Just a dot on earth

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An old ladys experience of the care given by the nurses in her darkest hour.

Submitted: August 25, 2010

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Submitted: August 25, 2010



Help me Help me,

The old lady said,

You are a nurse i take it,

I had an accident in the bed.

I am too week to press this buzzer,

That you forced into my hand,

If i didn't know any better,

I'd think this is what you had planned.

So you wouldn't have to care for me,

Then you would get your break,

How invisible i do feel,

For bloody goodness sake

My family come to visit me,

At this prison that i am in,

They see how i am invisible,

Surely this is a sin,

To leave a frail old lady like me,

To sit here all alone,

I've given up bothering anymore,

As if i do i just hear them moan.

Is this not what they get paid for?

To look after those like me,

To try their best without protest to give me my dignity,

Obviously not,

I may be old,

But stupid i am not,

I know that in this big wide world i am nothing but a dot.

Another life coming to an end,

Without a nurse or even a friend.

They used to give me a lollypops,

When i had been a brave girl,

Now my biggest fear is here,

I'm all alone in this world.

'I'm really scared', i want to say but don't have the energy to speak,

Very, very quickly now i feel myself go weak,

The nurses are still nowhere to be seen,

My heart knows this is the end,

Oh the peace it would give me now,

Just to be held by a friend.

I gasp and choke,

But  no one hears,

The tears are burning my eyes,

I take my last breath,

Float above my body and see,

The nurses finally coming to me.

But i am gone now,

It's too late,

I guess this is what they call fate,

I meet my dearest Ronnie now,

I've waited for so long,

I finally get my didnity back,

At last i again feel strong.

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