Cuts turn to scars in love

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It's what I'm feeling at the moment, hope you like.

Submitted: December 04, 2010

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Submitted: December 04, 2010



To you I may seem niave but it is you who doesnt see,

The development of a spark in the friendship of you and me.

I keep my eyes open to the journey and possibilities,

You drag your feet, to doubt and laugh at our casualties.

These casualties we embark from our dreaded past,

Have awakened my heart and now it beats at last.

But you do well to tear my hope and criticize my plans,

Just you wait all these cuts soon turn to scar bands.

These scars that fortify and encompass around my heart,

One day you will not be able to pull them apart.

So watch careful the words you whisper in the night,

For soon I might never be within sight.

My affections will always be as I've said,

But I may find another who also wants me instead.

And I will gladly and lovingly accept his offer

Then he will be who I prefer,

All because you were to blind to see,

Love know not of distance or boundaries.

© Copyright 2019 Alice C. All rights reserved.

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