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A world driven to insanity--psycho killers lurk at every corner, not one is safe from the destruction. One couple differs from the psychopathic nature of the others. But what could a single couple do in a twisted world of chaos?

Submitted: May 18, 2014

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Submitted: May 18, 2014



Centuries after the crumble of America’s government, everyone holds freedom in their choices and actions. They weren’t only free to do what they wished. They were free to break the law. Citizens were free to fight and even kill each other. Mothers were free to murder their children. All this was due to the world being overrun by psychopaths.

Some things were definitely wrong. Mothers eating their helpless children because they’re hungry. Children killing their mothers because they didn’t get what they want. And it was during these difficult times that Adam and Eve married. Eve was an innocent and helpless girl. She had no memories of her past and was constantly crying due to fear. Adam, on the other hand, was a large brutal man who only showed kindness to Eve. He destroyed anyone of anything that stood in his way -- until he met Eve.

One day, Adam returned home from a killing spree and saw Eve crying by the door. He rushed up to her, kneeled down, and asked, “Dear, what’s wrong? Who made you cry? I’ll go kill them right now.” Adam rose to his feet muttering, “Damn, who’s the bitch that made you cry? I’m gonna rip out their guts and feed it to the dogs!”

However, as soon as he turned around to leave, Eve grabbed his sleeve and started wailing like a baby. Adam’s expression softened, “Please don’t cry. You know I can’t do anything when you cry like that.” He hugged Eve, embracing her in his arms until she calmed her heart and her tears stopped flowing.

Eve looked up at Adam with her eyes still wet from her tears and begged, “Please kill me.”


The truth is, while Adam was gone, Eve decided to go grocery shopping so she could buy the ingredients for that night’s dinner. However, going out into a world of psychopaths was not a good idea. Especially for someone as pure as Eve. The first thing she saw was a man beating the guts out of his wife. However, Eve dealt with that gracefully by thinking to herself, There’s no way Adam will do that to me. No way. But on the way to the supermarket, Eve saw a little girl, no more than the age of five, crying by the edge of the road. Eve, with her kind heart, knelt down next to the little girl and asked, “What’s your name? Why are you crying?”

The little girl looked at Eve, blinking away her tears and stuttered, “R-rose. I can’t find Mommy,”

Eve smiled and replied, “Don’t worry Rose. Lets find her together.” Eve took Rose’s hand and led her into the busy streets.

Suddenly Rose’s face lit up. “Look!” she cried, “There’s Mommy! Mommy!”

A woman with bandages on her arms turned around. Her facial expression changed from surprise to pure hatred. She rushed towards Rose and kicked her. “You worthless child!” she shouted. “Get out of my sight! You can go to hell for all I care!”

Surprisingly, Rose smiled. “Mommy, hitting people is bad,” Rose whispered. And out of nowhere, Rose pulled out a knife and stabbed her mother through the stomach. Her mother’s body crumpled and sank into a pile on the ground. “If you’re mean, you die. Isn’t that what you taught me?” Licking the bloody knife, Rose turned towards Eve. “What? Do you want to die, too?”

The next thing Eve knew, she was running for her life. No more, she thought. I don’t want to live anymore. Someone as innocent as Eve could no longer stand living in this dark and tainted world anymore.


Adam stared, speechless. When he regained his voice, he stuttered, “B-but,” even though his darling was asking him for something, he couldn’t kill his wife. “I-I...” and his voice died off. Looking at Eve’s quivering body and clouded eyes, he could tell Eve was serious. Eve wanted to die. Adam took a deep breath and whispered, “I’m sorry,” and he stabbed Eve through the heart. With his tears pouring down his cheeks, he smiled a crooked smile and said to nobody in general, “Maybe it’s better this way.” With these final words, Adam picked up the fallen knife and held it high above his head. He took a deep breath and drove the knife straight through his heart.

For months, no one would find the bodies of this loving couple. And more couples like this are yet to come.

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