Hey There Little One

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Just a reminder that no one has to feel alone.

Submitted: March 07, 2016

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Submitted: March 07, 2016



Hey there little one,

Why aren't you in bed?

Are your thoughts swirling too fast

Quickly spinning whirlpools fill your head?

Go climb under the covers

All really is alright. Don't open those eyes once I've kissed them.

Dream sweetly and goodnight.


Hey there little one,

Why do tears streak your face?

Life can be bitter

Have you gotten a taste?

Let me brush them away

A soft caress for each cheek

Let my love fill the hole in your chest

Plugging that mournful leak.


Hey there little one,

Why do you look so alone?

Don't you know you're surrounded

By folks calling you their own?

Even if you can't touch them

From so far away

Let their strength flow into you

Each and every day.

You're safe and loved little one,

And there's nothing else to say.


Hey there little one,

Could I please have a smile?

How long has it been

Since we've sat for a while?

I never stopped being here

Or caring for you

Even when you're too busy

With all those busy things you do.

Just remember my words

My love fiercer than the sun

I'll forever be your Guardian, my sweet little one.

© Copyright 2019 Ali Bishop. All rights reserved.

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