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I used to hate myself.

Submitted: December 09, 2011

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Submitted: December 09, 2011



thats another thing, im becoming more okay with myself, i dont fear what someone thinks of me anymore, and i dont fear *too terribly much * how i look anymore, i mean considering not too long ago i was in double digit pants, and hated how i look, now im single digit, have curves and i am beautiful. i think the people who say girls who are thicker arent as beautiful or arent beautiful at all are just jealous, they know that men dont want a bag of bones, boys want that. men want women, and real women have curves, and have body. so my hair isnt the longest, and my waist isnt the skinniest, i have marks, and i may be a little overweight, but i can change all of that if i wanted. i have a beautiful, amazing, and unique personality, and thats what ultimately determines beautiful, if you have a pretty face but an ugly personality then thats what you are… ugly. theres a difference between being confident and knowing youre beautiful, and being cocky and thinking youre gods gift to earth. 

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