My Friend The Bunny

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Lourdes is a College Student, bored, she goes out to have a good time at a club, but there she meets Natalie. I had no idea where to put it so I dumped it in Romance, because there is a bit of Romantic tensions - if I'm tottaly honest. Bear with since it's my first ^_^ and I write it so you could just get a taste of my writing before I get serious. It's not perfect but enjoy!

Submitted: April 20, 2011

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Submitted: April 20, 2011



I slammed the door shut behind me, relieved my college lecture with Professor Kochman was finally over. I swear I would have killed myself if it took any longer, the only thing keeping me sane, was the guy who sat next to me was secretly listening to his iPod, and I could slightly hear the music he was listening to.

I walked towards the kitchen to get something to drink, but my attention was suddenly caught by a bright yellow post-it note on the refrigerator, it read; "GONE OUT TO AN ENGAGEMENT PARTY WITH DAISY, LUV MINDZ". I laughed holding the note closer to my eyes. Mindy was my very wild roommate, butter could melt on her tongue if you saw her face, but she is a party animal inside. I could imagine the trouble she would cause at her sister, Daisy's engagement party.

I opened the soda and gulped it down, as I watched the television. A thought rushed through my head as I grinned. If Mindi is out having fun, why cannot I? My grin enlarged and I continued watching the T.V until the program finished. As soon as it did, I raced upstairs to get ready for a good time.

It was around eight when I left the apartment, the sun was setting staining the sky an orangy-pink as the warm April breeze caressed my skin. I had no idea where I was going, but I followed a group of girls dressed similarly to me (short skirts, heels and tight shirts), hoping they weren't going anywhere wild. If I had to admit it, I was dressed like a slut so there was a high chance the place they were going to would be wild. A couple of minutes later, I reached a club called the "Sphinx", it had flashing lights on the outside and a great neon picture of a cat-man hybrid creature. I entered it with my fingers crossed. The club had loud bellowing music, it was very bright for a club and I could see clearly where I was going. A couple of people were dancing on the dance floor in the corner and some where just hanging around in the bar.

I walked over to the bar and sat myself next to a girl, who looked about 16 to be honest. She had long dirty blond hair and stunning olive green eyes, but what was weird about her was she was dressed as a playboy bunny. Her face, cupped in her right hand looked bored, almost lost, but she still managed to look breathtakingly beautiful.

"Hey" I said hoping she would notice me. The girl looked up and smiled wryly at me. There was a short pause. "The music is very loud, huh?" I quickly laughed to break the silence.

"You sound like a virgin" She mumbled. "I meant to say - you sound like its your first time in a club, right?" She said as soon she saw my expression.

"Yeah, you've been here before?"

"Mmmhmm, but it's my friend Lucy, over there who drags me here. I hate every single moment" She sighs pointing at a drunk girl with dark auburn hair. I give her a sympathetic smile. We continued to talk, mainly about our favorite stuff. The girl was into psychological thriller movies, and old school 90's hip hop music, where I was more into lush romantic films and indie music, but we both seemed to get along. I found out she just turned 18, and I told her I would be turning 19 in the summer, so age difference would not be a problem.

"Do you want to go somewhere else, with me? I'm Lourdes, by the way" I suddenly say.

"That would be awesome! I'm Natalie" The girl chirrups. I finally get to see a genuine smile on her face. We both step off our stools, and head towards the exit. I've never been attracted to girls it's been men all my life, but there was something about Natalie that made me "love" her. Maybe I was lusting, but I could surely tell this was a start of a beautiful friendship.

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