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Eli and Summer have a fight, but little does Summer know it was over Eli's biggest secret.If you read, please leave a comment with feedback or something.You dont have to even like it!!!!

Submitted: December 07, 2012

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Submitted: December 07, 2012



Summer's POV- Eli and I got into a fight.It was pretty gory, even though  I cant even remember what we fought about now...Oh, wait.Now I remember.I wanted to stay at his house, because...I guss things hadn't been going so well at home.l remebered that Eli said that he would be there for me, and I had nowhere else to go, so I went to him.His exact words were, "You know I want to, Summ, but..I just can't." I asked him ,a little bit confused, "Why not?" When he sighs, i snap, "What?It's not like we're going to be sleeping together or something!" he replies with the exact tone I had used, "Look, Summer!I'm sorry, but I cant just let you run away from home like that!!!!".I yelled something about how he never keeps his promises and that maybe it just wasn't meant to be and storm off into the snow, him looking petrified at my back.

Eli's POV- I can't believe she ran off like that!!!! What was she thinking?She wasn't even watching the road!I invite over my friend J and we talk about our crazy girlfriends.(J just got in a fight with his girl, Bethany, recently.)I tell him about the fight after we talk comics, and his voice gets low."Dude...you're  going to have to tell her eventually, you know." I cringe and reply, "Yea.Just not yet." But I know the truth.I have to tell Summer.

Summers POV- I get a text from Eli, saying (and I QUOTE,), "Hey, Summer.I know I acted like a jerk, BIG TIME.I want to talk to you, though.I'll tell you why I didn't let you in.Meet me at the park, by the skii slope. -E". At first I thought, "meet my ass!!!!!", but then I thought , "Okay, but i will give him a tiny cold shoulder.", because I loved him.

Eli's POV- I am waiting for Summ as she comes to the park.She's wearing a jacket I gave her, but I can see it's not enough to sheild her from the immense cold, because she's shivering.I tell her the heater is on in my car, and she agrees to come with me on a drive.I put her hand in mine to warm it up, and we start to drive.I come to an intersection, park in an alley, lean back into the seat, and get out, "This is where I killed my girlfriend."

Summer's POV-I stare in shock.I manage to squeak, "You...killed her?"he takes a breath that sounds like it causes him physical pain, and begins his story."I had a girlfriend.Ivy...was her name.She and I had a fight, too.She ran off, didnt come home....and she froze.I didn't stop her.She was gone without saying goodbye.My last words to her were, '"Stop ruining my life.'' And then she froze to death." He stops talking. His head is bowed.He's trying to hide it, but can tell he's crying."Just...d-dont leave me, okay?Don't slip away like.... like she did.", he whispers.I lean his head on my shoulder,run my fingers through his hair, and take his hand in mine.that says what my lips can't.'I won't.I promise.'

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