Haunted House

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its about a haunted house.

Submitted: August 27, 2015

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Submitted: August 27, 2015



~~" Doesn't the house look beautiful honey?" Mrs. Hanson asked to Mr. Hanson. It's been about eighteen years until marcy thought she would move to another house. Unlike Marcy being excited about the move Ashley was less enthustastic. Ashley now 15 and when she step foot into the new house she had a funny feeling that something or someone has been watching her. "So Ashley how do you like it?" The realistate lady asked her. Paused for a moment Ashley responded "it's certainly a big house." she finally finished. It looks big enough to be a mansion." Ashley stated out loud. It actually was back in the 1950's. In the year of 1970 to 1998 it was a small hospital. In 1999 til now it has been sold as a house for years." The realistate lady finally finished. " You see Ashley we are actually gonna be living in a historical building. Her sister Marcy told her. " Isn't that cool Ashley?" Her mother asked her trying to get her more excited about her new home. "Oh yes of course." Ashley said trying to act enthustiastic when she didn't feel the need to. She still couldn't help the feeling of being watched. After a couple of months the enitre family had settled in to their new home. Ring.... Ring.... Ring... "Hello" Marcy answered the house phone. After a long pause no one answered. "Hello" she said again still there was no answer." wrong number I guess Marcy thought so she hung up the phone. After about a week the phone rang again. This time Ashley answered. "Hello?" Ashley asked. "GET OUT!" A low deep tone of a voice demanded. "Who is this?" Ashley asked. After a long pause no one answered. After hanging the phone Ashley had goosebumps all over her body. I must be having a nightmare. It's like what  you hear in those scary movies Ashley had thought. "Hey who was on the phone?" Her dad asked her. Ashley didn't hear him cause she was zoned out. "Ashley." "What?" "Who was on the phone?" "Uh nobody. It was nobody."Ashley responded still shaken from the response she heard on the phone. Get Out kept on ringing in Ashley's mind. I just can't sleep Ashley said to herself. All night Ashley said to herself. All night Ashley tossed and turned trying to get some sleep. But the whole time she just couldn't. As Ashley stood up in her bed she had felt cold air in her bedroom. It felt like a deep frost. Out of nowhere Ashley heard some stomping in the hallway outside of her room. It kept gettin closer towards her room. The footsteps had finally stopped in front of Ashley's bedroom door. Ashley feeling a little eager was wanting to see if there was something out of her door. Ashley walked up towards her door and slightly turned her door knob. She finally turned it all the way but slowly opened her door when she finally opened it all the way she found out nobody was there. "Go Away" a little voice had said. It sounded like a little girl's voice Ashley thought to herself. Ashley finally got back into bed. Before long she finally fell asleep when morning came Ashley got up and got ready for school when she entered the kitchen she saw that her parents and her sister was waiting for her. "Mourning everyone." she greeted "Ashley sweetheart come here." her mother said to her. Her mother sound slightly concerned. "Mom is something the matter?" She asked her. "Well sweetheart last night I got waked up by a scream and it sounded like you screaming. Did something happen last night?" Her mother asked her sounding confused. "Mom I didn't scream heck I don't know what you are talking about." She said to her mother sounding confused. "Well did you hear any screaming last night?" Her sister Marcy asked "Not at all," Ashley said in a demanding voice. "Well then who could have it been?" Marcy asked her parents. " Well i really don't know. But what I do know is if we all don't get moving then we will all be late for work and school. So let's get to gettin." Her dad finally finished. " Yes sir," Marcy said grabbing her bag."Hey Ashley I'm gonna start taking you to and from school from now on." Marcy said to Ashley. "Okay then let's go," Ashley said grabbing herself a bagel on her way out. Once Ashley and Marcy got to school they hugged each other. "Hey Ashley I don't want you to worry I'm pretty sure that what me, dad, and mom heard was nothing okay?" Marcy said to Ashley reassureing her sister that everything woudl be alright. "Come on sweetie I'll walk to class." Marcy said to her sister starting to walk towards the front doors of the school. Marcy helped Ashley find her first class. "Excuse me mam," Marcy said to Ashley's teacher. " Hello my name is Marcy and this is my sister Ashley Hanson. She is a little nervous about coming into your classroom so I thought I could introduce her to you." Marcy finshed. You see the reason why Marcy had to introduce Ashley to her teacher is because Ashley has a disability of Mosaic Down Syndrome and she has a hard time approaching people. "It's okay Ashley don't be afraid." Marcy said to her sister. Ashley still being a little afraid wasn't so sure how to approach her teacher. "Hello Ashley my name is Ms. Ashton. And don't worry sweetheart there is nothing to be afraid of." Ms. Ashton kindly approached her. Ashley then knew that everything would be fine. "Hello it's nice to meet you too Mrs Ashton." Ashley openedly said. Once Ashley got settled into her class Marcy walked to hers. "Hi my name is Benjaman my friends call me Ben," a student next to Ashley had said. "I'm Ashley." She finally said. The two of them didn't say anything for a long time. They just starred at each other thinking of what they both would say next. "So are you new in town?" Ben asked. "Yes me and my family had moved from Dallas Texas actually" she told him. "That's cool I'm originally from Little Rock, Arkansas." He said trying to start up a conversation. "What's your next class?" Ben asked her." Mr. Lay's math class," she answered. " Hey that's cool I have that class to next hour," Ben told her at same time of her looking surprised that he had the same class as her. Ring... Ring... The bell rang. "Come on I'll walk you to class." Ben said leading her on. Once both Ashley and Ben walked out the door of their english class Marcy came running up to Ashly. "Hey Ashley I came as fast as I could. Oh, who's this?" Marcy asked wondering if it was a new friend of hers. "Oh Marcy this is Benjamin but you can call him Ben." Ashley finished. "Hi Marcy it's nice to meet you. Are you Ashley's friend?" He asked Marcy. "Actually we are sisters." she said. "Oh, I'm sorry but you guys look nothing a like." He siad surprisingly. "That's okay, we get that a lot." Marcy said. "So Ashley let's get you to class." Ben interrupingly said. "Hey Marcy I hope it's okay but I told Ashley that I would walk her to class. Ben said looking deep into Ashley's eyes. Ashley had look deep into his and smiled. Marcy looked at her sister and knew that she was being taking care of. " So Ben how long have you been living around here?" Ashley asked. About 6 years." He answered her. "That's cool hey I was wondering do you know anything about the historical house down the street from here?" Ashley asked him wanting to get some answers for what was going on with her home. "Yes I do actually used to live in that old house." He answered her sounding disturbed. "Is there something the matter?" She asked once again. "Ashley do you live in that house?" He asked questionable. "Yes why?" she asked him fearing for the worst." If I were you I would get out as fast as you can." He said sounding worried. After school Ashley feared to go back home after remember Ben's warning. "Hey Ashley you ready to go home?" Marcy asked her. "Uh...uh... sure why not?" Ashley said fearfully. Once Ashley and Marcy got home they both realized that the front door was wide open. They also noticed all the lights in the house were on. "Hey marcy did you leave the lights on and the door wide open?" Ashley asked her sister still wanting to know what the heck was going on. "Not at all." She finally answered. Both the girls just stood there wondering if they were going bizerick. "You know mom and dad might have forgotten to turn off the lights and shut the front door." Marcy said thinking that was the solution. The girls finally got inside their home. Once they step foot into the house it had an uneasy feeling Marcy ran upstairs to see if anyone was in their home. Once she entered the hallway she heard footsteps coming toward her. Terrified Marcy had ran downstairs. "Marcy are you okay." Her sister asked her even though she kind of figured what it was that made her come down stairs in a hurry (cause she heard the footsteps above). "Ashley I don't think we should stay here that long. I have a feeling the haunting is just beginning Marcy warned Ashley. Right when Marcy finished her sentence all the lights and doors were closed.

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