Different Directions

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: April 23, 2016

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Submitted: April 23, 2016



I met this girl when I was 10 years old,

And what I love must she had so much soul,

We pushed the boundaries of love our hearts were bold,

But somewhere during the paradise she turned cold,

It happened way back when we studied together,

Good grades great sex nothing could have been better,

But then everything turned upside down when she started hanging out with the wrong crowd,

At first the only difference was the way of her sound,

But then came her looks and the weight of her pounds,

Followed by skipping the books grades went down, she looked pale eyes always on the ground,

I tried talking to her but she kept shutting me out,

My growing concern burned as I learned her secret from a pest,

The birds stopped chirping her life was on defence,

She yearned for heroine she lost all of her sense,

Can hear her murmuring the tear-jerkingly longing for a fix,

How did I let this happen where did she lose the passion,

For her to fasten a seat belt onto a rollercoaster of crashing,

Worst part is she wanted no compassion wanted to melt in the acid,

So I confronted her with the utmost intentions,

She responded like a victim in prison wrongly convicted,

But her eyes displayed two glassy blank pupils giving me sickness,

I swallowed my tears but felt consumed with fear,

If you let a dove fly on its own it may disappear,

And never coming back I lacked the ability to give her proper stability,

I guess our love gradually faltered into the picture of reality,

We were never meant to be but she meant everything to me,

Now I have to let her flee, accept her lies she don't want to fly with me,

I might cry but if i stay my heart will bleed till it cease, 

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