Dual by Three

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How to solve conflict. Do we really forgive and forget?

Submitted: March 17, 2014

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Submitted: March 17, 2014



Dual by Three
by Alice MLT

When we are in conflict with others, it is often difficult to try and solve that conflict by simply communicating. Our pride and stubbornness stand in the way. So, instead of working directly with the other person, we look for a solution via others, who may find one that we wouldn’t have thought of ourselves. The poem symbolizes this detour; the two opponents use the game rock, paper, scissors to find a solution for their problem. Moreover, these three objects are known to be in eternal conflict with each other, which is why the title of the piece is ‘dual by three’ and not ‘duel by three’. After all, there are two different battles being fought.



Dual by Three

You there,
you dare
challenge me,
a battle of eternity?

Well then,
young man,
I give thee
a choice, of but one out of three.

Your aid,
the blade?
Then you best
kindly ask the Fates to arrest

the spread
of dead.
Slice apart
paper’s scattered letters of art.

courage and
many sheets by Philyra’s hand.

wrap around.
Forever remain to earth bound.

You’re prone
to stone.
Did you ask
Sisyphus to unleash his task,

Please accost
pivoted blades, two of which crossed.




You there,
you dare
challenge me,
a battle of eternity?

Since old,
stoke the war!
Keep it raging, forevermore!

the threat,
who must beat,
and bathe in enemy’s defeat!

Now shush!
You crush,
I cover?
Or to both cut the chosen lover?

Hold your pose!
Now reveal the weapon you chose.

Your eyes,
when you see
the object of my victory.

We’re done,
I won.
Please don’t pout.
There will be a next time, no doubt.

The end,
my friend,
yet to be.
Rock, paper, scissors? Choice of three.

© Copyright 2019 Alice MLT. All rights reserved.

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