I Can't Believe You

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I wish that the person who I wrote this to would see it.

Submitted: March 15, 2010

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Submitted: March 15, 2010



I can’t believe you,
This is out of control,
You’re so evil,
Your hate has taken its toll,
You can’t face the fact,
That everyone hates you,
You blame everyone else,
But remember it takes two,
You have no one to blame,
You did it to yourself,
But you don’t want to hear it,
Just take some more booze off the shelf,
You keep sparking our tempers,
You keep causing us pain,
It doesn’t matter to you,
From it, you have so much to gain,
You’re so insecure,
That you have to put us down,
Just to make your black heart grin,
And turn your anger around,
You think you’re so perfect,
You think you can do no wrong,
Everyone else is stupid right?
I’ve heard this for so long,
You’re so selfish and mean,
It’s all about you,
Oh, you really don’t care,
What else is new?
You’re unreasonably hateful,
You’re so evil and cold,
Do you enjoy being so abusive?
It’s getting quite old,
You’re unable to understand,
So stuck in your ways,
You don’t care about how you make others feel,
Now we all have to pay,
I don’t think you have a soul,
So unsympathetic and cruel,
You torment those closest to you,
It’s unrelenting and brutal
But most of all,
In this poem to you,
I wanted to say,
That I truly hate you.

© Copyright 2019 Alice Van Zandt. All rights reserved.

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