Dear Scarlett: Chapter Four

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CHAPTER FOUR!!!!okay, so if this is your first time reading one of these, go to Dear Scarlett , then chapters 2 and 3!By the way, the disease in the story is real, and can have life threatening effects.

Submitted: December 16, 2012

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Submitted: December 16, 2012



 I manage to not let Sam hit the ground.My nurses came in and did a full analysis.I just sat in a corner crying.I couldnt do anything.Sam was already in critical condition, and if he could survive, the chances were slim.I looked at Sam, unconcious on the table.But then I noticed something.Even though he was out cold, he was flushed.Then it hit me.I ran over to him and checked his pulse.It was rapid, and he was at about 104 degrees, but he wasn't sweating.Heatstroke.Of course!I asked the girls to get as many cloths as possible and a bucket of cold water.I smoothed the towel over his skin, and dipped it in the cold water periodically.His eyelids fluttered and I ased the nurses for more cold water.They left to get it, leaving me with Sam.I looked into his eyes, still bright green even in his condition.He groaned softly."Do you have a headache?", I asked."Yeah.But maybe if I just walk it off..."He tries to get out, to get under the sun, but I stop him."You're confused.Just stay here, with me, okay?", I whisper, spve youeaking softly as not to make his head hurt worse.He looked at me, finally said, "mm.", and curled up next to me and I sponged his face.After another five minutes, the nurses came.They were going to take him to the creek to soak him.We went to the creek, but it took a while, and Sam was looking worse."Hey!Where are you taking me?Where are we?Sam stood to the side of the creek and stared at the water suspiciously."They're just trying to help, Sam.We've got to cool you down, ok?" He seemed to loosen up at the sound of my voice.He climbed into the creek.The nurses weren't sure if he was in the beginning  stage of hypervolemic shock.They took his temperature though, and he was at 101 after a few minutes.We stayed until he was at about normal with a few of the symptoms still lingering, and walked back.


Sam was being re-instated into the army.I thought after his medical discharge he couldn't get back in, that there wasn't even a chance, but I was wrong.He was taking a train that day to the base, and I would never see him again.We took a buggy to a nearby town. ''We'll write letters.", he said."I'll see you again someday." "But what if..what if...", I began."That's not going to happen.", he said firmly, and pulled me closer to him.He took my hand and kneeled a bit to get to my height as we got to the station."You don't say goodbye, you say see you later, because it takes away the pain of letting go.", he recites."So, I'll see you later, Scarlett." He kisses my cheek and he's gone.But not before I get out ,  "I love you."I hear him echo them back to me as he's swept away by the crowd.I thought those would be my last words to him.

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