Cut to the Vein

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its about cutting.... a lot of people might hate this but.... if you do please don't hate comment

Submitted: May 12, 2012

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Submitted: May 12, 2012




Cut to the vein

Dagger to the heart

Gun shot to the brain

Rope for the neck

Pill to stop the pain

And a dozen more the next day


You don’t want to breath,

Yet you keep breathing.

You want to die

Yet you keep living

Your want your cold dead body on the floor

With a knife that just sliced up your neck.

But when you get the opportunity

You don’t take it

You leave it


You have no expectations

Your told everything will be okay

But you end up drowning in your own tears

Cutting your own veins


The fake smile you make

Every time your friends laugh

The real tears you feel on your face

When your in the dark alone

With no help at all


And then feel like dying the next day

And until you finally succeed

With blood on the floor

and your veins destroyed by your own shame.

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