Pushing the Darkness

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Submitted: April 23, 2016

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Submitted: April 23, 2016



My mind is a chalk board with scribbles of the lesson,

Dribbles of ink and paint my thoughts like picassos vision,

Meddling with the failures of my friends but that just lessens,

The intensity of my depression, hate splitting me like nuclear fission,

Fishing for compliments like a hook that attaches to the poor fishes,

And the bate is my self hate I just lumber into pure demolition,

The jealousy the rivalry holding the ivory handle stabbing you is my only mission,

Peddling fast away from optimism trapped in a prison of this perpetual livid,

Living listless listing the negatives in other people I am inching,

Towards the dark side my mind is a light constantly flicking,

Mentally slipping, the clockwork of my mind just stopped ticking,

Immune to my guilt and conscience I'm consciously conning like convicts,

Cause there's no time to thrive, envied by the fly but pitied by the tortoise,

The horrid image Ive been storing is now pouring onto the daylight of the morning,

I'm mourning the death of my worth, dispense the cents of my debt to the earth,

Continue to be behind the fence until my body is completely consumed in darkness,


But it takes a toll on my soul,

Months stroll by and i can't fathom what I became,

I'm driving in the wrong lane,

This pent up rage is causing me pain,


Alright let's be honest, flip the switch and take off my harness,

I garnered my flaws in a guilt basket and I'm willing to come out my nest and confess,

Cause the needle pinching truth is pestering my body even at my best,

Something evil is within me, it controls me, and if I ignore it it will hiss,

And I admit my mind has been living in bliss ever since I took it in,

But people around me frown smacking the momentary crown on the ground,

And I drown in their tear-jerkingly volatile sound, Regret pounds me down but it fails to stop this evil even now,

And my conscience continues to claw at me but the monster is dominant,

I always crawl back to my pit and sit in darkness trapped in this abyss,

I look up and see a mist, the light Is what I truly miss,

I constantly try to climb the rocks but always slip,

Falling back and my emotions always get hit,

One day reality clicked and I saw I had too many shoes to fill I have to stretch my hands and extend the dollar bill,

giving will provide thrill, And make still the barking ravenous demons who want me mentally killed,

The mist is clearing my eyes are seeing the slippery rocks became stairs,

I trail up holding my hands towards the glittering light that I tried so hard to find,

Im pushing past the darkness my two eyes are finally not blind,

My liveliness resurfaced and I got back something I've been missing for a long time, my mind.

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