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It swirls around her as she disappears into forever, or nowhere. It takes her life, and she takes on its name.

Submitted: March 13, 2008

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Submitted: March 13, 2008



It was all I had.

It was my earth, my sky, my food.

It was my day, my night, my hope.

And it would also be my death.

It was whatI walked from, with, and into.

It was my destination.

I started by walking towards it,

But when I drew back,

It was there.

I was trapped, and so I walked.

It was my breath,

And it was my air.

I choked on the rough air,

But it was all I had to eat.

It swirled around me.

My world began to darken;

I began to sink.

Will I stop it?

Will I save myself?

I feel I'm meant to be this way.

The wind surrounded me.

It kept me from my thoughts,

These thoughts that would have either saved me, or ended me.

Whichever one it could have been, it would have been better than this.

I am not one to criticize others for changing,

Why, then, would I criticize them for changing me?

It made me who I am today,

But as I stand here today, I am but a grain.

Do you see me here?

What am I?

Have I become the thing that destroyed me?

Am I myself?

Am I nothing?

This is what I am.


© Copyright 2018 Alice Dwaino. All rights reserved.

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