OMH (Oh My Horror): Stuart's Picture

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So the St. Claire Cloverfield Mall is deserted. Shouldn't that be enough? But after the bare hand in a jar of water things get worse. Just wait to see what happens next.

Submitted: May 06, 2019

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Submitted: May 06, 2019




Yasmin leaned over to observe the jar. “How is this possible?” She had whispered. She felt a hand grab her shirt. She turned around to see that Courtney was standing before her. “Oh thank God Courtney there you are,” Yasmin said. She seen that Courtney’s backside was facing her. “Courtney? Come on I don’t have time for games. We have to get back to school before lunch ends. Courtney?” Yasmin said impatiently. Yasmin had put her hand on Courtney’s shoulder. Courtney instantly grabbed Yasmin’s hand and had turned around to show a gruesome dead face. Her eyes were dark red. “Ahhh,” Yasmin screamed in horror. The hand that was in the jar of water from behind her had threw the cell phone and had it hit Yasmin’s head.

“Yasmin? Why are you screaming?” Nicki said coming up from behind Yasmin. Courtney went away when she heard Nicki’s voice. Yasmin turned around to see Nicki. Once she faced Nicki she realized that Nicki was her normal self. “Oh please, please, please,” Yasmin said closing her eyes. When she opened her eyes Nicki had a questionable look on her face. Nicki had then looked down and seen Courtney’s phone on the ground.

“Hey what’s Courtney’s phone doing on the ground? Strange, she always had her phone with her no matter where she goes,” Nicki said. “Nicki it’s really you,” Yasmin said as she gave Nicki a hug. “Yasmin is there something I need to know?” Nicki asked her friend a little worried for her. “No why?” Yasmin said. “Well you were screaming in terror. What was that all about?” Nicki wondered. “Well, I thought I saw Courtney turned into a… where is Courtney by the way?” Yasmin wanted to know. “Well I thought she went into the restroom but she never goes to the restroom without her phone so,” Nicki was trying to say. “Alright we need to call the police right away,” Yasmin said getting out her cell. “Yasmin wait what exactly are we going to tell them that our friend is missing in the mall? They’re not necessarily going to go looking for her,” Nicki said. “Nicki if we don’t then, well, I guess we could go check to see if she is in the restroom,” Yasmin said putting her phone back into her purse.

 The two of them walked through the food court to get to the restrooms. Once they entered the restroom Yasmin called out Courtney’s name. No answer. So they both checked every stall to make sure. Hoping she’s not dead Yasmin kicked open the last stall door. “Oh I don’t want to do this,” Yasmin said as her voice echoes in the bathroom. She went into the stall closing her eyes as she feared the worst. She then had opened her eyes and had seen what looked like oil inside the toilet. “What the heck?” She said as she leaned over the toilet. “Yasmin, did you find her?” Nicki hoped. “N-No but I did find oil inside the toilet,” Yasmin said as she felt some sort of liquid following down on her long brown hair. Whatever it was had kept dripping. “What’s that noise?” Nicki asked. “Yasmin?” Yasmin felt the top of her head with her fingers. She then realized that it was oil dripping from the air vent. “Oh my God,” Yasmin expressed. “What is it?” Nicki asked as she started to get impatient. Yasmin came out of the bathroom stall. “What the? Is that oil in your hair?” Nicki asked. “Yes I’m so freaking annoyed that it is in my hair,” Yasmin said aggravated. “Here I have emergency shampoo. Come over to the sink,” Nicki said as she came prepared for such things. Nicki turned on the faucet and out came more oil. “What the heck?” Nicki expressed. “What in the world is going on in this place?” Yasmin wondered very confused.

“Hello? Is someone there? Can anybody hear me?” Stuart asked entering the mall’s food court.

“I can’t believe you talked me in to coming,”

“You wanted to come,” Gretchen said.

“Yeah but I didn’t think it would be this mall. I hate coming here,”

“Well I didn’t think it would be deserted,”

“Are you kidding it’s been deserted for a while now,”

“How would you know?”

“Stuart, Gretchen, where are you guys at?” Yasmin called out. “Oh thank heavens,” Stuart said. “We’re in the food court about to walk down to the restrooms,” Gretchen called out. “Come on,” Nicki said as they both walked out the ladies room. “We’re coming out just stay where you guys are at,” Yasmin said to the two of them.

The two girls had met up with Stuart and Gretchen. “What happened to your hair?” Stuart said traumatically. “Let’s just say oil leaked into my hair,” Yasmin said still annoyed about her hair. “Yeah let’s just say we need to change the oil before we leave,” Nicki joked. Gretchen had giggled. “I don’t get it,” Stuart said looking at his sister Gretchen. “You know when a car leaks you need to change the oil,” Gretchen said hoping Stuart would get it. “Oh, oh, okay that is funny,” Stuart said bursting out loud laughing.

 All three of the girls were looking at Stuart. “What?” He wondered why everyone was looking at him. “Hello, Yasmin’s hair aren’t you going to fix it?” Gretchen asked. “Oh right,” Stuart said as he pulled out his hair products.

“There you are my dear, it’s some of finest work, I have to say,” Stuart said as he pulled out a big hand held mirror.

“How do you like it?”

“I love it thank you Stuart,”

“No need to thank me really it’s just something that I truly love to do. And hopefully I will get pair for doing hair and makeup one day,” Stuart said as he pulled out his phone. He clicked on the snapchat icon. “Killing it,” He said facing it at himself then turned the camera for a selfie with Yaz. Then he took a picture of Yasmin and her long hair. He was about to send the picture to his story when he saw something in the picture that scared him.

“Oh my God,” He said. “What?” The three girls said in unison. They all looked at the picture and had seen Courtney’s ghost.

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