What Goes Around Comes Around

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Submitted: April 25, 2016

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Submitted: April 25, 2016



Since I was young I would always follow the thuds from my heart,

How fast pace it is so I can chaise that instant spark,

Beauty was imperative no emotions ever took a part,

And now I'm stuck with this bitch who is pullin me apart,

It's ironic because I cheated as fast as when our love did start,

I pressed the gas and crashed my brand new car,

But the worst part is my side chick is where I should have parked,

And now she's blinded by my tail lies I took this shit way too far,

There's no way for me to make this shit any better,

Should I continue the deception or succumbing to the beretta,

My thoughts won't let up reason blocked by pressure,

What if she finds out and bounces on the next dick skippin to the next town,

My tricks are so pronounced, her constant stares bark like hounds,

Ended up telling her, telling her that I have fallen for her,

And that excuse of a woman will no longer keep me on a curve,

What she replied deprived the life out of my eyes,

She said she hated being stuck with a man that did not comply with her mind,

She also cheated on me to escape the time of our lives,

And she has also fallen for a man that she slept with every single night,

Now she has a reason to leave me on top of my mountain of lies,

She walked away causing stabs of pain in my brain I was no longer in line,

The grim reaper took something more essential than death; love that binds,

Committed the Cupid offence and now I'm serving a sentence for my crime,

I deserve every fibre of injury that makes me rather just give up and die.

She's done, we're done, heart shatters as she said good bye.

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