Be Nice . . . Or Else

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This is a story set in the future, on earth, where the law says that everyone has to be nice. Those who do not obey are sentenced to death.... When I write, I sometimes start by writing what would be on the back cover if in was a book (basically a summary of the story that pulls you in and makes you interested in it). And that's all I have for this one so far: a summary. But I like the summary! I hope you do too. Tell me what you think (pleeease), and I'm open to any suggestions of what exactly should happen in the story, because I truthfully don't really know yet. Thanks!

Submitted: December 17, 2008

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Submitted: December 17, 2008



In the future, everyone is controlled by drones who enforce just one law: be nice. That means no war, no murder, no throwing punches. . . . It also means no insults, no teasing, no sarcasm. . . . A bit extreme, but that all sounds . . . nice, right? Not exactly. You know how I said no murder? Well, apparently that rule doesn't apply to the drones, because the punishment for anyone who fails to follow the "benice" law is death by drone. Most people realize the flaw in this system, but plotting to overthrow your government isn't very nice, is it? Allyzine could care less. You know, unless she gets caught.


So yeah. That's all I have so far. Does the story sound interesting? Should I continue it (well, start it really)? Do you have any suggestions for what should happen? COMMENT! (please =])

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