Strawberry Milk

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A true story in Arabic. Main three values; Love, beauty, affection, and military, Drawing an idea for a show, theatre, In three parts, targeting, love, beauty, and affection. Here, in the first
part a real process of soul integration, a true story, in Egypt.

Submitted: December 20, 2017

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Submitted: December 20, 2017





Strawberry Milk

(Based on True Story)

We don't create victory by war, but, we build minds, and it create victory

 We don't create victory by war, but we build hearts, and it create victory

Main Characters

“Farah” Name of a girl, means Joyfulness,

“Omar” Name of a boy, in Arabic,

People and characters from different countries and ages, “Omar” talk to, in his mind, thoughts, and imagination, when he reads, contemplates nature, sea, cloud and sky,

Learn wisdom, in his journey to satisfy ultimate goals, and stressful pushing needs

,Desire elecits, mutual needs, in his entire soul, and with an order and acceptance from his mind, easy acceptance, thought that critical thinking mind,

 ,Barriers, and we learn from nature, beauty, and wisdom

His victory, and meeting her

Here it parallels military victory, with love,

Main Tools: background screen, to show videos, films, from time-to-time, to visualize thoughts,

The show, elicit three needs of,

Beauty, Love, affection, solider spirit and military victory,

Since his love and affection to “Farah”, at a certain point, be coded by his patriotism, and it’s the same stimuli that uncovers his inner solider character,

These thoughts, be visualized on screen, with military films and victories, their icons and symbols, which has a moral and emotional effect, that we strongly need,

Beauty, Nature, used to visualized “Omar” thoughts, while thinking, reading, and contemplating nature and sky,

Animals, love each other, play, joy, to visualize his love and affection,

Military spirit, victory, visualizing “Omar” thoughts, to the level that we think the show is about belonging, and patriotism,

Here in, the first part, from three parts (with relevant ideas of direction, born with the idea),


Strawberry Milk

A video film, at the beginning of the show, to indulge the audience for the right mood and atmosphere,

Samples, similar to “National Geographic”, shots of animals, baby animals, parental, love, nature, water, river, sea, sun, green spaces, plants (zoom in), desert,

Quick short shots, background music, the whole video is small, to be repeated,

Théâtre, full light,

,Omar” studying"

,setting to a table, reading, books

,looking at nature

“Omar” studying, setting to a table, reading, books, looking at nature, contemplates its sounds, babble - gentle sound of water, birds, waves… (all in the background screen),

From a certain era, appears a Wiseman, or a leader, puts his hand on front-head of “Omar”, and the next conversation goes, …

The video on the screen changes, to large green spaces, plants, and there’s always a space for a river, or a sky, 

The sound breath, is clear,

Sound of a Wiseman: look at nature… and breath

The nature is extremely beautiful, Subhan-Allah, 

Wiseman: Because she is natural, doesn’t lie, doesn’t wear a make-up, or change its shape, or colors,

Just come some rain, remove dust, it become cleaner, and back purer,

Omar, leans, looks more towards the screen,

Wiseman: Look at its shapes, sizes, colors, from it you learn beauty, and its dimensions, …

Gradually appear a face of a girl, eyes, smiling, comfortable, and the sky its background, appear for a moment, then the screen is dissolved,

“Farah” appear from time-to-time, in a spot on the theatre, or on the screen her face merged with views from nature, motivate “Omar” and equip his abilities, 

Wiseman appears: look at knowledge, science, by your heart, its leaves you an effect, nears you from beauty, your passion, …

“Omar” set at a small table, study, and carefully read,

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