Robin. The Tale of a Love Story

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What would you do if in the middle of your perfect life you will meet the one who will rock your world from one side to the other leaving you hanging in the air?

This is the first story I wrote and the first one I wrote in English. I completed it about a year ago and I would love to have your feedback.

Submitted: March 09, 2016

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Submitted: March 09, 2016



She wasn’t gay, none of them for a matter of fact, but both of them drown into an emotions swirl that either of them could control.

She sat on the daybed in her girlfriend library, gazing at the book resting in her hands. It was a while before she opened it, reading the dedication she wrote to her six days after they had met. At this point they didn’t know in which direction their relationship will go. Damn, who even thought of a relationship, both believed that this is no more than a short flirt or a very long ‘one night’ stand.
She flipped the book reading the blurb on the back cover, she bought her this book as a farewell gift that she was not supposed to open before the aircraft departure as she wished to leave her with a memory of the wonderful week that they had. The magical, sweet, strange and well, not really sure ‘what it was week’. 
“For an unforgotten week, maybe one day our path will cross again and I will be yours forever, Love” She read her those words over and over again trying to get her thoughts together. 

Who could imagine that six month from that moment, when her eyes met with hers, that she will be sitting in her library room. Reading a book and sipping from the finest coffee she bought her while she is waiting for her to come back from another shooting day, laying a soft and warm kiss on her lips.

It was six months ago, from that evening that has changed their lives forever and brought them together. She knew who she was, she knew as well as hundreds of thousands of people that followed her famous carrier. She was her fan, more than just a fan but no one knew her secret making sure to hide herself behind her perfect life, with the perfect husband and the perfect child and a perfect career and an unfortunate, unexpected, huge crush on her.


The business trip was very well planned, and that evening she had to join a cocktail party in one of Los Angeles best restaurants loft with her boss and a potential client. She was nervous and tired after spending the day managing the event they came for. She was on her feet the whole day long and all she wanted was to crash into the hotel bed. She debated with herself what would be the best excuse she will use knowing that her boss will not appreciate any of them. She was his deals closers, it will be a done deal as long as she will be sitting at the table, giggling and charming the client with her smile and sharp mind as she has done so many times before.

The host walked them to their table when she spotted her, sitting with her friends. Her heart missed a beat, more than a beat but she wasn’t about to go and ask for an autograph or a picture. She sat to the table and decided not to let her present distract her, or so the wanted to think that she will do.

She gazed at her from time to time, lowering her face every time that their eyes met. She wished that she will have a reason to cross next to her table and that she will suddenly drop her phone right next to her, but nothing like that was going to happen.
It took her a long while before she decided that she couldn’t sit there anymore. She had enough putting on a fake smile and giggle though the evening, playing as her boss wingman. She asked to be excused and headed to the lower level of the bar, where she could kill the time, play Pool for a while and enjoy a strong lifesaving cocktail, maybe even a Flaming Lamborghini, even if its mean that she would play and drink by herself.


She was there with her friends, laughing and enjoying themselves. They came to this loft almost every night during the shooting season and this night could have been the same like every other night for the past four months, but it wasn’t. She spotted her form a distance, it was clear that she is not local. She saw her gazing consistently at her burring her face when their eyes met wishing that she wouldn’t. She liked it, that girl raised her curiosity and she kept spaying on her throughout the evening “If only she would stop burring her face in the floor when our eyes meet” she thought to herself not sure where those thoughts are coming from. She became alert when she saw her leaving the table heading to the lower level. “Oh my God, why am I even bothered by that girl? This is stupid” she told herself trying to confine herself from leaving the table and follow her but she couldn’t. She had to find her, she was eager to know how come she hasn’t approached her yet like, well like everyone else.

As she headed down, her eyes laid on the beautiful girl playing by herself. A blue green cocktail resting on the Billiard table untouched. She eyed her for a short moment and Jeez, she was horrible. Maybe it was the alcohol in her blood but she wasn’t able to get not even one ball to the pockets. As she approached her she noticed that all the other Billiard tables were occupied. “Great” she told herself happily, now it will be less awkward.
“Hi” she said and all she got in return was a dry “Hi”. She didn’t even straighten her gaze towards her, trying to balance the cue. “Hi, I just…” she paused “I just, all the tables are taken and I saw that you are playing alone, I wanted to ask if I could join your game” At that point her face was upright, staring at her, her mouth slightly open, aweing “Yes, yes sure” she stuttered and gazed at her speechless, forming an awkward silence. Eventfully she decided to introduce herself and if only to break the silence. “I’m Nove” she said.

“I know” answered, understanding how stupide her reply was “I mean, you know….” She could feel the heat fleshing her body and transforming her face red, and she smiled back at her with understanding.

“Hi, I am Robin, nice to meet you” she was finally able to say. 

She grabbed a cue and strike the balls one after the other, they played quietly at first but soon enough they couldn’t stop talking. It was her who asked her about her career, about her life, about her childhood. They empty one cocktail after another occasionally mixing between each other drinks as they ordered the same. It was getting late as she was losing the game over and over again the despondent noticeable in her face.

“Hi, stop for a minute” she told her “can I show you something?” she asked and approached her. “Sure, I guess” She answered.
She stood behind her, a little bit taller than her with the five inch pump she was wearing. “Choose a ball” she said, “Now, hold the cue here and bent from your hips” she continued while pushing her toward the table positioning her hand on her lower back and benting with her, behind her. She brushed her hands along her arms creeping until her hands laid on top hers, holding them, both could feel a shivering crossing their bodies and both thought that it is for sure the alcohol. “Now, take a deep breath, look at the ball and hit it” she said. She could feel her breasts cling to her back, she took one deep breath and stopped, pulling herself up, her back still cling against her, and she was not able to move.
“Robin” she could hear her whispering while shifting her so she could see her face. She did not resist, her body is soft as clay. “Robin” she whispered again, pulling her closer as she started kissing her soft warm lips, opening her mouth and yanking the air out of her. She couldn’t resist, not that she wanted to. Her head was dizzy and her body was burning and she kissed her back. Suddenly she pulled back, realized what she just done “not here, I can do it here “They can see me, they are everywhere” she stepped farther back “I know, I wouldn’t want my family to see that either” She replied. She reached to her phone, typing something and handing the phone to her “here, take it, this is my hotel address. Wait fifteen minutes and take a taxi to this address”.

She stormed out of the loft leaving her there. “Will she follow me?” she contested within herself “I should have taken her with me, but if someone will see”.


She waited for fifteen minutes, the bill for the drinks and the game was already paid by her. “What am I doing?” she thought “this is an absolutely madness” she told herself while entering the taxi, providing the driver with the address. She tried not to think about their kiss, she pulled her own phone, looking at her toddler pictures. “Maybe this will throw me back to the realty” she thought, but it didn’t and all she could focus on was their kiss.

When she arrived to the hotel the concierge welcomed her, knowing exactly who she is. He paid the driver and led her to her room. She stood in front of the door, debating if she should knock or turn back and walk away. She wanted to enter so much but all she could think of was her husband and her child, if she will turn around and walk away she could pretended that nothing has ever happened.
She stood there, breathing heavily and when she was about to turn and go, the door opened and she was there, wearing a blue jeans and white tank top looking so pretty, so beautiful. Her curls rested against her strong shoulders and the sweetest a wide grin welcomed her. “Don’t go” she heard her saying grabbing her arm. Willingly she entered into the hotel room not letting herself feel comfortable.
They headed the salon idling next to the minibar. She pour a long shot of Scotch to the glasses “Here, you should have it” she said and gulped down the Scotch. “I’m not gay” she said “neither do I” she replied rising a hand with a round golden band on her ring finger.

“So what do we do here, tell me?”
she shrug and said “I just want to be here with you right now” she tried not to say a thing but the word spited unwillingly out.

She got closer, taking the Scotch out of her hand and placing it on the coffee table. “Can I kiss you?” she asked? She nodded willingly, and a moan split her mouth when she touched her, losing herself in the kiss.
They stood there for a long while tasting each other lips, she wanted more of her, her hands started creeping under her pink blouse, opening her bra and smirking. “Come” she walked her into the bedroom and from there into her bed.


They made love, it was the sweetest, caring and most beautiful love that they have ever had until both passed out, cuddling their bodies through the night.

The morning came and she work up first. She needed to go back to her hotel, to take a shower and put on clean clothes before her demanding day will start. She pulled on her pants quietly grabbing the blouse and her purse when she woke up. she gazed at her ready to leave and said “will you come here after work? Will you?”

She sat on the bed taking her hand and said “Yes I will, I will come right after the event” she kissed her amazing lips again and headed to the door.


As busy as she was she counted the minutes, is was only noon and her body and her soul craved to see her again, her body yearning for her touch. She stood there motionless closing her eyes, trying to concentrate in the visitors but it was almost impossible. She gazed at the floor, forcing herself to put her thoughts in order when she heard a sweet voice calling her name, she straightening her gaze and here she was, standing in front of her and a big grin smudged across her face. “What are you doing here?” she asked.

“I just thought that maybe you would like to join me for lunch, you haven’t eaten yet, have you?” she replied. “No, no I didn’t” she said stuttering as she was so surprised and thrilled and excited to see her, she wanted to pull her as close as she can and buried her face in her neckline so she could sniff her but she had to resist her urge.

“Here” she raised a brown paper bag “let’s go and eat”. They set together, one in front of the other smiling as the lunch bags remain unopened. “I really want to kiss you right know” she said,
“I know, me too but we can’t” she replied. They continue on sitting there, gazing at each other and smiling “Do you know how beautiful you are?” she suddenly said. Her face flashed and she didn’t say anything, she couldn’t even if she wanted, her heartbeats were so string that she was afraid that someone might hear them.
“I have to go back” she said unwillingly, getting up and starching her body. She decided to go and powder her nose before heading back. She stepped into the empty washroom and linger in front of the mirror, fixing her makeup when she felt someone gripping her arm. It was her and before she could say a word she pulled her into one of the stall shutting the door behind them and kissing her passionately, her body soften as she kissed her back yanking each other. They both couldn’t carry the thought of breaking the kiss but she had to return. “I will see you tonight, I will send a driver at six PM” she said to her as both still overwhelmed.
Her legs was shaking, and she stayed in the stall for another minute or two not knowing if she will be able to walk afraid that she will tremble all the way back to the booth. Finally the day was over.


She stepped out of the black car, her head telling her to turn back and leave now but her body and heart pulled her into the hotel, to the 23rd floor and to her room. She knocked on the door and closed her eyes, her stomach churned and she could feel the nausea coming. She opened the door and Robin rushed into the washroom closing the door behind her, she throw up. “I am sorry, I do not think that I can do it” she said knowing that she is standing behind her, watching. “This is wrong, wherever we are doing and I am departing tomorrow afternoon anyway” she continued. She brushed her hair and kissed her forehead as she cleaned her face, “I don’t know what we are doing here but how can it be wrong? I never felt like that before”. She pulled her up, walking her towards the living room. “Please stay, please don’t leave, just for a few days and then we will say goodbye forever if this is what you wish” she whispered. “This is crazy! You don’t know me, it hasn’t been even two days…” She said pausing longer then she expectedbefore she continued “Maybe I will stay, I don’t know why but I will stay with you until the end of the week”.

None of them could understated what was going on, why this little flirt become so instance. They both was very rational and will never let themselves swiped head over feet but it happened and it was different, as if they were two lost souls who found each other.

It was the most incredible five days they could wish for. Spending together every available moment, experiencing love as they have never had before. They made love for hours, admiring each other feminine body and kissing passionately. A lot of soft, warm, tender kisses. They hardly left her hotel room, spending the rest of the time talking about art and poems. She read to her from her favorite books while she created their favorite playlist on YouTube and brushed her long silky hair at the same time. Indeed it was the most incredible week of their lives.

The week was about to be over and the thought of not having her in her life made her heart ache. She couldn't bear the idea of her life without her in them, without her touch, her smell, her beauty. She know how crazy she probably sounds even to herself, but there was nothing she could do about it.

“Don’t leave” she pleaded the evening before. Knowing that this time she had to leave, to go back to her life, to her partner, to her house, to her career. She gave her the book they bought together just a day before, this was her favorite book.

She didn’t wanted to leave, as crazy as it was her heart ached from the thought of not being next to her the next morning. She walked into the plane trying not to show her excitements of the first class seat, the one that she insisted on buying her. She held the book close to her heart letting a single tear to drop on the cover. She will have to forget about her she decided but not before she will read the hand written dedication inside the book. 

The following week was impossible and her heart squeezed in pain. It was unbearable not to answer her phone calls or her text messages but she mustn’t, she needed to get back to her old life, to her partner, to her child.


She had to go to her, to see her, to find her and to take her with her or to stay with her and so she did. She stood in front of door still debating if this is the right thing to do, after all she is not answering her calls or her text messages. The door opened and a tall handsome man stood there, she tried to say something but her words couldn’t find the way out when she saw the little toddler running towards her.
“This is why she had to go back? This is why she is not answering my calls?”  She though.

I know who you are, he said quietly to her face couldn’t hide the surprise.  You can come inside, she will be home soon. You know, as soon as she told me what happened there I know that you will be coming.  Even more overwhelmed by his words she walked into the house whispering “Thank you”.
He hand her the coffee and continue after a long embarrassing silence “But you know, we are, both of us, we are a bundle and if she is going with you I will be coming as well”.

She didn’t mind, not that she listened to any of his words, gazing at the blonde toddler running around the house. 

The door opened and she stood there, looking so impressive and beautiful wearing the same suit she saw her wearing when they met for the first time. She targeted her as soon as she entered the house feeling the burning heat flushing her body again. She thought that she left it all behind her when she left back home. Yes, she cried in the car every day, rewinding in her mind the passing week, how good it was, her touch, her kisses, her love but is wasn’t an option, she couldn’t leave her little toddler and go, she just couldn’t.


Her partner took the little toddler, letting them both the space, she grabbed her pulling her as close as she could to kiss her. She kissed her back for a slight moment and then pushed back “I can’t, I’m sorry” she said with wet eyes. “Yes you can, you must and we can make it work” she said and continued “He said that it is OK, that you will all move together” and she pulled her back into her arms, faces so close and then she kissed her again, this time she gave away completely to her lips, kissing her back, yanking her breath and her body.


She sat in the wide library, flipping the book, then opening the cover and reading the dedication she wrote to her six days after they had met “For an unforgotten week, maybe one day our path will cross again and I will be yours forever, Love Nova”

This past six month were like a dream come true, like a sweet fairy tale, romantic and magical.

She entered the room with a wide grin that grow even wider as soon as she saw her, her blue eyes shining. She stood behind her creeping her hands over her body, hugging her. She slipped next to her on the daybed briefing next to her ear and whispered “I love you” she gazed at her face spotting the tense she was in. “We don’t have to do it, you don’t have to come” she murmured.
“I do want to come, I want to be there for you, with you, I’m not afraid” she replied knowing that tonight is the night that they will tell the world about them. Not a lot of people knew about the two but tonight, when they will step together on the red carpet, holding hands and intertwined fingers and when she will kiss her before she will go on the stage then everyone will know.
They were prepared for this day for weeks, knowing that when they will wake up to the morning after, bundled in each other arms that nothing will be the same again. The knew that the interviewer will ask her about their relationship and that she will simply say that she found the one who changed her world, and that she is deeply, madly, in love with this woman, that she is her happy ending.

© Copyright 2018 Alice J. Vader. All rights reserved.

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