The Lost Twin. ( Ali Hassan Fakhoury )

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The stsory is about two twins, that go to the museum, what do they find?

Submitted: August 22, 2012

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Submitted: August 22, 2012



I could hear the sound of the clock as it woke me up, it was three A.M in the morning, which is the time for my twin brother John to take his medicine, he has a rare desease in the heart, the doctor said that this medicine won't save him from the desease, but will let him live a little more with us.
I felt his hair as I got my hand under his head, I smiled at his deep blue eyes, " Wake up John, it's time for your medicine. ". He looked at me in the eyes, I helped him sit down on the hospital bed, I caught his hand tight, caught it with all my might, and a tear came up to my eye.
" Where is mom, and dad? " He said, looking around like he lost them forever. " Sara, are you crying? " He looked at me, a tear came out of my eye, he got his hand on my face, and with his thumb he wiped it of my cheek. " Why are you crying ? " He asked, surprised.
" Nothing, mom and dad went to sell our car. " I said, remembering that we can't afford a better hospital, so my parents had to sell the car we have, just to at least improve his treatment in the hospital.
I opened the drawer that was beside me, after looking at the red flower in the glass cup on it, and beside it stood the picture of me and my brother, smiling, I was huging him, he was too. I almost forgot the medicine, I got it out of the drawer, " So, how do you feel? " I asked him, as I oppened the medicine, and poored a little in a spoon.
" Good, no need for that bitter medicine now sister! ", he helped his self feel better with a slight laugh, I gave him the medicine.
I saw his eyes oppening wider, and the bitter taste on his lips, he got his tongue out like he wants to spit it out, but it was too late, he already swallowed it all. " So? How do you feel now? " I asked , putting my hand behind his back, so he can easily go down back to his pillow.
" Better, good night, sis. " He said as he placed his head on the pillow, he looked at me one more time, and said " You know what I want? " He asked me.
That was weird, he usually goes to sleep right after he takes his medicine, but this time he thought of oppening a conversation about what he wants to do. " What? " I asked.
" I want to go to my house, for one last time, and to the 'All Time Museum', the one that I wanted to go to last year, but then mom said 'later', and you know what ' later ' means right? " He gave me a smile.
" Don't say last time, you will recover, and we will all live a happy ever after life. " I said, as more tears came out of my eyes, I caught his hand even tighter than last time. " You won't leave me alone won't you? " I asked, I started to cry really hard now.
" I will try not to. " He said it, hopeless. He went to sleep.
I let go of his hand for one second, but then caught it right back, I had my head on his chest, heard his heart beats, that means he is still with me, I wanted to sleep beside him, but I want him at all his comfort. I took my head of him, left his hand, got up after feeling a little pain on my knees and then sat on the chair, I slept.
In my dream, I saw a huge door, I touched it, and it oppened wide, and inside it was endless gardens, trees very big, and I saw my brother, right there climbing on a tree, " JOHN " I called him, but it seems that he can't hear me, then he saw me, got down of the tree, and came closer to me.
" Hello sister, come join me, that place is very fun, " He said it with energy getting out of him, as he ran back to the big tree. I wanted to join him, but I felt a slight push on my right shoulder, ' Sara ', I heard a voice, it was my mothers, I heard the voice again, then I woke up, looking at my mom's face right in front of me.
" Good morning sweat heart," She said.
" Good morning mom, where is dad? " I asked, missing him, it was the first time I wake up not seeing him holding John's hand.
" He is doing some papers for the car, so we can sell it, " She answered my question.
" How much will you sell it for? " I cared for my brother, the doctor said that if we want the best treatment for that kind of disease, we will at least need one hundred thousand dollars.
" For two thousand dollars. " She said as a small tear came out of her brown eye.
I heard John cough a little, both me and my mom looked at him, " Mom, " He said, with his exhausted voice, " Can I go to our house, I want to see it for the last time, and then I want to go to that museum, please mother. " He asked her really politely.
My mom walked towards him, dragged a chair, and sat beside him, caught his hand, and whispered, her lips said ' Okay '. John smiled and got back on his pillow, to take a little nap.
I heard my dad's foot steps, he knocked on the door, and got in, looking at me, he smiled, I got up the chair and hugged him, after we let go, he went to my mom to give her a kiss, then looked on John, and his smiled faded, and a tear came out of his eye, he caught John's hand, and looked at his eyes, John oppened his eyes, and asked to go home, and then go to the museum. My dad looked at my mom, and said, " Let's take him, nothing to lose. " He agreed on what John wanted.
In half an hour, we were all ready, we excused the doctor take him out of the hospital, for a day, he agreed after failing to make us keep him.
We got down, I was expecting to sit in my comfortable car, but we soled it, we took a taxie, and went home...
As the car moved, I looked at John, he had his hand out of the window, and was looking at the trees as they moved, as far as I can remmeber, John's favorite game while in the car is to count the trees, he was thinking of something, but what?
We got home, my dad told the driver to wait a while because we are coming back he said.
My mother oppened the door, and John was the first to step in,he ran up to his room, I followed, John got in his room, so did I, I saw him open his closet, in it was his clothes, he took the first row of clothes out, placed them on the bed behind him, and said, " Yes! I found it. "  There it was, in his hand, the thing that he ' Found ', it was an old peice of paper, he opened it, and read it out loud.
" Me start to do. " He continued reading it, and a big smile on his face, this is a paper he wrote when he was six. " Number one, go live with mom and dad. Number two, give Sara a huge tedy bear. Number Three, go to place with cool stuff. ( The museum. ). Number Four, live me life! " He closed the paper, put it in his pocket, and ran back down, and it was time to go, I got down the stairs, looked at John, my mom and dad where in the taxi now, John said " Good bye, home. " He ran to the car, and waited for me to get in before him so he can sit beside the window and continue his game.
He did as he pleased, he opened the window, and had his elbow out, and his head on his hand, and looking at the trees, I could see his eyes move every time we pass a tree, he is following the tree like it's running away from him. I looked at my mother, she had been quiet since we've left the hospital, I had to talk to her, but I know that my mom's feelings, if I ever talk to her when she's not happy, she can cry right away. I kept looking at her, she looked back, " Do you want anything darling? " She asked me.
" No. You don't look- " I stopped myself from saying this, if I said it she will start crying, even without telling me what's wrong.
My dad was busy doing some stuff on his phone, we finally arrived. I got down after John did, my mom got out from the left side, I looked at John's face, he had a wide smile on his face.
For no reason, I had a bad feeling about this, a very bad one. I looked at the floor while walking to the museum's door, and infront of me, was the best game in childhood, the stairs, I would walk it all up like a cat, and then back down again, and up, until I get tired. But I was too old now, I was fourteen, no way I would look normal infront of people if I did that!
I saw my dad buy the tickets for us to enter, I saw him hand the man sitting a sixty dollars, we got in.
Me and John excused our parents to leave the boring tour and go check stuff ourself, they agreed. I walked on John's left, we stood for like two minutes every time we see a very interesting looking thing, we saw dinasour's bones, and we saw some of Davinci's drawings, we had so much fun.
While walking, me and John saw something that caught our eyes, it was a big thing, not sure what it is, it red seats for two, and some random buttons from the inside, and the out side, it was shiny, and it had to things like poles hanging out of it.
On the ground was written, ' TIME MACHINE, MADE 1950, NO ONE EVER TRYED IT. '.
John looked at me, and I know that look, I knew exactly what he wants to do, " Are you thinking what I'am thinking? " He asked me, one hundred percent sure I knew.
" What if it worked? " I asked, like an idiot beleiving that this piece of metal will work!
" We will have the best adventure ever, just remember what year we are in. " He answered me back, in an answer that persuaded me in going, I agreed.
We both got in, after breaking the thing that said ' DO NOT TOUCH. '. There was a drawer inside, I opened it, and found a piece of paper. I read it out loud so John can hear me.
" Instructions. Step One, put the year you want to go to. Step Two, press the red button. " That was it, I flipped the paper to see some notes, and also, I read them out loud, " Important notes, do NOT go to the future, if you do, you will freez in one hour. You can go to the past if you want. But when you come back, you shall come on the same exact die you left. This will not retreive life if lost one! " I had the paper back in the drawer, looked at John, he smiled.
I wrote down a year, I wrote '1890', and was about to press the red button, when we caught the security gaurd's attention, he ran up to us, I was frustrated, I was going to give up, but John pressed the button. And everything started to twist, and then everything went black, except for me, John, and the time machine. I looked at John, he said " That is awesome! ", he was right, that is awesome. But what awaits us in the eyar '1890'? We will find out.
And after two minutes of waiting, we fell from a portal in the sky, we looekd down, and saw the clouds, we were still in the time machine, we were falling, in a very fast speed, we passed the clouds, they tasted like air. Then we started too see the ground, people old clothes, and those old cars that we all know, we fell in an empty garden, made a loud noise when we hit the ground. We got out, and I was the first to touch the ground. It was a big garden, with trees filling every empty spot, and wind very cold it made me shiver.
I looekd at John, he was smiling, every time he looks at another tree, he could play his game forever now, but we had to get going, we had to find something to do, or we would have to go back to our normal life, were John is on his bed, and I'am giving him his medicine.
I leaned down to touch the ground, it was clean, and the grass was everywhere, the ground felt smooth, I followed John, he was walking out of the garden, " Let's go back. " I said, trying to convince him.
" They will shout at us! " He answered back, there was no way I would be able to convince him to go back, I mean, he is right, but be in trouble is much better than being lost in time! Right?
We walked and walked until we got out of the garden, the air smelled refreshing, but what caught my attention was that hundreds of people, starring at us as we walked out of the garden, they must've seen our time machine fall from the sky, unfortunate for me and John, there was the police, two officers were walking towards us, we had to run, but to where? The forest is big, but they will find us at the end. And if run, people will get more suspicious that we were the poeple that fell from the sky, so the mission was to lie about our ship. They got closer, looked at me and John.
" Where you in that ship that fell from the sky? " One of the officers said, pointing at the sky.
I was going to say no, but John said, " Yes, that was us. ", he said the truth.
One of the officers caught me from the shoulder, and the other did the same to John, they took us to there car, me and John sat down, and as usual, John played his game, but this time it was much harder, it seems that in the old days, there was more trees.
On our way to the police station, I saw a little girl, with a brown teddy bear, she looked at me, and when the car was beside her, she threw the bear in the car, I caught it, looked back at her from the car's back window, she waved at me, I turned to look at John to see if he noticed the bear, but he was busy playing his game.
It's been half an hour, we finally arrived. I waited for the officer to open the door, he did, I walked out, looked at John as the other officer took him out of the car, " What do you want from us? " I asked as I tryed to get away from the officer's arms, he was pushing too hard on my shoulder, John kept hisself quiet.
We got in the police station, and in there were lots of more officers, we went to a door, the officer caching me finnaly let go of me, he knocked the door and oppened it, me and John got in first, the the two officers, there was a desk, and sitting on the chair behind it was a man, wearing a normal police suit, he looked at me then at John, " What's their story? " He asked both officers, one of them approached infront.
"Well, we saw a thing falling from the sky, then it fell in the southern lokar garden, a-and then they got out of the garden, this boy right here, " He had his hand on John, " said that it was them in the thing. ". He finished talking, and waited for the police man to talk.
" How do you know the boy is not playing around and lying to a stupid officer like you? "  He asked, mocking the officer.
" They were the only people that came out  of the garden. " The officer defended hisself.
"  You know lots of kids play in there. " The police man sitting answered back. He looked at John, " So, where you both really in there? " He asked John.
John, frustrated, had to say something. " Y-yes sir. " He finaly said it.
" What is this thing that you and your sister where in? " The police man asked.
" It's a time machine, we found it in a museum. " John answered the police man in all honesty.
" A time machine?! Okay, you will be punished, hey George! " He looked at the officer holding me, " Order eight seven seven. " He gave him an eye contact, then we all left.
What is order eight seven seven? I asked myself. We kept walking, looking at John, then the officer with John took the right side of the hall, and the officer with me took the left, I looked at John, so did he, then that was the last time I saw him.
Infront of me was a door, the officer oppened the door, and in there, I saw lots of girls, some my age, some older, I got in, the officer left me in there, he locked the door. " Hi. " I said, no one looked.
The day went boring, I slept on the floor that night, thinking of John, where can he be? If the guy sent me here with those girls, he had to send John to the boys place!
Next morning, I woke up too se all the girls still asleep, except for one, she was crying, I got closer to her, sat down beside her, " What's wrong? " I asked, she looked at me, then looked back at the ground.
I knew she was never answer me, but I was wrong, " My brother! " She said as I was going back to my place, I looked back at her.
" What's wrong with your brother? " I asked her.
" Don't you know order Eight Seven Seven? " She asked me surprisely.
" No, what? " I asked, waiting for an answer.
" Order Eight Seven Seven is an order given to the people that have weird cases, like me, keep the girls for one year, and kill the boys! " She answered me in the most perfect answer, but it was not perfect for me.
I fell on right away , too good she caught me, I started seeing black dots on my eyes, blocking my view, I looked at this girl sitting, then every thing got dark.
Several hours later, I woke up, finding everyone looking at me, I sat, the girl that was sitting was beside me, I looked at her, " When will they kill your brother? " I asked her.
" Two more days. " She answered, she started to cry again.
I looked at her, " So we have to days to find a way to escape, and to help your and my brother! " I said it proudly.
She kept looking at the wall infront of her, " How can we do that? " She asked.
" I have the perfet plan. " I looked at everyone, " Hey girls, are you ready to be set free? " I asked every one.
" Yes! " Was everyone's answer.
There was six girls, including me, I looked at all of them, " You, come here. " I pointed at the tall girl in front of my eyes, she got closer to me.
" What do you want? " She asked me.
" You, will be behind the door, holding this. " I handed her a stick I thought would be useful, it was thick, it would make anyone fall if hit on his or her head, that tall girl was the perfect person to use this weapon.
" And? " She asked me again.
" When the officer opens the door, you will hit him with it. He will fall, and we all will go out, but secretly. Without any noise. " I finished my talk with her. " You, come here! " I pointed at that fat girl, she will be the perfect match for a girl that will be shouting, people say that fat people have a loud voice! " You will scream when you see those two fighting! " I pointed at two strong looking girls, they will act as if they are fighting, the fat girl will scream, and the officer will hear us, he will come in, and the tall girl will hit the officer, then we will go out, save my brother, and be free. But how are we going to save my brother?
" And you, " I pointed at the girl that told me the whole thing. " Will try to stop her, " I pointed at one of the girls that will be fighting, " And I will try to stop this girl, " I pointed at the other girl that will be fighting.
" When will we do that? " The tall one asked me.
" Today. Right now! " I said.
We all got our places, the fat girl was supposed to start screaming, I looked at her, she did, and the two girls started to act as if they were fighiting, " HEY SON OF A BITCH! " One of the girls fighiting shouted, making it look real, I looked at her in a mean look. She never said that word again.
The fat girl screamed again.
The officer unlocked the door, and got in, " What is going on here? " He asked everyone.
" Those two are fighiting! " I answered.
The tall girl hit him with the stick, he fell, his head started to bleed. We all got out, silent, the tall girl gave me the stick, " Thank you. " She wispered in my ear.
The hall was tall, the objective is to send all four out, and me and the girl with her brother about to die will go save our brothers.
" Come on. " I said, approaching to the hall way, I looked inside a door, that was the door that will take us out, but unfortunatly, we won't be able to hide from them. I looked at all the girls, " What now? All the officers are in there, this is the only way out! " I told every one.
The fat girl ran to were we were, and flipped the injured officer, taking his gun, " Hey, will that be useful " She asked me from where she was.
I nodded, she came running, " Who knows how to shoot with a gun? " I asked, the tall girl came, took it from me. " So, what you will do now, is shoot, and we will all hide back in our prison thingy, but after getting there, " I pointed at the end of the hallway, where the boys place is. " Every one will come here, after hearing the gun shots, and while all are here, you all go out! " The tall one looked at me.
" Let's do it! " The tall girl said.
Two girls went and held the officer, took him to where the boy's place is. We all went to our prison, and the tall girl shot with the gun, she came as fast as she could, got in, and we closed the door.
In no time, there was all the officers looking at the injured officer, all four ran away, and me and the girl stayed there! " What's your name? " I asked her.
" Jessy! You? " She answered, then asked.
" Sara. " I answered her. All other four got away with what ever they did. We two were now alone.
I looked throught the door, I could see that all the officers were going back to what ever they were doing, the injured officer dissappeared, some body probably took him.
Me and Jessy got out, ran to the boy's place, too good Jessy acted smart in taking the officer's keys. Jessy started trying to open the door with every key, it finnaly oppened, I saw my brother, laying down, sleeping, I got in, closed the door, Jessy went to her brother, I went to mine, all other boys looked at us like 'What-The...'. I shook my brother, to wake him up, he oppened his eyes, " Come on, we are leaving. " I said. " Hey boys, get ready to be set free? "
" Yes! " Every body said.
I helped John up. We all got up, I still had the stick with me, but how can we use it, we won't use the same trick twice!
The girls' place was now empty, so if any officer goes inside there, we are doomed!
We had to find a way out, all the boys started to think. One said " We can all just harsh in there, and run out! " He started to suggest his idea.
" That won't work, the officer's out there have guns! They can easily shoot us down! " John said.
" Who knows how to use a gun? " I asked, holding the gun I took from the tall girl before she left.
" I do! " One of the boys said, he walked towards me and took the gun from me. " Like that. " He held it in a good propper way.
" We will shoot, and open the girls place, every one will come to check what's going on, they will see the girls' place open, which will catch their attention. And we will go out while every one is not looking! " I suggested.
" What are we waiting for? Come on! " The boy holding the gun said.
He went and oppened the girls' place, and shot, and ran back to the boys' place, every officer came to check.
" Good job! " I told him, he handed the gun back, I know it will be useful one day!
We ran out, me and John were running at the same speed, every one was ahead of us, we got to the police room, it was empty, Jessy locked the door using the keys she had. We all ran, every one got out, except me and John, John's disease never helped me nor him.
The officers were oppening the door, pushing it hard, those keys that Jessy had must've been the only ones. One officer acted smart, and shot the door knob. The door oppened wide. All the officers got in. Me and John had to go out, John had his energy back, we went there crouching, we finnaly made it to the door, I oppened the door, " Where are you going? ". That was not John's voice, I looked back, and I saw the officer that was sitting in the office when we first arrived to the police station,  " Shit... " I said, as I got up to my feet. John was unable to stand, he looked at the officer.
" You two are in a big trouble! " He said. In a deep voice. " Oh, I know exactly what to do with you! " He continued, " Hey you two, order Seven Two Seven, on those two right here! " He ordered two police men that were looking at us, but he said ' On those two ', that means if they will kill John, they will kill me too, so I won't feel so sad. The two police men approached towards us, one of us caught me from the shoulder, and the other caught John.
They  took us to an empty place, I was sure I was going to die here, but then I heard a voice, a loud one, the officers were talking to us, " Say good-bye to each other! ".
I lookedat John, " Bye, brother. " A tear came out of my eye. John looked back, " Good-Bye sister. ", That was the last words I heard from John, I heard a loud voice, then both my ears went num, I looked at John, I saw a flsh of light going towards him, it hit his head, making him open his mouth, some of his blood shattered on me, and the rest went back, he fell, his eyes were open, I started to cry, I sat on the flour, looking at his eyes, they had tears in them, not tears of pain, but tears of sadness, " Wake up John " I said, even though I knew that he was not with me anymore, " John don't leave me alone, " I kept begging him to wake up, then I heard a voice, ' This place is fun, come! '.
I wanted to run away, but there was no way out of this place, I looked infront of me, I saw the one that killed John, " FUCK YOU! " He looked at me, raised his middle finger, he then looked in the scope, and pulled the trigger, I heard the loud voice I just heard, and saw the flash of light coming towards me, I felt like my soul was leaving my body, then I flew, I looked down to see my body fall, and my blood shattering everywere, that man that killed me was laughing, and then everything went dark.

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