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time has come for you to know this

Submitted: August 02, 2009

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Submitted: August 02, 2009



They shall all find peace when they will drink of his wine and they shall hear the universal music and they shall not preach a man his son and a brother his sister...they shall see that never was there men and woman, they shall rejoice for death will be to them a return  home and they shall forget about the care of the world...they shall bring earth down on earth and they shall see the beauty of the diversity...they shall know about the enterprise and they shall in everyway keep the universal flame burn on the roof of their houses…that men knows not what he is is truth…and they all come with theories and saying this and that,….they come and call themselves masters and so on...but the wise reply and say that only the father is good for he that made him made him as a gift unto others...but having seen the universal spirit he knows, yes he the mystic knows that he is the one hiding behind every mask of this facet of life and thus he finds the universal and cosmic smile of the Buddha…he sits with all and he preaches with his cheers presence...that he men of earth hate is god for they see their downfall in him but is it really downfall ...they thing might is right but they are afraid to be like the is everywhere and always at everyone service….did Moses and others not walked unto the palace of the great king not to find him there and having looked trough the window saw him carrying a wounded soldier home? That they speak of the messiah they do not understand the hidden words in it for every birth shall be rejoice in this facet of life…let the wise instruct the newcomers unto these ways so that their ways be smooth like the rising sun of the gods in the hearts of new birthed mystics…….when the time shall come they shall see it face to face but they will run away from it…they will be transformed unto pillar of salt...yes you know what happened to the wife of lot when she looked behind….for having left the sensual part of life she must have gone trough it and be purified… say sensuality is a disease but don’t you know it is you that is the problem...when he set up the multitudes he looked at it and saw that it was very good and men not knowing how to do with it looked at it and said the devil must have been creating it….see how the scribes and the Pharisees rise above men to subjugate them unto their rule so that they might be made kings. But I tell you unless man hates his father and mother he shall not see the glory of the father in heaven…here I am burning with this new flame ye t I hate her this lady I was asked to marry…she looked no so what I dreamed of but here I am witnessing the birth of our children and I can not help but to thank her with a kiss and a constant reminder of the beauty that she truly carries with her wherever she goes…now they see and soon they wont see me on this plane of life….I have become the laughing stock and the unwanted child but have I not found my real father and mother? They adopted me so that they might not reveal to me my kingship…but I entered it in the dark sky and I saw my name written on the wall of the palace and I inquired and they said the king had died in his younger age of an incurable disease…yet I run faster so that I had nothing to do with this but the ElohimS my father came to me and fed me and their water I drunk and my eyes were opened and bowed to their face and they said: rise child for the destiny and go thy ways for we be with you and in an instant I was in the battle field with the evil they were made king in my kingdom…only you have the key to the mysteries of the hidden light and trough these words shall you find truth…

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