Battle of Betrayal

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I am not very normal, I never have been. He made me feel normal. He was everything to me and I though I was everything to him. I never thought it would happen. It was the last thing I expected. But How is anyone supposed to expect their boyfriend to secretly be an evil spy who wants to take over the world. I know it all sounds a bit stupid and unrealistic. But here I am facing the man I love, preparing to fight in a battle against him.

Submitted: January 10, 2013

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Submitted: January 10, 2013



I looked at the man I loved. Hot tears welled up in my eyes, I tried to hold them back but they were to determined to spill down my cheeks. I didn't bother brushing them away, He had already seen them. At the sight of my glistening eyes his face twisted into an evil smile. I looked at him with as much hatred as possible, even though i didn't really hate him. I should hate him. I should want to run him through with the small silver dagger I held in my hand, but I didnt want to do that at all. After all he had put me through, I should loathe him more than anything else in the world but I didn't. This infuriated me the most, this would be so much easier if I hated him. Why did I have to be in love with him. Out of all the people in the world, I had to go for the cruel, murdering, lying git. To be fair when I first met him he was charming, kind and funny. But it was all a huge act in order to get me to fall in love with him. Everything was just too perfect. He was the perfect boyfriend, so loyal and caring. Always interested in what I had to say. Always keen to compliment me. Always there. Always. And now i was on one side of the field and he was on the other. I looked left and right and saw the others looking nervous but determined. Kerry stood beside me gripped her dagger tightly, biting her lip and staring straight ahead of her. Freddie stood on the other side of me, he gave me a small reasuring smile and ran his fingers through his wavey blonde hair nervously. I then glanced all around me, I saw lots of familiar faces looking grim and determined, ready to attack. We were standing in rows, me, Kerry and Freddie on the front row facing a group of people wearing grey and white. We were in a large open field completly isolated. Both sides stood poised ready for battle. I looked at the sea of grey and white, immediatly spotting him. He was still looking at me. It had all been a big game for him. He didn't care about me. He had cleverly made me fall in love with him, just to get what he wanted. He knew I was different before he even met me. He lead a group of people, called the seekers.I know it seems a bit farfetched but the aim of thier group was to take over the world. They decided to use me to do this. Now would pobably me a good time to mention that I am a bit wierd. even when I was little I wasn't quite right. It would freak my mother out how I could predict something five seconds before it happened. When I got older the dreams and visions started. I was too scared to tell anyone but somehow an organisation called AS (it stands for Against Seekers) found me and explained everything. Apparantly I had mutant genes or something like that, which makes me have wierd visions of the future. The seekers also found out about me and thought I would be use to them but AS protected me. I joined AS after a while, hoping to be of help to them and met kerry and Freddie. When the seekers realised they couldn't trick me into working for them, they sent there best agent out. I first met him in the cafe i worked in. It was a busy day, the cafe was filled and I was dead on my feet.

"next please" I sighed seeing the queue strech out of the door and down the road. Then a tall, good looking man with jet black stepped forward, smiling. I smiled back suddenly not feeling tired and grumpy. As I made his coffee and he chatted to me confidentially. I gave him his coffee, he payed me and then left. I thought nothing of it. But them he came again the next day, He told me he had recently got a job dow here and that he needed a coffee day to stay sane. He came in everyday at about 2pm, obviously I always made sure i was serving at about 1:50pm, just incase he came early. I looked forward to our brief conversations and grew to really like him. His name was Billy and he was 24,a year older than me. One day after work, I stepped out into the chilly winter air and saw him leaning caually against a wall as if he was waiting for something. His eyes lit up when I saw me and he wandered over to me, we walked down the road together. He asked me about work and we chatted happily for a few minutes, Then he stopped abruptly under a street lamp. Suprised I stopped too and looked at him. I remeber the look on his face so clearly, how could it of been fake? His soft brown eyes were looking deeply into mine and his mouth was in a sort of half smile. Then he asked me to dinner and from then onwards we were dating. Things started of slow but I couldn't help showing him off to my friends and family. He was just so perfect. I blinked out of my trance and remebered where I was. The leader of AS Hamish Knight, stood forward. All eyes were fixed on him as he spoke in a low booming voice

" We have tried to settle this in a civilized, peacfull way, but you levae us with no choice".

A high cackle of laughter eminated clearly from the mass of grey and white. A tall thin woman stepped forward, still laughing evily,

" You really think you are going to win Knight? Look at your numbers and then look at ours, you really have no chance". At her words, other laughs echoed from the seekers. The women continued,

"Just Give us the girl and it doesnt need to come to a brutal batle".

I shifted uncomfotable glueing my eyes to muddy ground, feeling everyone's eyes on me. When I glanced up, Billy was still staring at me. He looked impatent to start the battle. I knew he would go straight for me. He didnt want to kill me, none of them wanted that. They Just wanted to capture me, so I could pedict the future for them. Hamish Looked angry, he growled a simple,

"NO" in reply.

The woman shrugged her shoulders and screamed at her oldiers

"Attack". The sea of greay and white charged towards us.

"Attack" roared Hamish. And then we were running. Fear flashed through me. We were getting closer and closer to the deadly seekers. Freddie called out to me,

"Dont get caught, try and stay on the sidelines"

"yeah right" iIsaid saracstically. Even though I was terrified of getting caught, There was no chance I was going to hide and watch my freinds risking their lives. It took alot of persuasion and stubborness to get Hamish to agree with me. Closer and closer. A few feet away. Then they were upon us. I was fighting harder than I ever had in my life. The AS trained me up and I put all my skills into staying alive. People were falling all around me. I hated having to kill people, it felt wrong, unatural. But I couldn't help defending myself and I had no choice. I had no idea how long the battle had been going on for. There were shouts and cries in the air. Everywhere was a chaotic muddle of fighting. The muddy ground was strewn with bodies. The whole thing felt like a blur of terror. I had a deep slash on my hip but was otherwise unhurt. Then I saw Billy he was running straight at me. I gasped, not sure what to do. I had just stuck my knife into a seekers side. I pulled it out quickly and got ready to fight with him. I had to forget that I love him. I had to push this little fact to the back of my mind. I had to convince myself that Billy was not who I thought he was. He didnt love me. He just wanted me for his grand plan. He lied. He cheated. He hurt me.he reached me and we started fighting. As we punched, kicked and dodged, he hissed,

"You miss me?" I made a noise of disgust, I knocked his knife out of his hand and thrust my knife into his arm. He cried out in pain, and I faultered. Seeing him double over in anguish, made me realise that I didn't want to hurt him. iIdropped my knife arm to my side and stepped towards him,

"Are you okay" I whispered. Suddenly he straightened up, kicked my knife out of my hand and onto the ground. Then he gripped my shoulders painfully and slammed me onto the muddy grass. He stood over me and sneered,

"You're weak". I tried to struggle up but he stamped down on my leg violently. I heard the crunch of a bone breaking and felt unbearble pain. I couldnt stop myself from screaming out in pain. He knelt down beside me

"You're mine now, no more pretending". I looked into his eyes, they were no longer the soft, loving eyes I used to know so well, but cold, hard and pityless. I knew a part of me would love Billy forever. But that part of me would love the man he was, even if it was an act it was still love for me. But I did not love this disgusting, evil man. I hated him with every bone in my body.

"I hate you" I said in a suprisingly steady voice, noiticing my knife about a metre away lying on the floor. There was so much obvious loathing in my voice, that Billy looked suprised for about half a second. I leapt on the oppertunity, even though my leg still hurt very much, I managed sit up. He tried to stop me but I grabbed the knife. Now I had the power, he had no weapon and I had the knife. I took a deep breath and plunged the knife into his heart.

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