Imagine leaving the hose you grew up in, the sisters you loved and the parents who raised you for a man who you hardly know but can feel yourself falling in love with, This is Jane's story.

This is a little spin off from Jane Austen's pride and prejudiced


She bent to pick up the last bag but Lizzy was already there. Their hands brushed, and in those few seconds they held each others gaze she saw all of her own emotions clearly reflected in her sisters eyes, the hurt and the loss but also the excitement of this new life. Although she would miss the long evenings spent gossipping together or the walks into Merton, there was the prospect of living far away in a beautiful country house with her Mr Bingly and all the finerys she could ever what or need.

Snapping out of her trance Jane straightened up as Lizzy picked up the final case. In silence the girls walked out to the yard to face the small gathering of there family. Mrs Bennett showed no sign of being upset wit her daughter leaving, more likely thinking of how she would boast to old Mrs Lucas at having another daughter married and moving out, Both kitty and Mary look entirely indifferent and almost as board as they had at the wedding kitty most likely due to the fact Mr Bingly was not a red coat and Mary because well no-one knew how Mary felt, she never said anything. the saddest of the group was of course Lizzy as of the five girls she and Jane had been the closest.

Jane's arrival upon the seen caused Mr Bingly to turn his head and positively beam at Jane, in his eyes it was  clear the admiration he felt for Jane. she ran to him and as they embraced Lizzy could not think of a better suitor for her dear sister. Lost in the thoughts of  the happy couple Lizzy didn't notice the carriage had been loaded and Jane was already seated with Bingly at her side. After last waves the carriage drew away and out of the yard. Goodbye for now whispered Lizzy.


Submitted: August 06, 2012

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