Yousif and Yossef

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how the name Yousif is related to the son of Jacob, groundson of prophet Ibrahim, known for his prophetic ability

Submitted: August 09, 2017

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Submitted: August 09, 2017



Yousif and Yossef

Sometimes when he calls his father, Yousif  tends to extend and intensify the word "Dad" into "Daaad".  If  Omar, the father, replies "yes Baba" that means he is ready for  the incoming question. In that afternoon, the preschooler Yousif called "Daaad, am I writing my name right?"

"Yes, why you asking?" the father wondered

"Cause my friend writes his similar name differently", Yousif replied.

"How is that?" Omar asked

It seemed that the two children argued and  their preschool teacher asked them to write their names on a piece of paper the way they want. Yousif showed the paper to his Daaad. He wrote his name as Yousif, his friend wrote his name as Yossef .

"That is Ok, it can be written in slightly different letters" Omar said.

"But which one is right, mine or his?" Yousif asked

"Both. In fact it can be written like Yosef, Yusuf, Yusif  Youssif,Yuseff, Usef, , Youcef,or any other form." Omar answered while showing him how on the same piece of paper." Do you Know Abdi the Aussi runner and athlete? He writes his name Youcef Abdi.  Not only him, there are many celebrities carrying similar name like Yusof Ishak who was the first President of Singapore. There was also Yousuf bn Tashfin, king of the Almorabteen empire in parts of North Africa  and Spain and the founder of the capital Marakesh in Morocco some thousand years ago". Omar further explained.

Pretending that he did understood the heavy explanation, Yousif seriously asked

" but what does the name mean Dad?"

"Yousif is an Arabic name which may means pioneer or sorrowful. It is the   equivalent of both the English name Joseph and the Hebrew name Yossef in which it means "God increases in goodness or God blessing". In any case the name is historically connected to the prophet Yousif. I can tell you his interesting  story at bed time if you want." Omar replied.

Yousif showed big interest to hear the story, so he called his father when he was ready to sleep asking him to tell the tale.

"The prophet Yousif or Yossef  rose from slavery to become Vizier or the first minister to Djoser in the ancient Egypt". Omar started the story hoping to finish it in one piece.

"Who is Djoser Dad?" Yousif asked

"Djoser was the first Pharaoh  of the third dynasty of Egypt, reigning from years 2670-2650 BC". Omar replied.

"What is Pharaoh, does it mean a king?" Yousif asked.

"Exactly, king Djoser is known for his Step pyramid, the first pyramid built in the olden Egypt" Omar replied.

"Step pyramid? what is it?" Yousif asked

" A step pyramid is like a building that uses flat platforms, or steps, receding from the ground up, to be similar to a triangle or pyramid, used as royal burial place", Omar replied."Now enough questions, don’t you want to know the story of the prophet?" The father added.

"Yes, but Daaad.." Yousif  whispered.

"No but, listen dear, Yousif was the son of Jacob and the ground son of our prophet Ibrahim. His eleven brothers were the reason that he was sold to slavery because they were jealous of his prophetic abilities to analyze dreams and of his being their fathers' favorite. The man who bought him was an army commander who raised him but imprisoned him later due to misunderstanding. After several years in prison and because of his ability to interpret the dreams of the Pharaoh Djoser, he set him free and appointed him as his Vizier. Yousif then  brought his tribe from Palestine to settle in Egypt and happily lived with the Egyptians. As you see, Yousif passed through difficult situations from slavery to imprisonment but never lost his faith. His life-story became a symbol of how God could raise the lowly from the degraded conditions." Dad said.

"By the way, do you know if your friend is from Jewish family?" Omar asked

"Why Dad?" Yousif asked

"Because Jews write the name as Yossef and it is nice that a Muslim child like you became friend to a Jew boy". "Good night son". Omar concluded while Yousif rolled around in his bed to sleep peacefully, thinking of his friend Yossef.

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