Amor with the Ghost-In the Ghost world

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
this is a story of a man who falls in love with a ghost and because of which has man has to face the demons of his and her world.

Submitted: March 26, 2017

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Submitted: March 26, 2017







Writer or author: Ali K.T.S.








Story introduction:


This is a love story my second book before this I have written “the five stars the story begins” completely different from this one this book I have written is about a boy Amor who fall in love with a ghost and for her he does a lot which you will read in this story.


Writer biography:


My full name is Fazal Ali shah and symbol name Ali Kts. i study softwere engineering and writting is what i like and is kinda my hobby.and I’m from Pakistan. This is a little information about me. Anyway I will keep writing book and you will see a lot more of my books with new adventures and stories.










Book main characters:



Lorena: the ghost girl

Sam: Amor’s friend

John: Amor’s father

Jenny: Amor’s friend

Stark: Amor’s friend

John: university principal

Uncle old: Lorena’s friend

Nick: manager



Book nameless characters:


Amor’s mother

Amor’s sister

Amor’s brother

Gate keeper


Lorena friends

Big boys

Class teacher

Hostile ghost & pets

Ghost guards

The five wise ghosts

Master ghost






Special places:



Amor’s house

E.D University

Boy’s hostel

Girl’s hostel

Old hostel


Class’s areas

Play grounds

Computer lab

Principal office

Account section

Ghost world








A book by: Ali K.T.S






Book headings or contents


Amor with the ghost page No: 7

Late for university page No: 8

Best friend in the time of need  page No: 13

Afraid of dark page No: 18

A battle in the university page No: 21

Old hostel page No: 25

A beautiful ghost page No: 27

Let’s find out page No: 32

The love begins  page No: 36

She’s a ghost page No: 38

She is gone  page No: 41

The ghost return  page No: 43

I want to be a ghost page No: 45

The ghost world  page No: 46

Uncle old can help  page No: 48

The guards are all aroundpage No: 50

He is not a ghost page No: 52

A battle with ghosts page No: 54


These are the headings


A map of the university

Amor With The Ghost

In The Ghost World

As mostly stories are true but some or not, especially some love stories, this is also a love story but not true, but better then the true stories, it just a story which was in my mind and I’m going to show you all so let’s start.


Amor is a Spanish (language) word which means love. And this is a love story of a boy of about twenty two year of age, his name was Amor. Amor was a very beautiful, smart and nice looking boy many girls were after him but he doesn’t love any girl yet (means wasn’t having any girlfriend) and was searching for someone according to his requirements but he never find anyone and he didn’t like anyone not because he didn’t see or meet beautiful girls, he met a lot of beautiful girls but he didn’t like them the reason we don’t know but he was really looking for someone perfect.


This story is around 2007 I mean close to this time before this boy story begins I would like to tell you about the boy family. He has five family members with him in his family, his father, mother, a sister elder than him and a little brother of about twenty year of age, his father was a businessman and his father was very rich, that had a lot of money, they were one of the richest in the city. Well today he is going to have his first day at the university, I mean he has changed his university; he has migrated from another university to this one.


  • Late for university:


It morning he is on his bad asleep and its seven O’clock, his clock start alarming as he has fixed it on seven. Clock was next to his bed on small table, his quite it down by pressing the stop button on top of it and get back in his dreams and after a few minutes his mother enters opening the door a smart and young looking women but a little older because of the white hair on her head anyway she straightly comes to his bed:


  1. Mother: Amor wake up. It’s getting late. Wake up.
  2. Amor: IZZZZZIZZZ!
  3. Mother: No murmuring, you have to go to the university.
  4. Amor: Ahh! Okay just give me a minute.
  5. Mother: Hurry or you will get late.
  6. Amor: Okay mom.


His mother leaves the room and want down stairs, yeah his room was in the upper story of the house and all the other family member rooms were in the down part of the house. He stands up from his bed and go to wash room and in five minutes he was out and than to dressing room, and he dress up, he was wearing a blue jeans and a white tight shirt and he takes a long coat in hand because his university was in a very cold area the rest of his thing were already in the car he put it in last night and now he also went down stairs for breakfast.


Down in hall of the house his parents and brother and sister was having their breakfast, he also joins them. His father was at the head of the table his (Amor) mother and sister sitting at his (Amor’s father) left and Amor and his brother tom, to his (Amor’s father) right:


  • Father: Hey buddy your ready for your new university.
  • Amor: Yeah dad, I am ready.
  • Father: Very good, have your breakfast and then we should move up.
  • Amor: Right dad.
  • Father: Anyway, last night your mother and I were talking about you and your engagement with a perfect and beautiful girl.
  • Amor: So.
  • Father: So do you know any girl, I mean are you interested in any one.
  • Amor: No, I am not.
  • Father: Should we search for you.
  • Amor: Dad, your choice, as you wish dad, but I would like to see her before you do anything.
  • Father: Yes you will we won’t take any step without your permission.
  • Mother: I know some girls if you are interested in so I would talk to their
  • Amor: Whom are you talking about mom?
  • Mother: You college friend, tenny and your father’s friend daughter, Angie and a few else.
  • Amor: No mom, there in no need for that.
  • Mother: As you wish.
  • Amor: Dad I'm getting late, we have to be there before 9, AM.
  • Father: Okay son pick your thing up I will be in the car in two minutes.
  • Amor: Hurry dad hurry.


He again went up to his room to get his laptop and mobile which he left in the room, he picks he laptop and as he was about to pick up his mobile, "ting tong, ting tong" a message, yes it was a message, "hey Amor I'm in the university where are you dude" this was the message sent by Sam. Sam, he was the best friend of Amor who was with him from his school first class till now and is still with him he also left his university with Amor and has got to the Same university where Amor has taken admission. "I'm just getting in car I'll be there in an hour" Amor replied to him by message.


And he gets in his car his father was waiting at the driver seat:

  • Amor: Dad drive fast we are just left with one hour.
  • Father: Okay I'm.
  • Amor: Hey dad. Am I going to stay there?
  • Father: Yeah you have to stay there, there is no other way you have to it too far from our home and they will take good care of you son.
  • Amor: Right dad.
  • Father: I’ll come after you this Sunday.(oh I forget today is Monday)
  • Amor: Okay I’ll be waiting.


And then after a hour they were at there university a little away from the main gate Amor take his things out of the car and his father moved away and he moved to the gate all around him was so quite no one was there just like a holyday.


At university main gate he reached, it was closed and no one was around a few guard standing around who were own their duty. Actually he was late, ten minutes late. And the assembly was in process, he was standing at the gate in twenty minutes the assembly was finished and the gate keeper got to his position back at the gate:


  • Amor: Sir please opens the door I am a new student.
  • Gate keeper: I know but now as you are late so you have to bring any of your parents or you will have to spend your day out there.
  • Amor: Look just let me in, so I can talk to principal here.
  • Gate keeper: Sorry son it’s his order and you have to follow it.
  • Amor: Okay I’m calling to my dad.


He dial his father number, his father has got about two miles away when he receives the phone while driving.


  • Father: Son what is it?
  • Amor: Dad I told you to drive faster you got me late for ten minute and now this guy on gate is not letting me in he is asking for you dad and will not let me in till you get here and talk to the principal.
  • Father: Okay Amor just give me ten minutes, I’ll be there soon as fast as I can.
  • Amor: This time come fast.


And his father takes the U-turn and move back fast and now he was moving back to university of his son as he got his phone ring again.


  • Amor’s Father: Hey nick what’s up. (phone from his office)
  • Nick: Hey john you are again late for the office.(john, yes john was Amor's father name)
  • John: Hey nick I'll be late there is a problem so please hold up all thing till I arrive.
  • Nick: Okay I will do it.
  • John: Bye.


He cut the call and again concentrates on his drive and in about ten minutes he got to the university where his son was sitting right to the gate. He steps out of his car and comes towards his son and then takes him with him in the university, the guard takes them to the principal office and the men sitting next to the door open the door for them and they went in. Their was a big man of about fifty of age hairs were less on his head and was wearing a three-piece suit:


  • Principal: Please sit down dear sir and you also mister. (Amor and his father sit on the chairs in front of them) well as you see I’m the principal of this school my name is john stack.
  • John: Wow how nice, my name is also john but surname is change it’s Logan.
  • Amor: And I’m Amor sir.
  • Principal: Wow good, so why are you here sir john.
  • John: Well your gate keeper was not letting my son in because he was late, so that’s why I came so that he can come in.
  • Principal: Oh I’m really sorry sir, actually it’s not his mistake I have told to that men to not let any student in if he is late, actually most of the students come from near by areas and mostly come late so we think it better to inform their parents.
  • John: Its okay sir, he will not be late again, it was my mistake.
  • Principal: So son are you going to take room in the hostel or you will... 
  • Amor: I have taken a room in the hostel when I was here for admission.
  • Principal: Very nice son, but it’s late, you go hurry to your room and then to class that man will guide you.
  • Amor: Thank you sir. (He moves out with the man.)
  • Principal: So john, what would you like to take tea or coffee or some cold.
  • John: No thanks, may be next time I’m late for office, I’ll better take my leave.
  • Principal: So then good bye mister john I’ll be waiting for the next time we meet.
  • John: Thank you sir.


  • Best friend in the time of need:


Amor’s father john walks back to his car and Amor with the man goes to the account section to take his room keys and after that he went up to his room in the hostel well the hostel was a beautiful four story building and his room he didn’t pay much attention in and put his things and the man guides him to his class. He was late but he straightly goes to the class in way:


  • Amor: Sir may I come in.
  • Teacher: You are late, forty minute late from the class.
  • Amor: Sorry sir.
  • Teacher: Come in. (he enters the class, all the chair were filled, boy and girls sitting it was a big class and many students were in it, his teacher continue) all of the chairs are filled; go sit there with jenny, that girl (pointing to a beautiful girl) go sit.
  • Amor: Thank you sir. (And he goes and sits on the chair as he was told and the teacher continues.)
  • Jenny: Hi.
  • Amor: Hi jenny.
  • Jenny what is your name? ( and the teacher sees them)
  • Teacher: Don’t talk in the class pay attention here.
  • Amor: Sorry sir.


The period finishes in thirty minutes and everyone now move out for the break of a half hour till the next period.


  • Jenny: So what’s now?
  • Amor: I’m going to my room I have to set up things in my room and then find my best friend.
  • Jenny: Can I help you.
  • Amor: No thanks, I can do that my self. Bye, see you later.
  •  Jenny: Okay. Bye. (They walk a few steps in opposite direction Amor to boy’s hostel and jenny to girl’s hostels as something comes to her mind) hey what’s your name.
  • Amor: I’ll tell you in the next class.
  • Jenny: Today there was only one class no more classes.
  • Amor: Okay then later.
  • Jenny: Okay.


Amor moves to boy’s hostel and then he went up stairs to his room as he opens the lock of his room a boy from his right walks to him.


  • Boy: Hi, is this your room.
  • Amor: Yeah.
  • Boy: Wow it’s great, to right of your room next room to your is mine.
  • Amor: Good.
  • Boy: So what are you doing?
  • Amor: Setting my books and other things up.
  • Boy: Can I help you anyway I’m stark, you.
  • Amor: Amor, I can do that thanks for asking.
  • Boy: No I can help you it will take less time if I help you.
  • Amor: Alright then come in.


They both fix the things up in a few minutes and then Amor and stark both move out of the room Amor locks the door and continue to walk down stairs with stark:


  • Amor: How long have been here?
  • Stark: A month ago I just got here.
  • Amor: So how is this place?
  • Stark: Everything in here is great this is the best university ever but the bad thing is that this university is build in a very deserted place there is no building no house around here near not even a single men around here only this university that is why the hostel is light up for the whole night so the no one get afraid here because of dark the food is good here, there are much thing but you will know them soon here.
  • Amor: Alright that’s good, hey have you seen a new boy Sam around here.
  • Stark: The one who was here in the morning he was also searching for someone.
  • Amor: Yeah me. Where is he?
  • Stark: He would be wondering here and there in the university.
  • Amor: Can you help me find him.
  • Stark: Yeah why not we are friends now. (As the turn around three big boys having good big muscles called Amor).
  • Big boy: Hey come here.
  • Amor: (To stark) are they calling me.
  • Stark: Yeah they are the gang men of this university, they are calling you to fool you as you are new here, remember do what they say or they will beat you up.
  • Amor: Me.
  • Big boy: Yeah you come here. (Amor walks to them and stand in front of them) what’s you age boy.
  • Amor: I’m twenty two.


Here they were talking and getting harder and harder at the other side stark was searching around for someone can help as he suddenly sees  some boys one of those were smart having good muscles and seems to be stronger stark runs to him.


  • Stark: Hey are you Sam.
  • Sam: Yes I’m.
  • Stark: Your friend is in danger, he got a fight with three big guys and they will beat him like a dog.
  • Sam: Where?
  • Stark: Over there. (Sam runs towards Amor, stark and few other boys follows them)
  • Sam: WO, WO, WO guys cool down what’s going on.
  • Amor: They are forcing me to take my shirt off.
  • Big boy: Who are you idiot.
  • Sam: Look guys what are you asking him to do, he will never do that so please don’t create a seen this is our first day here and we don’t want fights.
  • Big boy: Hey guys did you hear that he is going to beat us.
  • Amor: Hey guys just cool down.


As Amor say that one of the big boy pushes Amor and Sam catches his hand as saves him from falling, he gets Amor aside and him self get to fight one of the big boy comes forward and pushes Sam back but Sam grabs the Sam hand and break his palm with his other hand and punches him on his nose and blood start flowing from his nose like water from a bottle. And puts his hand on his back and performs a flying kick making the other guy down and the other guy attack on Sam with a punch but he protects his face with his elbow and give a kick straight between his legs and the guys falls down and then he walks towards Amor letting the three guys lying on the Same place he putted them.


  • Sam: Hey boy I was searching for you from morning where you were all this time.
  •  Amor: Well I get late.
  • Sam: I saw in the class. Why didn’t you sit with me why with that girl?
  • Amor: I was nervous and didn’t saw you in the class besides the teacher told me to.
  • Sam: Why were you not fighting, if I wasn’t there you would be dead what the bad habit you have, you don’t even fight for your own self.
  • Amor: Just forget it men let go I will show you my room.
  • Sam: Yeah men let’s go I want to see your room.
  • Amor: Ooh I forget meet stark and stark Sam my friend, my brother, my everything.
  • Sam: We have already met.
  • Amor: Really.
  • Sam: Yeah, he told me about the incident. Anyway before I go to your room let’s go to the account section.
  • Amor: For what.
  • Sam: To get a singly room for both of us, I will stay with you in your room I’ll get my bed and thing in your room.
  • Amor: Oah, yeah. I forget; you are afraid of dark, well then let’s go.
  • Stark: Can I walk with you guys?
  • Both (Amor and Sam) together: Yes of course.


  • Afraid of dark:


They three walk to account section and finally walk to the place from where they got their room keys; the Same man wearing glasses was at the place:


  • Accountant: What can I do for you gentlemen?
  • Amor: Sam, tell him.
  • Sam: Alright, so sir I want you take these keys back I will be with Amor in his room and get the bed from the room to Amor’s room.
  • Accountant: Who’s Amor?
  • Amor: Me sir, I’m Amor.
  • Accountant: I’m sorry boy but it is not allowed you guys have to talk to the principal for this.
  • Sam: I don’t think there is any need of talk with the principal in this matter.
  • Accountant: And I don’t think I’m allowed to allow you to do so. And if you do that with telling to sir john then you will be responsibly for your future.
  • Sam: Who’s this sir john now?
  • Amor: Idiot our principal name is john, (to accountant) I’m really sorry about that sir he will never do such mistake again and we will talk to the principal right now.
  • Accountant: It would be better for both of you. (To stark) what is your problem?
  • Stark: I don’t have any problem sir.
  • Accountant: Then why are you here?
  • Stark: I’m with them.
  • Accountant: Then move.
  • Stark: Yes sir, yes.


Well. After that stark go to his room and the two close friends went to the final battle of talking. Mean with the principal. They got to the principal office door front and after they got permission they got in the office and stand in front of principal:


  • Principal: Boys have you come to complain against those boys?
  • Sam: No.
  • Amor: We are here for something else.
  • Principal: What’s it boys?
  • Sam: Sir we both have taken rooms in the hostels, because our homes are very much far from here.
  • Principal: So.
  • Sam: And we both are best friends and I have some problem in leaving alone so I request you to permit me to transfer to his room and both stay together.
  • Principal: What’s the problem?
  • Amor: He is afraid of dark; he never sleeps alone in a room especially at night.
  • Principal: Are you sure you both can manage in that single room.
  • Amor: Yes sir, we can.
  • Principal: Okay go on you are allowed to do.
  • Amor: Thank you sir. (they both (Amor and Sam) turn back and was about to take step to the door as the principal stops them)
  • Principal: Wait a second, boys.
  • Amor: Yes sir.
  • Principal: I heard you had a fight with some other boys and you beat them very hard.
  • Amor: Yes sir, but they started the fight.
  • Principal: I know, but it would be better if you say sorry to them now or they would be dangerous for you both or the other way is that you complain against them and we would try to do something, those guys are really dangerous.
  • Sam: No sir, there is no chance of saying sorry it was there mistake, and complain we have already beat them so there is no need for that also.
  • Principal: Are you sure.
  • Amor: Yes sir.
  • Principal: Then move on.


  • A battle in the university:


They both move out of the office and had just taken a few steps as jenny shouts from back and stops them.


  • Jenny: Hey, wait.
  • Amor: Hi.
  • Jenny: What are you doing here?
  • Amor: Nothing just some hard words with the principal.
  • Jenny: Good.
  • Amor: Oh I forgot this is Sam my best friend and Sam this is jenny.
  • Sam: Hi.
  • Jenny: Hi. Oh yeah, what’s your name?
  • Sam: His name is Amor.
  • Jenny: Amor, it quite different name what’s its meaning.
  • Sam: Love, its meaning is love.
  • Jenny: Wow, you got quite a romantic name.
  • Amor: Yeah, anyway we have to set up our room so bye for now.
  • Jenny: Room what did you mean, you both have a single room.
  • Amor: Yeah, it a long story I’ll explain some other time okay.
  • Jenny: Okay, bye Amor.


And they both move to their room leaving the girl behind and talking on, first they went straight to Sam room down floor and get the things from it, stark also help them and then they get the bed from Sam room to Amor room and then they slept till afternoon they wake up on, 4 pm, and then they come down stairs to the ground where jenny met them again.


  • Jenny: Hey guys so did you set the things as you said.
  • Amor: Yeah we did it.
  • Jenny: Great. I heard you had a fight in morning.
  • Sam: Yeah we had. (stark interrupts from back of jenny)
  • Stark: Yeah and Amor was about to be beaten, he is lucky to have a friend like Sam.
  • Sam: No I’m lucky, because of him, he is stronger then me but he never fight, last time we fought together was in our 9th class. After that he never fights even if he got beaten.
  • Jenny: But why?
  • Sam: I’m asking the Same question from past five years. But I still don’t know the answer.
  • Jenny: Hey are they coming for you. (About a bunch of boys, some were muscular and some were not, were coming towards them leaded by the three boys they fought in the morning)
  • Amor: Yeah, think so. Jenny move, move with your friends, (pointing towards some girls standing next to them) before they take you with us.
  • Jenny: But what are you going to do?
  • Sam: Yeah men, for the last time I ask you to fight, or we both are dead.
  • Amor: No there is other way jenny go with your friends and Sam let’s run and make them tired.
  • Sam: What.
  • Amor: Run.


And all the three boys (Amor, Sam, stark) run in different directions Sam towards the girl’s hostel stark towards the boy’s hostel and Amor keep moving around in the ground. Some of the boys runs after Sam, some after stark and some after Amor. Amor keeping running around jumping above and below things, between the boys and girls standing and jumps over the boys sitting on the bench while the boys on his back keep falling down and up and injuring themselves at the other side Sam sometimes run sometimes stops and give them a punch or kick and continue to run and stark moving up and down the boy’s hostel and then he when got caught from both sides he ran to the ground where Amor was already playing with the boys and then they (the boys after them)  increase in number and they were unable to make them fool any more and were stuck in between them Sam started to fight the guys but he was also weaker against their number when jenny saw this she calls to Amor’s father from Amor’s mobile:


  • Amor father john: Hey, my boy, Amor.
  • Jenny: Not Amor, it jenny. Sir your son is stuck in a fight here and is not fighting or defending himself and if this continues he will be badly injured.
  • Amor father john: Just try to do something I’m on my way there and will be in the university in a minute.
  • Jenny: Hurry sir hurry.


Jenny also enter the fight and it was impressive she was a karate student and beat the boys down at the other side Amor’s father got there, and leaves his car and run to the battle fields where his son was caught by two boys:


  • Amor’s father john: Hey son beat them fight.
  • Amor: But father.
  • Amor’s father john: Forget the promise you did to me I free you from it I break it now fight for my sake.
  • Amor: Right father.


And as he says that turn both boys from their hands and break their hand and start a fast fight here kick their punch and again kick and punch, head attack and a lot more and a flying back kick straight on a boy head at the other side Sam was busy in pulling up and down the boys and tearing the ground with his power full hands and jenny using her karate tricks while Amor his gymnastic and karate trick and stark was playing cricket with a stick and a boy and the battle field was now getting over slowly and slowly those who were able to run they ran away and those whose limbs were broken were lying on the ground, Amor mouth was bleeding and Sam hand was bleeding and all the else things were okay. His father get them both to the hospital jenny and stark also go with them and after some medical treatment Sam got a few stitches on his hand and Amor only got some medicines and got back to the university his father leaving them their went to home while jenny and stark stood with them at late night jenny went to girls hostel and stark to his room Amor and Sam got to sleep. In the mid night they heard someone shouting but it stops after a little time and they got to sleep back.


  • Old hostel:


In the morning they went to the main assembly ground as everyone was called unusually. Amor and Sam went to the ground stark also met them and move with them to the assembly ground. The principal was standing in front of the mike which was connected to the loudspeakers fixed all around the ground:


  • Principal: Everyone last night you would have heard the shouting voice of someone in the middle night, it was a boy of our university who break our rules and I throw him out of the university, there is an old hostel of our university very old which is being abandoned, because of some reasons we have some guards around that area and if any of you got spotted there will be thrown out of the university so no one is allowed to go there specially at night. This is why you all were called here now you can go to your classes.


Everyone move to their classes Amor and Sam also to their class and jenny and stark also join them and sit together and the class begun and the teacher come to the class and he starts his lecture. And after an hour and half the class finishes and they got a break for some time, till the next class. And they walked out of the class:


  • Jenny: So what’s now?
  • Amor: Let go to the cafeteria, anyway how many classes are we going to have, today?
  • Jenny: Three classes.
  • Sam: What, are you sure?
  • Jenny: Yes.
  • Stark: Yeah, man. These four days are worst days of the week.
  • Sam: You’re right.
  • Amor: Hey guys, let’s go have some drinks and lunch.
  • Jenny: Yeah, I’m also hungry.
  • Sam: Then what are we waiting for.


And they move to the cafeteria and had some sandwiches and cold drinks while Amor had tea. After that they got only ten minutes left with them so they walked out and take a round of all the university and also the old hostel to whom no one was suppose to go so they also come back and went to their class and the lecture start once again by another teacher and then after that had another class, the last class of the day and then they were free they were all tired it was noon about, 1 pm, so they all slept and in the afternoon they woke up and moved all around and once again the ways take them to the old hostel all four (Amor, Sam, jenny and stark) were equally interested in it, in its reality that’s why is it left and why no one is allowed in it. But from their face reading Amor seems to be more interested and Sam seems to be not interested why because he is afraid of such thing like old houses and dark etc. on Sam insistence they left the old hostel and continue their road trip and then to cafeteria where the boys were present to whom they had a fight yesterday but they say sorry to each other and things settle down and they had their meal in piece. “But let me tell you guys a common thing. If you had a fight with someone especially at the Same age as Amor then you can never settle it down even if you want to, they (those with whom you had fight) will settle down it in your front but they will always be waiting for their revenge for the time they can take their revenge so you have to stay alert after such happenings”. Now let us see what these guys got to do. They had their meal and then they just moved out of the cafeteria as they were stopped by an old man who came near to them and informed Amor and Sam that they are been called by they principal, so they didn’t waste time and walked straight to the office to know what is waiting for them. They got to the office Sam and Amor step in the office and stand in front of the principal table on which he was working in some files:


  • Amor: Yes sir.
  • Principal: Oah the new gang man welcome.
  • Amor: Sorry sir. But they come for us again.
  • Principal: Well I must warn you that if these fights continue so I will be badly forced by myself to throw you out of this great university. (Did I mention before the name of the university if not so the name of the university was E.D university of engineering and medical)
  • Amor: Sorry sir you will not hear such news again.
  • Principal: I hope so. Well you can leave now.
  • Amor: Thank you sir.


  • A beautiful ghost:


And after a big, good and great warning they move out of the office and straightly had to the hostel at starting night about, 8 PM. Jenny get to the boys hostel to meet them and she did met and know all what happened in the office of principal, but she motivate them and they start their routine talk and then diner and finally some study of their books and after that jenny had back to her room in her hostel and stark was still with them, mostly he didn’t go to his room and slept with them he was also becoming a good friend of them day after day. So they slept and in mid night Sam wakes up and he also took Amor up from his dreams as he was again scared of the dark as I already mentioned above after they both drink some water and were unable to sleep so start talking and in the mean time stark also wakes up after a little time Amor got some idea in his mind and asked Sam and stark to go with him to the old hostel as its night and mostly the guards would be sleeping, but they both refused and again they slept after some time and wake up in the morning and the day passes normally and at night again wake up and Amor again asked them for help but they refused and again they slept, and in morning again woke up and things happen normally as they have to. Amor and Sam were becoming more good friends with jenny and stark and to some other students and this night they didn’t wake up and the very next night it was Friday’s night when Amor wakes up and Sam and stark too and he asked them again to go with him to the old hostel but they again refused and he this time didn’t sleep and move out of the room alone leaving both Sam and stark behind in the room and moved down quietly they tried to stop him but couldn’t so Sam also follows him and stark follows Sam and joins Amor and they three quietly moved to the old hostel. They got there. Three of the guards were asleep and only one was awake but he was also sleepy they moved quietly to the door and jumped over the wall without producing sound and stark was left outside to see around and keep an eye over the guards and Sam and Amor walked in the hostel, this hostel was not like the other hostels it was more like a house, a big house a center big door leading in the house and a big hall and rooms to the both sides and on up on the second story too they both walked quietly and put hands on their mouth so the can not shout and keep moving their was another door just in the center just like the one leading in  when they walked to it and opened it, it was leading out the back door of the house as they saw this go to stark from the forward door from where they actually enter this house and quietly get him with them in so that if something happens so they can run from the back door, as they enter they house again and walked about fifteen steps straight to the door they saw some shining from back as they look back, “what they saw” they saw… they saw… they saw a girl of about twenty or a little more than twenty, dressed in white and green looking as beautiful as an angel Amor start walking towards her and his friends keep looking on and they saw some man up to their left and their right blood falling from their knives and swords they had in their hand and they both (Sam and stark) shout (aaahhhhhh) and Amor looks back and they three runs from the back door and everything in there (old hostel) disappear and the guards enter the house but everything was as good as it has to be own  their places even the back door which was left open by Amor was closed they search in room and then around while Amor and his friends quietly move back to their hostel and run straight in their dark room and close it from inside and get on their beds and slept at the other side principal ordered the guards not to tell to anyone about the incident and keep your eyes on the hostel and let this all be quite as it was. In the morning Amor and Sam and stark was so afraid, their were two reasons for this, number one those things they saw at night and number two the principal, but principal has made it a secret mission because of which everything was as quite as it was usually no assembly class started and over and again started and over and last class also continuously everyone had lost all the energy they had taken in the morning so everyone had to the hostel and in afternoon they university filled up again cafeteria and the ground, playing grounds, computer labs, and libraries. Amor on Sam insistence moved to the playing ground to play some kind of games, oh I forget they both were good players of some games and the games month was the next coming one so Sam has to practice, Amor was a little dispersed because of the incident last night but because of Sam he goes to the ground. Stark was also a player of football but he liked to use internet more then football so that is where he have to be, the computer lab and jenny in her karate class. Jenny and stark had nothing special to tell but let me tell you about the game Sam and Amor played. When they got to the ground they look all around, cricket, hockey, volleyball, squash, gulf and a lot more but Sam choose football and Amor, well he was not perfect enough to make a choice or make Sam play something easier so he got on football too. But he know he can count on Sam so he and Sam got in the Same team and Amor stayed as the defender in his team while Sam got on strike means attack. “Let me tell you something really interesting all the games like cricket, volleyball, etc. I’m not sure but football and hockey are two games which are just like the battles of the old ages, mean defend and attacker the archer (bowman) were like defenders, who have to stop every enemy, and the swordsmen fighting forward were like attackers and they ones protecting the archer and helping the swordsmen and advancing were like mid player and the goalkeeper was like their leader take him down and you won the battle, and foot ball is like the weapons they used to fight with, anyway they start their game just like the battle start, but the difference was only this that this is a game that was a war, in this game no one dies and in those war thousands of people die but now let get to the game”. Amor was just standing in the game physically but mentally he was in the incident of last night while Sam had the ball and was advancing and dodging the opponents and crushing through them, “moving forward to the goalkeeper to achieve the goal of his life,” sorry not his life to achieve the goal of this game and he enters in the “D” and kicks the ball hard but… but… the ball failed in giving him the goal and got catch by the keeper and now the opponents were having the ball Sam tried to put a stop to their advancement but they dodged him by passing the ball and advance to their battle leader I mean the goalkeeper and the defenders rush on the opponents but couldn’t Amor was busy in thinking as Sam shouts out to him and he runs for the ball he was a best player but now he was a little depressed  he succeed in taking the ball but again passed it back to the opponent he was a little confused and now again he took the ball but this time he kicked it… kicked it… kicked it straight into his own goal and give a free goal to the opponents Sam come to him but this time he knows his problem so he didn’t tell him much and start the game again took the ball into the enemy area I mean into the opponent players area and their defenders came forward but they were nothing for his best dodging and straight into their “D” and again kicked straight on the goalkeeper and the keeper got the ball by jumping but falls five steps back into his goal and Sam got a goal, after this the game was tight and none of the team succeed in doing a goal and the match was left as draw as it was getting dark slowly and slowly and they both Sam and Amor went to cafeteria where jenny met them they talked for a hour and then Sam and Amor head to the room while jenny to her and slept a little early. And the night began, after two hour at about ,10 PM, the had a knock on the door the both wakeup Sam opened the door it was stark who just had return from lab, Sam let him enter and they three sleep once again at night stark woke up and as he look out of his cover he saw some shining in the room near the window while Sam and Amor were asleep so he also get his eyes back in his cover and was scared and after some time he sleep well the shining thing as discussed before was a girl of twenty years of age but now in a little different dress pink and white combination on her dress she was looking at Amor from a long time but no one wakes up and the night ends. And the morning starts as they wake up stark tell them what he saw at night and they both believe him because they have seen it now they three were really afraid and they meet jenny and now:


  • Jenny: Hey guys, you all three seems to be horrible today, what happened, (in a happy mood) chill guys chill.
  • Amor: Well…
  • Jenny: Did you guys take your break fast, (they three move their head from left to right and right to left showing “NO”) well then let’s head to cafeteria fast then it will be the time for class.
  • Sam: You know you’re right. (Stark and Amor looks at him with a questioning eyes)


  • Let’s find out:


And they all three continue their walk to the cafeteria and on the table of breakfast the continued to talk:


  • Jenny: Did something bad happen you look really sad or maybe scared.
  • Amor: Scared no… no I mean yes we are. We are going to ask you something really secret and serious so don’t discuss it with anyone and show us some good way.
  • Jenny: Yeah right.
  • Amor: Jenny night before yesterday we head to the old hostel and we saw some really strange things and now we are seeing them here at night at our own hostel, we want to know everything about that hostel so can you tell us something.
  • Jenny: Look guys, I’m also a new student like you, but maybe you should find someone who was there at that time when that hostel was used some worker here or maybe some old student about twelve years before who was here they can tell you.
  • Amor: Thanks jenny.
  • Jenny: Is there any thing I can do for you guys.
  • Sam: Thanks, you did all you can.


The walked out of the cafeteria to find someone who can help them and tell them what actually the hostel was and is. The class time starts and everyone was marching to the class but these three instead of going to class they head to their room. To discuss who should they talk to in room they are now and are discussing:


  • Amor: So what did you guys suggest who should we talk to?
  • Sam: The gatekeeper he seems to be old enough.
  • Stark: Yes that is what we should do.
  • Amor: No we shouldn’t ask anyone in the university because if the principal knows that he will through us out.
  • Stark: So what we do now?
  • Sam: Simple as jenny said let’s find some old students they can give us the information we need.
  • Amor: And I know who can do this better.
  • Stark: Who (Amor and Sam looks at him). Me, no way. How?
  • Amor: Through computer.
  • Sam: Internet.
  • Stark: Okay let’s search on face book.
  • Sam: Yeah let’s go.


And they three run down to the computer lab to find out what they need. They open the computer and connect with WIFI and stark opens his face book account and go on “E.D university of engineering and medical” page on face book and search in it for session 2001 and before that and they finds a few student one of them was a student of year 1999, name was nick and luckily he has his picture on his profile as Amor sees him he said stark to go to the profile of nick and when they check the details:


  • Amor: Hey guys I know him. (Sam interrupts)
  • Sam: Who is he?
  • Amor: You don’t remember he is our manager uncle nick remember.
  • Sam: Oh yeah. Call him now and ask him for the whole thing I mean story.
  • Amor: Stark shut down the computer and come out to the hostel everyone is in class it will be save there to talk to him.
  • Stark: Just give me a second.


And stark shuts the computer and they three walk to the boy’s hostel and Amor calls to nick from his mobile phone, at the other side. (Ting, ting, tong. Ting, ting, tong.) Uncle nick mobile rings and he picks it up:


  • Nick: Hey, my boy, how are you and your university?
  • Amor: Hey, uncle nick, everything is so good. . . .(after a little moment) uncle nick I am going to ask you something really serious but before that you need to promise me that you will not tell it to my dad?
  • Nick: What’s it Amor?
  • Amor: Promise me.
  • Nick: Okay I promise.
  • Amor: Uncle nick, were you in this university in 1999 and 2000.
  • Nick: Yes, but why are you asking this?
  • Amor: There is a hostel which these people called old hostel, I don’t wanna go round and round so let’s take it straight, tell me about that hostel. Why did they leave it? What was the reason?
  •  Nick: Amor stay away from that. Don’t go near to that.
  • Amor: I already had, now don’t go round and round tell me what I asked for, this is really serious matter.
  • Nick: Okay, yes. When I left the university, after the very next year they change the hostel, boy were getting afraid and scared, they were seeing strange thing once I also did people start leaving the university, that’s the reason they left it, I have heard that the hostel was build and constructed on a place which was actually a graveyard many graves were there. That’s all I know, but stay away from that place Amor.
  • Amor: Thank you uncle, for your corporation, I’ll find the rest by my own, bye for now and remember your promise.
  • Nick: And you remember what I said.


  • The love begins:

And then the phone cuts from Amor side and he tells the Same to their friends what he was informed by uncle nick, it was, 10 AM, and second class was going on as they three saw the principal coming towards them so they didn’t find any other way and stand for the principal. And the principal walk aggressively towards them, as he has already complains against them. He comes to them and asked them the why they are not in the class, they told him that they are working on a special work they have to go to home and they have some health problem because of last night dinner. And the principal walks away and they to their room after the classes were over they met jenny and told her the Same after that they go to cafeteria and then jenny take them to tennis game place as she was having a game and then Amor, Sam and stark had for cricket game and the match goes well their day passes well and they were tired, after dinner the three boys head to their room and jenny to her and got to sleep early. And it was again mid night that the shinning again appeared in the room after ten minutes Amor eyes opened and as he sees the shinning he was about to wake up Sam but as he look at it with full open eyes he was stunned eyes completely opened and stuck at the shinning and his mouth was open and hand were in air he was just like a statue for a few second and then he steps down his bed and start moving toward the shinning which was now clear, it was not actually shinning but the Same girl who was here last night and before that in the old hostel she was very beautiful and her clothes were this time again white but light blue also. Amor walks towards her and sit down, face to face, to her and was quite for a while as the girl speaks out in a very childish and sweet voice:


  • Girl: What is your name?
  • Amor: Amor and yours. (still looking at her with full opened eyes)
  • Girl: Lorena, why are you looking at me like that?
  • Amor: I don’t know, but you are really beautiful, you seem so much familiar.
  • Lorena: You are also beautiful and some how you also look familiar.
  • Amor: Really… (still looking at her and she was looking down and for a second up)
  • Lorena: What is your age?
  • Amor: I’m twenty two years of age and you.
  • Lorena: I’m twenty one, I think someone is waking up I must go I’ll come tomorrow and remember do not discuss this with anyone not even with your best friend, Sam.
  • Amor: Okay, I’ll be waiting for you. (as he says that, she disappear and Sam sit up in his place and look on Amor while Amor get his phone to his ear and then get it down)
  • Sam: Who were you talking with?
  • Amor: With my dad he was on phone, you sleep go on.


And then Amor also get on bed but was unable to sleep and was thinking about the girl. In morning they wake up and had their breakfast and head to class jenny met them today for the first time Amor was in the class but mentally was seeing and thinking the girl he was in his beautiful dream in which he was seeing the face he saw last night some times the teachers caught him and get his attention by some mean like by throwing pen head on him and etc. Sam knows that something strange has happened the whole day passes and night came.


  • She’s a ghost:


He was not going to bed but Sam forced him and he got slept and Sam also this night stark was not with them he was gone to his home, his parents came after him and took him with them. So these both guys were left so they both slept and Amor hardly wakes up when he sleep and half night about, 2 AM, the girl again appeared and as she sees Amor sleeping she raise his hand straight and some shinning light from her fingers move to bed and straight to Amor and in his ears and he slowly wakes up and when he looks around he found Lorena. He stands up from his bed and move to her:


  • Amor: Hey. I waited for the whole day.
  • Lorena: Me too.
  • Amor: So, tell me something about you.
  • Lorena: Let’s take a round around.
  • Amor: No, I’ can’t if Sam wakes up and finds himself alone he will start shouting and I don’t want him to get afraid. (She again raises her hand and blue and green lightning  move from her fingers and move towards Sam and get in his ears and nose)
  • Amor: What did you do to him?
  • Lorena: Don’t worry, it will keep him busy in his dream and he will not wake up till morning, even if you blast a bomb close to his ears, now should we go.
  • Amor: But where?
  • Lorena: No where just I your university area.
  • Amor: What if some one sees us.
  • Lorena: No one can see us, we both are invisible now.
  • Amor: Really then let’s walk, perhaps I can know you.
  • Lorena: And I can know you.


And they both walk out of the room and down the stairs, she was just like other girls but more beautiful then most of them and she was a perfect looking girl and nothing strange. The walked down and continued walking in the dark some lights were lighting the greenery but they were also weak against the dark:


  • Lorena: There is nothing much about me I leave with some ghost in my own place alone, I don’t know about my parents and don’t have any other relative. I have nobody except a few of my friends and uncle old and till now you may have learned that I’m not of your kind.
  • Amor: What did you mean by kind?
  • Lorena: I’m not a human being.
  • Amor: So what you are actually.
  • Lorena: I’m a ghost.
  • Amor: I thought these things are just in stories and movies but its real but you don’t look like to be a ghost I mean your feet are straight, ghost have feet having opposite direction of our feet.
  • Lorena: It’s just your kind have made us with your own minds we are physically just like you but we have some powers and live in clans and don’t show up and are completely not like your kind.
  • Amor: And you are not scary, you are so cute and beautiful and innocent looking girl.
  • Lorena: Some of us are good just like your kind and some are bad who scare your kind by making scary and strange faces.
  • Amor: Wow, you are really interesting. Now let me tell you about my self, I got a mother and father a small brother and a beautiful elder sister. And me.
  • Lorena: That is nice, it’s getting late our clan people will be searching for me I have to go so bye I’ll come tomorrow, when ever you need me call me by my name and I will come to you when ever you need my help I have strong powers, I’m not as weak as you thought.
  • Amor: Okay bye.


And she disappears and he become visible his invisible shield slowly goes away and he run to his hostel and then to his room and get on his bed and got slept in a few second and in morning he wakes up and now he was as perfect as he was before.


He met jenny as usual, and then they three walk to cafeteria and after having some food and drink they walked back to their class students were running here and their for their classes they three also got to there room and after the periods were finished they had there lunch and had to play ground and then in evening time a little study their exams were also on it ways so they had to prepare for it and after that they had dinner and then Amor forced Sam to sleep early while he was not but just because of Amor he did and they again slept early and in mid night about, 2 AM ….


When he opens his eyes she (Lorena) was sitting on sofa right to him he sat up and sit in front of her:



  • Amor: Hi, from how long are you sitting there you should have waked me up.
  • Lorena: I just came in a few second before.
  • Amor: So how did your day passed?
  • Lorena: I’m sorry I disturb you in night but we mostly sleep in day and not come out from our world, our clan to you people.
  • Amor: Its okay, I sleep early in these days.
  • Lorena: Your exams are coming…
  • Amor: Yeah, in the week after the next one.
  • Lorena: Prepare yourself or if you failed they will throw you out of here and I want you here.
  • Amor: So let’s go out.


And they about walk out in the corridor and they to ground and walked all over the university and after a hour she goes and he comes to his room and sleeps.


  • She is gone:


In the next morning his parents come after him to take him, he refuses but because of their insistence he go with them and Sam too as their homes were closed to each other. he spend a day and night but thinking about Lorena all the time and then on Sunday he comes back to university while Sam stay because of his parents and Amor was alone in the room and only jenny was there and finally night comes for which he was waiting, he was alone in room but some how he was happy about that she came and this night they talk for long but in Amor room as their was no one and she goes and he sleeps after they next day stark come back and at that night Amor again waits for her and she came and they talk and then she goes. Sam didn’t come the next day also in these days Amor was very happy and everyone was noticing it even jenny. But after three days he was unhappy, sad because of something and lost all the time Sam also come back and meets his friends on first day he didn’t ask him anything but the next day he was noticing him and at night he asked him:


  • Sam: What happened Amor you are really sad from the past two days I’m seeing you is something wrong.
  • Amor: No maybe you are mistaken I’m okay.
  • Sam: I’m your nest friend tell me what has happened.
  • Amor: Nothing.
  • Sam: Is she not coming.
  • Amor: What. . . Who, who are you talking about.
  • Sam: Lorena.
  • Amor: Do you know that all.
  • Sam: Yes I knew I see her every night she comes for you now tell me what has happened.
  • Amor: When I come back here and we were alone in room we talked for long the next day the Same thing happened we talked but the night after that when she come she was very beautiful she sit closer to me and we again talk and then…
  • Sam: Then what, you were going well, go on.
  • Amor: And then she gets a little more closer and I… I kissed her, and then she did and we kisses each other a few times and then she suddenly open her eyes and jumped back from me and disappear and after that she didn’t came I did everything to find her even I go to the old hostel but I can, she said when I need her and I call her by her name she will come but she didn’t, I don’t know what she is or what she thinks about me but she is the first and last girl I love, I love her. And I can do anything to get her back, Lorena if you can hear me so hear I will find you.
  • Sam: You just kissed are you sure you didn’t do anything else.
  • Amor: No, I wasn’t even thinking about it.
  • Sam: Okay cool down, if she loves you she will come for you don’t worry.


  • The ghost returns:


And then days passes he was even get more involved in all this, his health was getting bad and bad each day and his friends were really sad for him. And then at half night  a few weeks after he walks out to the corridor and down to ground and start walking here and there as some boys follows him ( yeah the Same boys they had fight with a few weeks ago and they find him in a good time to take their revenge and caught him and start beating him and he was weak against them his head start bleeding as some light from the back side of the boys hostel came out and all the boys were throw away from Amor and then who ever get forward to Amor got a slap and a punch but they were unable to see what they are dealing with and after a few useless tries they run away, and the invisible think become visible and Amor eyes become bold and opened and tears start falling from his eyes it was Lorena , she grabbed him her hand around him and fly to the corridor with her power. And sat down on a bench tears were also falling from her eyes:


  • Amor: You come back I told you, you would come I’m so happy to have you back. (Rubbing away her tear with his fingers from her eyes) don’t cry it hurts me straight in my heart.
  • Lorena: I’m sorry for leaving you, but we can never be together we are not the Same kind.
  • Amor: Have you come to tell me good bye. (Lorena puts her hand on right side of his face)
  • Lorena: We can be better friends.
  • Amor: No, we can’t, I love you, there must be some way you can be a human like us and we could live together forever.
  • Lorena: It’s not possible I can never turn to your kind. (She sees up his head) you head is bleeding let me heal it.
  • Amor: No it okay we should talk.
  • Lorena: It won’t take long. (She puts her hand on the injured area and the blood stops flowing and his wounded place recovers.
  • Amor: Hey wait, you can not turn to our kind but I can turn to your kind.
  • Lorena: No it’s too painful ii would never like to see you like that it would be better then that if we stay away.
  • Amor: If we do it then we can stay together, we can leave together and for that I can feel any pain.
  • Lorena: But I can’t.
  • Amor: Don’t you love me, don’t you want to be with me, will you like to see me like that as you saw there weak useless.
  • Lorena: I would never like to see you like that, and I love you and I also want to stay with you but we are of different kind and can never be together.
  • Amor: We can.
  • Lorena: Someone is coming I must leave, I’ll come tomorrow.


  • I want to be a ghost:


She disappears and Sam appear from the room door, and seat near Amor he was a little good looking now and refreshed, Sam sat down near to him:


  • Sam: Did she come.
  • Amor: Yes, she did and just left as you were about to come out.
  • Sam: Mean I disturb you guys.
  • Amor: No not at all it was her time to leave.
  • Sam: Did, you did something.
  • Amor: No she didn’t even give me a chance.
  • Sam: So what your plans.
  • Amor: Turn into her kind.
  • Sam: You mean ghost.
  • Amor: Yeah.
  • Sam: Did she agree.
  • Amor: No she didn’t, she said she will never let me do it and I can not do that with out her help.
  • Sam: She is right; I will also not let you do that too.
  • Amor: Would you like to see me die.
  • Sam: How ridiculous, don’t say that again. I would like to die before that happens.
  • Amor: So than do not stop me.
  • Sam: But… (Amor interrupts)
  • Amor: Don’t worry I’ll be with you.
  • Sam: When are you doing that I mean transforming?
  • Amor: Coming night.
  • Sam: What will you do actually?
  • Amor: I don’t know!
  • Sam: Will you return till our first paper on the day after tomorrow.
  • Amor: I don’t know that.
  • Sam: What if someone asked about you.
  • Amor: Tell them that he is in his home with parents.
  • Sam: And if they ask?
  • Amor: I don’t know just manage out things till I return Sam will come today so he will sleep with you till that at least.
  • Sam: Don’t worry about me.
  • Amor: Thanks.
  • Sam: So should we sleep now it still night.


  • The ghost world:


And they both move to their room and their beds and slept. Next morning they wake up they met jenny, she seem to be wanting to talk to Amor personally but Amor didn’t pay attention to her and the day passes and night came Amor woke up and Sam has fixed and silent vibratory alarm which wake him up and he was acting as he is sleeping Amor sat in his bed and waited for a half hour and then suddenly she appeared and sat in front of Amor:


  • Lorena: So what have you planned?
  • Amor: Nothing just asking you to turn me in your kind.
  • Lorena: And I told you I will never let you do that. (Sam keep watching from his bed)
  • Amor: Would you like to see me die.
  • Lorena: What…. (Amor cuts his left hand nerves and a river of blood starts) oh no what have you done.


She jumps to him and puts her hands at the cut and light surrounds them and Sam was about to get out of his bed but when he see this he goes back to sleep. The cut heals up and no blood was lost and she sat down in front of him:


  • Amor: What do you say than? I can not live without you and you have only one way left.
  • Lorena: It’s a lot more painful than this and there is only a chance of fifty-fifty that you will turn in to our kind, fifty chances say you can die because of that.
  • Amor: I don’t care…
  • Lorena: Okay, I also love you and I can do anything for you, follow me.


They walked out to corridor than to down stairs Sam follows them out but didn’t go after because of Amor, they walked to the old hostel in dark shadows so they can not be detected they passes right to the guards invisibly and enter the old hostel and walked to the front door of the hostel and opens it and their she sat on her knees one knee to the ground and other in foot right to it and puts her hand on the floor and say something and a big blue light evolving door opens in front of them and Amor follows her in and the door closes dark but a little lighted by the moon light it was like they got to somewhere else a few old houses threes and a straight way while no one out was actually in eye range:


  • Amor: So what we got to do now?
  • Lorena: Here is a tree which can turn you into our kind we call it ghost tree it is at some distance from here, before that we got to find my friends and our old uncle who can do this we will find them in the way but in this all way there are some hostile ghost and some pet ghost wondering around if they caught us we are dead we got to go silently and hide in the whole way and also in return, remember once the process is started it will not stop so think once again.
  • Amor: I’m ready, any way what is this place.
  • Lorena: It’s over world the ghost world there is always night here that is why we mostly live in your world, especially in some seasons. We don’t have much time according to your world it would be about to morning now we should hurry.
  • Amor: Okay, where first.
  • Lorena: To left.


  • Uncle old can help:


They walk to left and keep going on across some houses and then enters a house which was quite well decorated it was Lorena’s home where they had gone to find her friend and at the moment she was there, they met her and she guide them forward to more of there friends and they find all of them in the way a hostile ghost pet caught them but because they were more in number so they easily killed that pet and moved on they were searching for their old uncle to help them, but the problem was that no one of them knows about him that where they should search for him so they divided into groups and Amor and Lorena together start search and after a long search one of her friends find uncle old and all the rest were called to met them at the point where she had found them every one got there but Lorena and Amor when returning saw a big group of hostile ghosts so the change their part and after a long and hard ways they got there. Oh I forget they can not use their ghost powers in their world they can only use it in human world so they have to fight by hands and strength was required anyway when they got there:


  • Lorena: Hey uncle it’s good to see you.
  • Uncle old: Me too, you brought a human in our world.
  • Lorena: Yes.
  • Uncle old: But why?
  • Lorena: I love him and he loves me more than that, so to transform him to over kind from their kind.
  • Uncle old: Have you told him the rules.
  • Lorena: No, I didn’t.
  • Uncle old: Then let me inform him. (Facing to Amor) son it will be a lot painful, but there is something more than that, number one, you will not leave this world at day, you can only go out in dark if you turn into a ghost. You can never make relations with any other kind. Number three if the leaders of this area want you to kill some one so you have to do. So if you agree with these conditions then we should march on to the tree, or you are allowed to go back.
  • Amor: I agree with all the condition because I love her and for her I can do anything.
  • Uncle old: Then let’s go to the tree.


  • These guard are all around:


And they continue their walk to the ghost tree dodging a lot of hostile ghosts and guard ghosts they got near to the tree when they got there. There were a lot of guards around the area of that tree a big wall surrounded and only a single way to the tree, the tree was big, were big and very thin branches were lying down from it the most of the area were still out of sight because of the walls and guard.


  • Amor: What we do now?
  • Uncle old: These guard change after some time and there is some time in that we can get in and once we got in than these guard can not do anything.
  • Amor: For how long we have to wait.
  • Uncle old: I don’t know!
  • Amor: Lorena, what will be the time in over world.
  • Lorena: May be evening.
  • Amor: I hope everything is going fine there.
  • Lorena: Don’t worry; just keep your concentration here.


They were busy watching the guards to the tree. In the world it was afternoon and Sam was just moving around and hiding from those who are Amor’s friend. He was walking to computer lab and as he was about to enter, he was caught by jenny:


  • Jenny: Hi.
  • Sam: Hi.
  • Jenny: Where is Amor?
  • Sam: H...He…He…e...Is in his hoo…home with his parents.
  • Jenny: Oah really but I saw him last evening he was here so when did his parents come.
  • Sam: They didn’t come.
  • Jenny: So.
  • Sam: He went himself to home he was a little disturbed here.
  • Jenny: I was also noticing it, do you know why he was disturb.
  • Sam: No I don’t know.
  • Jenny: Alright fine. What are you doing now?
  • Sam: Nothing special just trying to spend my time.
  • Jenny: I would have helped you but I have a lot of work to do so you see you later.
  • Sam: Yeah bye.


And they both walked to there place they were going at the other side Sam and at the other side in the ghost world they were still hiding in the dark and they keep on their position for a half hour and then the guard moved away for break and they all rush in the way between the walls while the guards runs after them but couldn’t get them and they run in and in and got to a place completely lighted by torches (fire) at different position there were five more ghost in their to whom uncle old get forward, one of the ghost was a little young looking and the other were old and all seems to be wise and it can be felt from their voices and the way they were using to talk.


  • One of the five ghosts: What have you come for?
  • Old uncle: We have come to transform a human to our kind.
  • One of the five ghosts: Have you told him everything.
  • Old uncle: Yes.
  • One of the five ghosts: Good then let’s start.


  • He is not a ghost:


And they move out of there to the three and Amor stand on a circle designed on the ground and there out of the five ghost, three stand on small circles designed at Same angle and distance from the tree and each other, while two stand aside to help out in different ways and they three in circle started some kind of pray and the tree small branches or hairs started surrounded him (Amor) and his foots and arms and his head and after a little time after the process would have been started. At the other side in humans world it was night Sam and stark was together in room but still Sam was unable to sleep and was looking at the door, maybe Amor comes back, alas mobile was also useless in such a place in which Amor was so it was impossible to contact each other and the only thing to do was wait and they both did. In the ghost world the process started some things at the place where three was surrounded start happening but at first he was not feeling it but a little time after he start filling it, the tree was taking blood out of his body and collecting all of it at a place somewhere in the top of the tree and the tree have to suck of all the blood from his body but will he stay alive then when all the blood will be taken from his body even from his heart and brain. Yes he will be alive the tree will keep him alive. Blood was been collected slowly but the process was going on and he was shouting so high that… that… that nothing. His blood was sucked and collected in a half hour and then it was the time that he should transform when a ghost blood enters his body and  he changes and the ghost who should give blood was Lorena. She came to the tree and the three branches surrounded both her hand and she cried and shouted because of the pain because it hurts her very much more then to a human the process of sucking of blood was stopped soon but she was still grabbed by the tree she was completely senseless and Amor could still move his eyes and the blood of both of them the blood of a ghost and of a human combined in the tree and again flow in his (Amor) nerves but now Amor was also senseless and exactly in a half hour the blood was back in his vessels and some kind of light from the top goes in Lorena’s hand and come out even shinning a little more and goes in Amor’s hands and the tree leaves both of them and they both falls down uncle old and her friends run to them to pick them up and the tree ghost standing in the circle also falls down senseless they all were taken in one of the ghost opened Amor eyes which was still the Same as it was when he was a human nothing in his body was changed they said:


  • The wise ghost: It was the first time that the tree sends only a single light and both the objects (means Amor and Lorena) where senseless. And all over three masters are senseless.
  • Uncle old: What did you mean?
  • The wise ghost: This thing is not a ghost it is something else we have given birth to, it can be good and can be bad depends on what he was before all this, and the rest only our master can tell when they wake up.
  • Old uncle: So what we do now?
  • The wise ghost: Wait till they wake up.


In the human world it was about to morning Sam wakes up early and prepared himself and then he walked out some people were out and after some time everyone walked out and had breakfasts and then to their classes after classes their principal called Sam and he got there as fast as he can:


  • Principal: Mister Sam where is your friend.
  • Sam: Amor he is in his home.
  • Principal: But he didn’t inform us about his leaving and going to home for some holidays.
  • Sam: He had some urgent work their and it was night time so he left the hostel without informing anyone.
  • Principal: Thank you mister Sam. I will call to his home and make myself sure about all this.


Sam walked out of the office and called to Amor’s sister from his mobile to inform her about the incoming call:


  • Amor’s sister: Hi Amor.
  • Sam: It’s me Sam, our principal is about to call there when he did tell him Amor is there at home and had gone out for some kind of work now go get the phone before anyone else does, I’ll tell you everything later now go.
  • Amor’s sister: Okay cool down I’m going.


  • A battle with ghosts:


And as she cuts the mobile phone the telephone rang and she runs saying to her parents (I’ll get it) and she picked up the phone and did as she was told to do and then told to her parents that it was a friend of her, at the other side in the ghost world the tree ghost wakes up a little time after Lorena too and then Amor also opens his eyes slowly. He was still a human Lorena and uncle old help him stand up and then slowly and slowly he recovers and the five ghosts stepped forward:


  • Uncle old: So what is he now?
  • One of them: He is still in his kind, we can also turn in that but when a newly ghost is turned he is in our kind not of those kinds, we have to get it to our master he can only tell what he is?
  • Amor: Where is he?
  • One of them: Follow us he is here.


And the five ghosts walk forward and they after and they forward and they after they got there it was a little more lighted room there was an old looking man sitting alone wearing complete white dress which was shinning he had completely white hair, beard and mustaches, and beard and mustaches were long till his lower body part and was seeming a good looking and wise old man Amor sat down in his front and all the other back to him and the five ghosts walk to him and sat down around him.


  • Amor: Hello sir, can you tell what am I?
  • One of the five ghosts: He says wait.
  • Amor: Okay. (After a little time the ghost sitting next to the old man, raise his head)
  • The ghost: He says he is a human… He is a ghost... He is stronger but is not having all the powers of the ghosts, he is a half human and half ghost. He has both the characteristics of both the kinds, he is a human ghost. He is free none of our rules he has to follow, he is free from our side and he is free if he want to came here but he must be in the ghost form if he enter this world again.
  • Lorena: And what about us can we marry, can we be together.
  • The ghost: Yes you are free to live together, there is no such rule which can keep you apart from each other, and you are free to live you lives.
  • Uncle old: Should we leave now.
  • The ghost: Yes.


And they all rushes out but as the got to the walls there were no guards they got in serous problem that where the guards are now and the other problem was Amor was still unable to change in his other form called ghost. At the other side in the world, it was morning and the day on which the first paper had to be taken Sam was waiting in his room for Amor and was revising his book for paper and looking at his room door but it was getting late. In the ghost world they move out of the walls and walked a few steps as they were surrounded by the guard ghost.


  • Uncle old: There is no human with us we all are ghost.
  • Guard ghost: There is one, that one. (Pointing towards Amor)
  • Uncle old: No he is also a ghost.
  • Guard ghost: Then prove it.
  • Lorena: How?
  • Guard ghost: He has to defeat one of us and your ways are open.
  • Lorena: No, he is not yet ready.
  • Guard ghost: There is no other way.
  • Lorena: But… (Amor put his hand on her shoulder)
  • Amor: I can defeat one of them. (Amor takes a few step forward in between the ghosts) so who is the one I have to fight.
  • Guard ghost: (They think him a human and weak they forward a simple not a good fighter ghost towards him) he is our warrior defeat him and take your way.


Amor try hard to change (in to a ghost) but he can’t the battle started he attacked on Amor but he tricked him using his human skills, Amor dodged him a lot but got one of his single hand punch and falls three step back, the ghost picked him up and throw him towards Lorena and uncle old and their other friend Lorena whisper in his ear, (close you eyes and think you are a ghost. And the ghost again picked him up and throw him on other side and was about to pick him again that he closes his eyes and suddenly he change his body parts which can be seen like hands, neck, head, feet etc, shines up and his skin changed into a little blue color and his hands were evolving blue fire and eyes were also blue he start punching him and in three punches he takes the ghost down.


And the other ghost give them a way and they run to the door they know Amor was still a ghost they reach the door faster and this time Amor put his hand down on ground on gate and Lorena and Amor flied out the gate and straight to the boys hostel Lorena was invisible and Amor turn into his human form, the paper was started one hour before he run to the examination hall and when he got there Lorena was with him they got to the teacher and by chance there next to chair to Sam was empty he requested the teacher to give him the paper but the teacher refused that Amor is late and it is not allowed now suddenly Lorena goes in his body and straight in his brain and controls his body and Amor was able to see this all while no one else was and she forced the teacher to give Amor the paper and he did and when Amor got on his chair she get out of his body and saying bye to Amor she leave and he says hi to Sam and in the remaining one and a half hour he had write about fifty pages of paper everyone around him was looking at him and Sam was completely astonished and the teacher too he take too pages after each some minutes and it was a record, he submit his paper before the time was over and then helped Sam in his paper. And like this all there paper goes and in result Amor was the first position holder and Sam was second in girl’s jenny also scored good, Amor papers were unbelievable. He was faster strong and intelligent and was also having ghost senses. They passed their exam well now at half night Sam and Amor both were waiting for Lorena and she got there exactly at 2 AM, she met with Sam they talk for a little while and then Sam goes in room to sleep and Amor change into a ghost and he and Lorena both fly to the sky. And this is how a love story comes to an end.

To be continued in book two.

© Copyright 2020 ali kts. All rights reserved.

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