The Leader of the Pack

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For a song lyric contest!!!Based off of The Shangri Las 'Leader of the Pack.'Enjoy!

Submitted: June 13, 2013

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Submitted: June 13, 2013



Betty walked into school dressed in black, a ring on her finger.She looked so gloomy and depressed, she could've been mistaken for a shadow.Honey McQueen and The Bees, rulers of the school, watched her from their special lunch bench.\"So, Honey, who should we shoot down today?\", one of the Bees asked, asking permission more than questioning.Honey locked her eyes on Betty.\"Making fun of her will be easy to do.We just gotta get the dirt on her.What do you got, Tara?\".Tara looked at her shoes.\"Well, her boyfriend died last week.\".\"Really?\"\"No kidding!\"\"Poor girl...\".Just then, the whole group was drowned out by one word.\"PERFECT.\"This word was shouted by Honey, who was pleased with the discovery.\"We just gotta play stupid.Come on.\". She signaled three of her minions, and they all crossed to Betty.In her most dripping-with-honey voice, she asked, \"Betty, is that JIMMY'S ring you're wearing?\"Betty looked down.\"Mm-hmm.\"Honey smiled innocently.Now it was time to play dumb.\"Gee, it must be great riding with him.Is he picking you up today?\"Betty looked at them, confused.But then she decided To save herself from the embarrassment.\"Uhuh.\". Honey smiled yet again.\"BTW, where'd you meet him?\"Betty suddenly looked dreamy, remembering.\"He was always the best out of his friends at school.The leader of the pack.I met him at the candy store....\"

I was walking through the Berman's Sweets next door.My little sister had wanted gumdrops, and they were on sale for 50 cents a pound.So I was just looking sideways and walking, when I bumped into someone and fell.My gumdrops spilled all over the floor.Suddenly I saw who I bumped into.He smiled.Gee, he had a nice smile.As he bought me some new gumdrops, apologized, and walked me home, I learned his name, and realized I was falling for him.We soon started dating, and it was a dream come true.He gave me his ring!Now my parents were always putting him down.Just because he was a downtown guy and we were more uptown didn't mean they had any right to discriminate him! One day, my father told me I couldn't see him anymore.We had a huge argument, and he won.I had to approach Jimmy.\"Hey, beautiful.\", he said.He approached me with flowers and his motorcycle.I broke the news in tears.He looked at me in shock.\"But...why?\",he asked.I couldn't answer.He took me in his arms, and kept me there.It was the longest night of my life....but all nights must end.He gave me a sad smile, his eyes barely concealing the tears in them.He kissed me goodbye and rode off, but it was only then I realized... There was a huge truck coming towards him.A dump truck.Whether he heard my pleas to watch out, I'll never know.Jimmy died that day, he got run over and it cracked his skull.I was forced to watch.Ill never forget him.....The leader of the pack. That day Honey and the Bees walked away changed.They never picked on anyone ever again.

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