it is not applied, that’s why god is the ultimate void where man find a purpose, the fake mystics try to get us to live the old way and the crazy scientists try to get us to be hopeless, but truth asks us to cherish both of them, the fake and the crazy for they know at least something. When we are kids everything is existing because no beliefs are imposed upon us, if your life is going down it is a sign, you are holding tie to someone’s else belief, make up yours, call truth god, call god a lady, call god a fool but at least know that there is no one else but you. Until you have brought that brick to the city of the gods they shall wait for you. Who cares if god is white or black? What matters is that you are ‘I AM’ and be whatever you want but bring the world to make another step, Darwin wasn’t so wrong, he understood something, why would a all knowing god creates imperfections and so on, the reason is he himself was ignorant then, but trough the multiple evolution he is building the ETERNAL CITY. If you find no joy here, you shall not find it anywhere

Joy is not appeasement, But joy is amusement, Beauty isn’t in the flower, But in the eyes of the beholder, If it was in the flower we would all take care of it, Since it is in us we shall keep ourselves alive to behold it, So love isn’t in the round shapes, But in the one who sees it and does something about it, You have always been, You created all that you see so that you might learn more, Call it learning or remembrance but it IS, And you IS, You are here with all your problems and troubles because YOU seek to create the eternal city of beauty and love, Now rise a little above your piece of meat and watch, The only thing you can offer to YOU is what you have found about yourself, Abraham found that it was a ram caught in the thicket by it horns, Jesus found that his person as a Jew, what then do you offer to god?


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