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Submitted: January 28, 2016

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Submitted: January 28, 2016



Remember the quiet. The somber. 
The rivers of plight and plunder.
The taxing times. The better times. 
The days where sad bore worse, and happy dispersed.

Remember the night. The sky.
The brighter shine of yesterday and tomorrow. 
The present sorrow and it’s passing. 
A thought. 
And amassing. Contrasting. The sharp resonance of change and mutation in that today’s pains are yesterday’s worries and tomorrow’s lessons.

Remember then. Of past confessions.
The future rid of concessions and recessions. Misguided, half measures, bad steps and failed attemps. Anxious, finales, beginnings, and winnings.

Remeber now. Of moments in the current. Of streams and seas, of oceans breezes. The rain as it pours. The steps as you take them. The thoughts in chorus and mayhem. The belief that after will come, waves will cease, clouds diverge, stops occur, and thoughts degrade to seldom.

Remember after. Of anticipation and of fear.
Of past mistakes and moments that foreshadow tomorrow. In assurance that the subsequent days are full of mystery and discovery. And effectual, changeable, with choices on recovery.

Remember that what was then has passed. What is now will pass. And what is after is passable. All things will pass. All things will end. Minds then alter, fractures mend, and absorbing the moment, embracing the impact, accepting the change, its significance, it’s preeminence. It’s importance will surely pass. With or without you.

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