The Shadows that Peak

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Just a story I have made, with the inspiration of some creep pastas.

Submitted: April 23, 2016

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Submitted: April 23, 2016



Ring. Ring. Ring. As I slowly fade into consciousness, my mind automatically wants to shut back down. Why must I wake up so early? Judging by the darkness of the room, the sun hasn't even risen up yet. Ring. Ring. Ring. The clock continues, which raises a feeling of utter contempt for mornings and anything that is associated with them. Ring. Ri- I take the clock by the head, and throw it across the room. It hit the wall, breaking it into pieces like an unprofessional clockmaker dismantled it. I did not even need a light to know that I dented my wall. "Well, doesn't that suck?" I scream, absolutely loathing my current circumstance. The morning is like the justice system. It punishes you if you sleep late, and punishes you more if you drink all night. The only way to escape the sentence is by sleeping in. That sounds like a very pleasing idea at this point. I got out of bed, rigorously rubbing my eyes. They feel crusted like sliced Italian bread left on the counter for too long. I can tell that today will be as excruciating and mundane as every other day. I walk towards my closet when I hear something shuffling behind me. I immediately excused it as my mind playing tricks on me, but the shuffling continued down the stairwell. I gulped, feeling scared. Fear coupled with fatigue do not mix very well. "Whose there!" I said, trying to sound confident with trembling lips. Is somebody in my house? I ran down the stairs thudding like an elephant. "Show yourself!" I said, sounding less convinced in my self the second time. I roamed through the house for what felt like an hour before I realized that who ever was there wasn't any more. "screw work I'm taking a sick day" I walk towards my coach, and slouched there like a corpse. My eyes slowly closed; my mind started to shut down. As I fluttered through consciousness, I hear crunching. Crunching? Is somebody eating in my house? I jumped out of the coach and ran into the kitchen. My heart dropped. There were two dishes spread evenly on the dining table, with half eaten food on each plate. I suddenly hear the door to my house close shut. The intruders are trying to escape! I sprint towards the door and opened it apprehensively. I try walking out but the wind became unusually gusty and ravenous. It seemed like there was a force trying to keep me in. Like I can't leave. "Well there's my excuse for skipping out on work" I said, chuckling to myself like i sprayed comedy gold. But then the thought instantly came back to my head, the intruders. Who were they? How did they get in? Did they break in? Why would they invade my place of security to eat food? Nothing made any sense. I looked through the windows to see if I could spot them. Nothing. It seems like they vanished into thin air. I no longer felt scared, but angry. How could I let this happen? How can I let these punks take advantage of me! I look around the house again, seeming to take forever. I found no evidence of their existence. But I knew they were here! Suddenly, I felt this ringing in my ear. It was very faint, but loud enough to distinguish. The intensity gradually built. What's happening? Something felt wrong, my insides felt cold. Then I hear murmuring down the stairs. Have they come back? I went down stairs slowly, and the ringing became sharper at every step I took. I followed the sound of their murmurs. I go down the dining room to the kitchen, and see two people. A beautiful young woman, and an old lady. I felt like I knew the woman, but couldn't quite put my finger on who she was. The old lady smiled. "He's here, dear". The beautiful woman started to cry. "Where?" She said, riddled with tears. "In front of you" I realized who the woman was. She was my daughter. I miss her. So much. But I don't know why. I just saw her yesterday. But I miss her to a throbbing degree. Her baby teeth, beautiful sprinkling hair. Eyes that can fix me in my position for a decade. A face that is innocent and pure. My eyes welled up at the image before me. But something looks different about her. She doesn't look like the 10 year old girl I knew. She looked all grown up. "Talk to him, dear" "Where is he, I don't see him" "He can see us but we can't see him, but he can hear you dear. Talk to him" "Oh ok. Um. Dad, me and mom love you! We both love you so much. But you need to go! You can't keep scaring mom like this, going around the house and knocking things over. I mean today you broke her clock and she thought you were going to kill her. It needs to stop!" Go? What was she talking about. "Honey, this is my house! What are you going on about! What is going on here, who is this lady! Why are you crying. Speak to me! Why are you ignoring me! Look at me! Look at me! "He is very confused. Lead him through with your words" She smiled. That beautiful smile. She probably thought she was looking directly at me, but her eyes didn't quite meet mine. "Dad I'm here for you. Mom is here for you. Please listen to me" "Baby, what is happening with you. You are all grown up, and you are talking none sense" The old lady squeezed her shoulder, "Be more specific dear he is still very confused" "Dad, we forgive you! And love you! But this world isn't for you any more. You need to move on, and leave us be! We don't need you any more daddy! Please! Follow the light. Move past this place! Please. Do it for me and mom. Don't be trapped for us." The ringing became unbearable. It felt like sharp spikes penetrated my ears. The room became warped, nothing seemed clear; except the light. "I love you, I miss you" I said, unable to hear a response. Unable to see anything but the light. My eyes were engrossed, and I could not take them off it. I walked towards it, raising my hand trying to touch it. I walked until I was fully immersed in it. I chanted "I love you, I miss you" as the light consumed me. Just as it swallowed my last fibre, I uttered with complete serenity my final words "I love you, and I'll miss you. Bye" everything became quiet now. So quiet. My eternal fatigue subsided now. I feel alive.

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