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time was once peaceful

Submitted: February 27, 2009

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Submitted: February 27, 2009



There was once a city where men didn’t have to praise one another, that was the city of the god’s. Everyone was acting from the within. One day one took upon himself the desire to be praised, he studied all the classics and revised all his strategies and went on a rampage, the city of the gods became the earth we now live in. the fight was intense and the blood of the gods was used to create the mountains and the stars in heaven. We are the descendants of those gods and we are called to bring them together, so the child the world is waiting for is in you. Every desire is opposed to another in you and it is to you to give them all their due at the right time. You can not escape from this mission, you cannot even turn away from it, some of the gods who didn’t go into the fight brought a being capable of doing it and they have created you. They died so that they can live in you to bring the world back to what it was, your place in the city of the god is guaranteed but the place isn’t worth the walk you will take for you shall find purpose in dong it and the reward will not matter much, you have been trusted and now you are here, the battle first takes place in you. When you have brought peace there, some will try to run away into the external and you will know when it is time to go and find them. Be warned some gods can be very stubborn and you will need to call upon those you have convinced to give you their strength so that you can bring all back at the table to share the meal they have prepared. Be not judging them, even the gods are prey to pride.

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