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Submitted: May 12, 2009

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Submitted: May 12, 2009



you are the refusal to accept nothingness and thats what you will always be. god is the nothingness in which all is something just like every acts of yours start from a though with no where it came from. that is god, the starting point we hardly see in us and the void from which a human life can take form. we will always have something in us whether we like it or not but to know where that somehting came is almost the impossible to know. what more? will you like to be apart from the desire you hold dear to your heart? there is no need to feel no part in the drama of life. refusing to take a stance in matter is to have a stance anyway. live life or else life will live you. criminals are born from the fact that we hardly let our children and friends choose the reality they wish to live. if they stand aside from what we believe in we are more than ready to regard them as being bad, better die with nothing but a life lived from your dreams than living someone else dream. wake up and be and just be. god is the unkown, finding god is accepting to live life, to make a choice and to be part of the drama of life, it is to be able to marry, to cry,to enjoy and when time has come to leave this world to share with those around our finding about what life has been to us. desire is caused by ignorance, so in polite terms the wise man is the one who knows that the only thing which the lord of high offers is ignorance in order to give to his children the possibility to create a reality they might find pleasing to their eyes. thats is called true love,it is our desire to set people free from forced belief, let man chooose the religion of their choice, let them call god the void, the nothingness, the love of all and the single point. jesus sacrifice was marked by his own salvation therefore showing us the way, challenging us all to seek our way of life no man can bring down, there was never any blood spilled by the jews but there was that man callled jesus who challenged the authority and asked them to show their love by letting people choose what is best for them. in this way nothing is bad and good and none of us can eat of that fruit, all is life and let it be life. the cross is the symbol of beliefs imposed upon us by the poeple we love the most, it is wood misused by those who were meant to use it to warm us up in the cold night. yet i shall write to set everyman free and i shall go above the heaven to steal from god so that man shall be fed and find their way of life. let the forest man live there until he is ready to come out of it, let the model girl live her dream but remind them not to play the victim stance. seeing another suffering trying to find their way and not assisting them is like aggreeing with death to take them away, yet you and them are an answer to nothingness. why then do we return to earth? to live our values and our lives the way we have chosen for ourselves.

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