Reality Blurred Dream: Part 2.

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A story about two children, eventually adults. Living 2,000 miles away yet the best of friends, only knowing each other in a shared dream.

Second of Two Parts.

It's not the best, and this is only a rough draft.. Let me know you're thoughts though?

Submitted: September 02, 2012

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Submitted: September 02, 2012



A knock on the door made him almost jump out of his skin. He rushed to the door, flinging it open. Julia stood there with a basket of food, she wore a very low V-neck and she had a simpering smile on her face.

“Look Matty.. I’m sorry... Can we talk this over.. I love you babe, I miss you.. I want you back. I promise I won’t throw your shit around again and flirt with the other co-workers.. Okay?” She pushed her way past him looking around the apartment.

“Who were you talking to? And you look like crap? Why in the world were you crying?” She sounded disgusted by his red eyes and silence. “Here, have a beer.”

Matt shook his head at her, she was pretty and fun to be with, but she really didn’t care about him. She more cared about the title he could offer her and the security of a relationship. She never listened, not like. Not like Emma did.

“No thanks, I’m not interested. You’re forgiven, but we aren’t getting back together Julia.” She stared in disbelief at him.

“Wha-What? Why not? Why? Someone else? Someone prettier? Well I swear.. You’ll regret this. I like Ethan better anyways! Thanks for nothing! You're the worst ex ever!” She slammed the door shut on her way out.

Matt slid down the wall to sit on the floor, staring at the wall for a long time. “I’m sorry Matt..” His head shot up.

“Emma.. I’m the sorry one.. I promised I wouldn’t do this.. Ignore you.. And stop talking to you.. And.. I meant it when I said I love you.. Julia.. She... She was.. Real in the flesh.. But.. She is so fake... She will never be as real as you.. And.. Emma... You're gorgeous.. I hope you know that...”

Her soft laughter was like music to his ears. “I forgive you.. And.. Thanks.. I haven’t really seen myself lately.. So.. No.. I wouldn’t know that.. And.. I love you too... You have always been my best friend.. And.. So much more...” Matt stood up suddenly.

“Emma, I’m not gonna let you go.” With that he swept out the door.

At the hospital he rushed to Emma’s room. He was glad to find it empty, he sank down next to her, taking her hand in his he stared at his face. Part of him was hoping that, just by being there she would open her eyes.

He wasn’t sure how long he sat there, but the next thing he knew he was in the meadow. He ran the familiar path to the cabin.

“Emma! Emma where are?” The only reply he got was Sadie and Boomer bounding with worried barks from inside the house. They gave desperate barks pacing all around him. Their actions were enough to send Matt rushing in a frenzy to the house.

Emma wasn’t on the ground floor, taking the stairs two at a time he leaped upstairs. And there she lay, motionless and pale on the bed. He took shaking steps to her side, slipping down onto his knees at the side of her bed. “Emma, no.. Emma.. Wake up.. Please.. Wake up.. Look at me.. Look at me Emma!” She didn’t even stir.

Sadie jumped onto the bed and dropped down next to her, laying her head on Emma’s stomache with a depressed sigh. Bumi sat next to Matt and gave a little worried whimper, staring at Matt with one blue and one brown demanding pathetic eye. He seemed to be ordering him to do something to help Emma.

“I don’t know what I CAN do Bumi.. I’m not a doctor..” Matt sat there for a long while, depressed and hopeless. Unsure of what the answer was. He wasn’t sure what exactly came over him, but as he sat staring at Emma’s beautiful face, taking in everything, without thinking he leaned over her, his face nearing hers.

She smelled sweet, like vanilla and berries, with a fresh wild scent. He was faintly aware of his heart rate speeding up, of the flush creeping into his cheeks. He lowered his face the last inch to hers, closing his eyes as he did so.

Her lips were warm and soft, she tasted sweet and innocent. He leaned away opening his eyes, his heart took a leap as he realized he was no longer asleep, as some point he had leaned over Emma’s hospital bed and kissed the real her.

He felt a little ashamed of himself, but the feel of her lips burned on his own. He felt a soft pressure in his hand, his eyes searched for his own hand, Emma’s finders were entwined in his own, she had squeezed his hand.

It took a moment to realize what just happened, but before he could fully grasp what happened her heart rate machine started beeping, his eyes stared at it, her heart rate had risen. He looked to Emma feeling extra slow as he put all the pieces together, gorgeous deephazel eyes met his own as he looked down at her, a soft smile traced her lips, and again she squeezed his hand with her own.

His heart leaped into his throat at the sight of her breathtaking eyes. “Emma! You’re awake?” She gave a gentle nod.

Then a nurse rushed in. Upon the seeing Emma awake she gasped and moved to Emma’s side, asking a thousand questions which she patiently answered. The nurse rang for a doctor and the Ray family.

The next hour zipped by, the Rays showed up and there was much trying and laughter, nurses and doctors streamed in and out. Other then being weak from laying in bed for twelve years Emma was okay. She would need to take it slow, re-learn how to walk, eat, talk, move, basic functions.

After that hour Isaac pulled Matt aside, and took him by surprise by giving him a hug. “I don’t know what you did.. But thank you...” Matt smiled at Isaac and they both silently moved back to Emma’s side, where she gave them both a bright smile.

Emma and Matt sat hand in hand on a park bench, enjoying the warm sunlight. Emma leaned sideways and rested her head on Matt’s shoulder.

“You know.. It’s been fourteen years since we met.” She was smiling off into the distance, with by then that familiar thoughtful look.

Matt nodded, it had been just over two years since Emma woke up, they had been together since, and Matt had just gotten back from a meeting with Emma’s parents.

“Em.. I got something to ask you....” She sat up snapping back to reality. She looked at Matt with worried eyes, he had gone stiff and uncomfortable. “What is it? What’s wrong Matt?” He moved away from her a little. Nervously playing with his hands.

“I went to see your parents today. Sorry, I know I said I was working on a story on the other side of town. But.. I asked them.. And.. They.. Said yes.. I also asked Isaac.. He said yeah too.. Now.. I just gotta ask you.. Emma...”

She was examining him with worried eyes, he never acted like this. “Yeah Matt? What is it?” He moved from the bench and her side onto the path in front of her, kneeling down he pulled out a small box.

“Emma Sophia Ray..” He took a shaking breath. “Will you marry me?” Emma sat there staring at him for a moment before launching herself off the bench and into his arms.

Suppressing tears of joy she answered his question. “Matthew Gavin Braid.. I would be a fool to say no to the man of my dreams. I love you.. Of course..” They both laughed with sheer joy of the pulled apart from their hug. Matt gently took Emma’s face in his hands of brought her in for a long kiss.

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