Dear Scarlett- Chapter Two

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Dear Scarlett, Chapter Two!!!! Yay!If you havent read it, see Dear Scarlett! By the way, All the names are fake. Thx!!!! All the credit goes to my dear friends and their family history!

Submitted: July 17, 2012

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Submitted: July 17, 2012



I am staring at a deep gash from knee to ankle, covered with blood, pus, dust, and worst of all, the stench of festering flesh.I look up at Sam to see his face is flushed, the loss of blood and the heat of the sun has disguised the fact that he's red and burning with fever.I test his forehead. Hot as a coal stove. ''That bad, huh?'' He's been watching my expression closely. '' Uh, I've seen worse..'' I answer.''Ok, we have to get to the other side of the hospital.''. We were roughly about 100 feet away. The moment he puts pressure on his leg, he turns pale.''Come on, Sam, you can do this.'' I say.He leans on me and we do it, but by that time, he's paper white and just about ready to black out. I push his head between his knees and run my fingers through his hair."Ok, now you can't stay there for too long,so come up, easy now..." I say. You can only  stay in that position for so long, because the blood goes to your head, and you feel dizzy.So I help him out of it, and he sits next to me as I blot the gash.After it is clean, I can see just how deep he got cut. Right down to the bone.I go to the medicine cabinet and find feverfew, then I make tea.I come back and give him some, and he sips it and rests his head on my shoulder, staring out into the distance as I wrap the bandages on his leg as tight as I dare.Then I look up at his emerald eyes as he slowly weaves his fingers into mine, and somehow, my lips find his.

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