The Worst Musicians In The World

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Title says it all. A short narrative about musicians that are so bad, people run away.

Submitted: July 13, 2012

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Submitted: July 13, 2012



The Worst Musicians In The World

by Alice Avauni


There was a violinist from Kentucky

Who came down to Georgia one day

His coat was warm, he obeyed the norm

And skipped past Nashville on his way


He made it to a bar and laughed

But a bad week had begun, and his joy had run,

For he had lost his ID back in Tennessee

And the inkeeper wailed at his gun


He was soon tackled by a sheriff

Who quickly asked him who he was,

But in a blink he couldn't think

And mumbled that his mother called him Buzz


He landed in a dreary cell

And cried at the men beyond the bars,

For he was scared that he wouldn't fare

Well with the roommate called Lars


The man was big as a boulder

And his attitude laughed like one too,

That is to say that never a ray

Of sunshine cleared up his blues


But Buzz still had his violin

And he played like the end of the world,

The mice screeched and died and the guardsmen lied

That his time was up and out the door he was hurled


It began to rain as he curled up in pain

And lay in the mud as though maimed.

But never was there blood and neither was there mange

And as he stood his luck had all changed

There was a singer from Mississippi

Who came down to Georgia one day

Her scarf was clean, and no one was mean

As she came past Montgomery on her way


She stopped at a little hot dog stand

She was hungry and took a bite right away

But when she pulled out her travel worn wallet

She was dismayed to find she couldn't pay


The owner demanded compensation

As she looked around for two and ninety five

She smiled as she got the idea

To perform and thrive with her music live


My name is Amy and I sing pop

Or maybe the blues, alternative and rock.”

No one was violent but everyone went silent

As men and women fell over from the shock


No one asked for a CD or gave her a tip

The poor girl only wondered why

Silence filled the land from her to the stand

But the man had left without a goodbye


It began to rain as she ran off in shame

And ate her stolen hot dogs plain

She found a tree but couldn't avoid the wet

But when she got near they met


The tree spoke and said “Hi I'm Buzz”

And Amy was terrified and screamed

She nearly ran 'til she noticed it was a man

And for once Amy felt redeemed


Buzz and Amy became a team

As their music terrorized the nation

Everyone ran in fear or pain

It was like an eternal vacation


© Copyright 2018 Alice Avauni. All rights reserved.