Dear Scarlett

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A story about a war. i have no idea which one!!! give me a comment as to which one it should be!By the way, this book only has three chapters, but I just COULDN'T make it a short story, because it is about my best friends' family, and because I wanted to have space to breathe.

Submitted: July 17, 2012

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Submitted: July 17, 2012



''Miz Goldberg?'' ,  one of the nurses called. I wasn't exactly sure which. ''Yes?'' , I answered. ''We' ve got more for you.''. ''Ok, bring them in.''.I said. The soldiers came in, on cots if they werent good enough to walk. Heatstroke, shell explosion, gunshot, it didnt matter the cause, because they were all bruised, bloody, and broken.I called out, ''Hello, I'm  Scarlett Goldberg, and I'll be taking care of all of you.And trust me, under my watch, you'll ALL be going home to your families.You just wait and see, okay?'' .I gave them all water and rolls, and trying my best to be cheery, tended to the major problems.So while I was doing that,  I saw one young man in the corner I had missed. And he looked pretty badly hurt, too. I rushed over. '' Here, drink. I didn't see you back here!'' ''Don't worry about it.'' He sipped his water then coughed a bit.'' By the way, I'm Sam.'' He says. I brushed his damp but allready dark brown hair away from his face, only to reveal emerald eyes.''Okay, '' , I say softly, '' Lets have a look at your wounds.'' ''Left leg, shoulder, and chest.'' , he answers. I look at his chest first. He has a burn there, and I ice it quickly. Then the shoulder. He got shot once, maybe twice.Typical. ''Okay, I'm going to have to take the bullet out''. , I say. Once I do, he winces,  but doesn't try to move.Once I get it out, I realise  Sam, sitting in front of me with his eyes shut and his jaw clenched, is my age.I bandage the shoulder tightly and lean down. ''Hey, its over. You can open your eyes.'' I whisper to him. Then I see his dark green irises. I take a step back, so I am still on his level.Then I look at his leg, and even being a nurse, I am not prepared for what I see.

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