Night Of Glory

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
An addicted serial killer find himself in his room with walls covered in blood but he doesn't remember what he has done with the body.

Submitted: October 24, 2015

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Submitted: October 24, 2015



Again it’s just me with all the demons I carry sitting in that old room of mine looking at the walls but this time the walls are different they are covered with blood whose blood  is that? Where is the body? What have I done with the body? I wish I didn’t injected all of it into my veins if I wasn’t that high I could have known where I dumped the body and I have my  finger prints all over it and there is some of my DNA underneath her nails she scratched me really hard when I was trying to take her down oh god what have I done I wasn’t supposed to kill her I just had to kidnap her and blackmail her family for money  well it’s not my fault that she is dead she shouldn’t have resisted me oh oh oh no no no stop it stop thinking about all these nonsense i gotta find the body now come on think think

It’s just a matter of time before police come and take me away this time they gonna take me for good

What was the last thing you remember? Come on think

oh yeah I went to my dealer and got some good shit from him then after I injected myself  I was overwhelmed with emotions and thoughts oh yeah now I remember I was thinking about what a miserable creature I’ve become those bastards took everything away from me then I saw that girl walking by in that beautiful pink dress with that designer bag and those shoes  her shoes coasted more than my life then I got  so angry at everything at myself for being such a failure at my parents for leaving me to rot underground at my friends for treating me like shit at my boss for firing me at the government for not helping me and at the universe for creating me oh yeah and that’s when I collapsed another nervous breakdown but luckily I knew how to deal with them  since they are part of my routine I started following the girl

But followed her where? That’s all I can remember

well I must have captured her and brought her back to my  place and killed her like a dog I must have really hurt her look at all the blood spattered around the room she must have really pissed me off well that’s not important now lets focus on where you dumped the body you idiot who kills someone and forgets where the body is I must have kept her purse or took all her money let’s see where I put all those trousers

well they are not in my pocket I better get out of the bed and search let’s start with the kitchen cabinets , damn it to hell where are they I looked everywhere no sign of anything it’s like she was never here the only sign of her is the blood on the walls and the floor. her purse must have fallen when I was dragging her here oh great I’ve left another evidence behind let’s just hope that someone in a worse shape than me finds it and keeps it if not if somebody gives the purse to the cops then they gonna be sure something happened to her and they always take these kind of cases seriously yeah I know I was one of them once I know exactly how it works they gonna contact her family and ask them some questions after they have worried them to death they gonna put her pictures everywhere in the media and some stupid people gonna feel sorry for her and start a search club oh yeah pointless sympathy just like me they are also trying to find a way to escape the reality of their life I inject myself in order to get out of the hell I am in they just put a pause to it for a little while or they just try to find someone worse than themselves so they can feel a slight glimpse of relief by knowing there is someone out there doing worse than them oh I hate those kind of people I wish I could kill them all

yeah yeah stop talking now I know I’m worse than them all  what kind of person kills a young girl out of jealousy  who kills someone because they cannot hold their life together I know I’m worse than them all  now leave me alone I need to concentrate

Ok where do I usually dump my bodies?

I always put them in a big plastic bag and take them to the grave yard and bury them next to one of the recently deceased. but this one is different I never bring my victims home I didn’t want to kill this girl I just wanted to take some money from her family what has happened to me  I should reduce the dose of my drug

You stupid Moran focus on the matter

Ok it seems like I have to go and check out the grave yard just in case  

What? Why is the door locked and why isn’t the key on the door? I would never luck myself in and through the key away what is going on?

Let me go and take the spear key from the bath room

Oh my god what has happened to my face? Somebody has punched me really hard my face has completely deformed someone has used me as a punch bag what happened last night?

Oh my god I’m going crazy

You shut up I know I was already crazy ok I’ve gone more crazy you happy now?

Maybe I didn’t kill that girl maybe she managed to defeat me and get away

In that case I shouldn’t be staying here long the cops gonna arrive any minutes now where did I put that stupid key

There it is

Oh good lord I can hear the police sirens

I gotta get out of here

Phew that was close

They nearly caught me

Let’s thank the architect that put this back door in the building 

Now the cops are after me great

They know exactly who I am now

Where can I hide?

Thanks to my great attitude I’ve got no friends family no body I can go to

All I got is you and you aren’t even real are you?

-I’m real to you

-shut up you are not good for anything

The streets aren’t safe I gotta get out of sight as soon as possible

I’m gonna join the homeless community for a while in the million stars hotel

But I can’t stay there long cause I’m gonna eventually kill them all

I wish I knew what is this hunger inside of me why do I seek blood all the time since i was a little child I always had to kill my pets

I once tried to cut the neighbors kid throat I guess that’s why my parents gave me away

I was lucky that I managed to escape from that loony bin

then I  went to that orphanage they took good care of me they sent me to school they got me a job in  police department they were good people they didn’t really cared about all those kids who went missing they just thought they have ran away poor clueless people

if I just could control myself a bit and didn’t shot all those criminals I caught the police would never have fired me for anger issues and I wouldn’t end up being a drug addict, homeless and a killer I just would be a killer

Finally I’m here the million stars hotel look at these pathetic losers I wander why they don’t kill themselves what is the purpose of their life

They just sit and drink and then pass out

-what is the purpose of your life mister?

-you shut up no one asked for your opinion

-that is not very nice

-I hate you

You know what I hate about you the most  you aren’t even real

-and I hate you because you are real

-if you hate me why don’t you just leave me alone?

-leave you? Why? You created me don’t you get it I am you

-shut up

I can’t live the rest of my life like this

I know I’m a smart man I know I can think of something

If they coudn’t catch me for this long they still won’t be able to catch me

Yeah this is it they will never catch me because I’m gonna jump off this bridge oh yeah

This is the answer I was looking for we all been looking for “death “

Let me just climb up there

Ok here I am I’m gonna put an end to my life right now

no one ever cared for me there is no difference between me and a mosquito no ones gonna miss me look at them they see me standing at the edge of a bridge about to jump down and they don’t even bother to look at me let alone talking me out of it

So let’s just get it over with

On three





Why am I not dead?

I just jumped off a 50 meters high bridge how can i not die?

- You are so funny

-what are you laughing at?

- You are so dumb don’t you get it you are already dead

-what are you talking about how can I be dead?

-the girl from last night killed you in your own room ran away and locked the door

-then why didn’t I go to hell?

-your soul is so filthy that they don’t even want you in hell you going to be stock here on earth for eternity

-no no no

-see I told you are so dump

-shut up

-chose your words wisely I’m all you got you don’t wanna lose me ha ha ha



© Copyright 2020 Ali Jorjani. All rights reserved.

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