In Thoughts Of Friendship

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What thoughts run through your mind can hurt you, especially that which is relevant to friends...

Submitted: April 11, 2013

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Submitted: April 11, 2013



You wake up one day. You wake up one day and remember all the people you cared about.

You remember, you remember all the people you loved. You shouted it. You shouted out loud. "I love you all!". Or so you told yourself.

And all of it, serenity. Like the company of the entities that so grateful you were to them, you would die for them. You called them your friends.You distinguished them. And called some, your best.

Friends forever. Like the term itself would so keep its way, as to say, these words would portray an ever lasting bond between one and another. Unbreakable you'd say.

So you grew up. And forever, so forever, by now, forever only meant, and only ever meant, from when you were young to the end of your teen. Your hands intertwined with so many. Now many alike, leave nothing so plenty. As time rolled by, as the clocks kept turning, people turned too.


Who you called your friends, who you called your best. All they yearned was anew. Like befriending you was so vile that they had to break free. Like every talk you'd spree, they'd cry out a silent plee. "Help me." they'd plee.

And only now do I see, had I wished I'd seen it before. You changed. So he and she changed. They changed as well. We all fell so hard for what we believed to compel. Secretly hating each other. Openly proposing our love to each other in the fakest of mannerisms of what was dubbed a sick game of wits. But was this friendship? Yes you'd proclaim. Yes I'd proclaim. How we lied to one another. And to everyone, yes everyone, do I ever so apologize for what I know, you know, and we all know, this lie we keep telling ourselves and others. We spread the hate, the lies, the betrayals.

And all that was left, frail. Frail sparks of evergreen. Like dancing lights on a mountain top. So far yet so bright. Like what remained was a spark of light. So was what remained of the ties we all thought we blew. Could this small, fragile, eerie makeshift of a spark be lit anew?


Could we change things so soon? Was it too late to say that I'm sorry, I was wrong? Was it too late to shout that I love you? I need my friend back! How could I lie! I never would! Would you? Because deep down, I knew, and I do...I do...I do.

I speak in reconcile because I want what was left of you. I couldn't bear to see what you would do, had I truly left you. Now lies the question in wake of yesterday, and in rise of one day, today.


Do you?

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