truth is what you are

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truth is what you are

Submitted: February 25, 2009

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Submitted: February 25, 2009



why do you seek it there when it is here

why do you climb a physical mountain when the only mountain is you

why? tell us why do you fight others when the only enemy is you self pride

why go to that church

why not do some inner work

einsten found it within and felt possessed

do you know i can not save you even they cant

i can only say my part

life is not a test

but a walk and a turn and i walk and turn

truth is an ever changing principle

so are you

you are birthed, you breathe, you live and you die

why then see god as being without?

when i say i love you i dont mean your round shapes

i simply meant your spirit

this is what we are

in spirit i wish you no wrong

and in body i praise you long

for the father is in me and i in the father

young and beautiful

let not the world disturb you

but be guided by you

see, you are not the body

but the thing aware of it

can you then be the guide

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