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I was thinking what The song was exactly talking about .
so we discussed it in youth group . and this is exactly how i think of it . hope you enjoy

Submitted: February 02, 2014

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Submitted: February 02, 2014



Imagine Dragons - Demons . 


The song Demons is talking about a guy who has done bad in his life . He's had a past that he's ashamed of . 

Then there is a girl , Who he really likes , but he always pushes her away from all the bad . He thinks that he will influence her into the things that he does that are the bad and not the good . Little does he know that she probably feels the same way that he does  . He wants to show her and tell her about his past life  , but is always afraid of changing her beauty and most important , Her true self .He wants her to change him , with her lite of perfection . 


This song is really just saying . A special mate will come along and accept you for you . Now that dosent mean that he / she will change themselfs for you . You have to accept one another . 

 We have all made mistakes in the past , mistakes that we cant change , but mistakes that we have to accept . We cant be afraid of our demons . Meaning dont be afraid of the people that judge your past because the past is the past . The past is something you can never change . 


- Alicia Waite 


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