A memoir at the outskirt of the Flu mania

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Are they (whoever) heading towards WMD mania?

A memoir at the outskirt of the Flu mania

The Iraq Survey Group (ISG) started its work after the 2003 invasion. One of its American leaders said in an interview they were interested in a symposium that was held a year before the war. "In the symposium's course as it was translated, they (Iraqis) ,"talked about" using an influenza strain that had been genetically engineered to secrete a cobra toxin. Was this speculation? Was this science fiction? Was this something they had? Who knows?" the ISG man said.

As there was no such symposium, it was apparent that informers have fabricated the fiction. The ISG man couldn't tell who snitched such lies. The invention kept changing from influenza virus to smallpox and vice versa with the addition or deletion of Clostridia toxins or snake venoms. It was like a recipe for dishes with no kitchen. The tale ignored the fact that high containment laboratories to do such ultra-sophisticated work are only available in the West.


In chapter one (what if) of the science fiction entitled "Plaque wars," published five years before the invasion, the authors wrote: "The head of the Biotechnology department has developed genetically engineered smallpox virus which has been integrated with the epsilon-toxin of Clostridium perfringens, the third most deadly toxin known to man. Put simply; they have developed a chimera or monster virus- a doomsday bug."

I remembered these pieces on the 17th anniversary of the war on Iraq. I hope they (whoever) are not heading towards similar WMD mania at this time of Corona.

Submitted: April 15, 2020

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