Queens Of Mean Pt 1

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Selena, Leann, and Jacob are eating lunch together. Jacob ends up eating lunch with his other friends but leaves his backpack behind. Leann wants to see what’s inside. That’s where it all starts. From lunch being a total disaster for Whitney Green, to the three girls ending up in the Principal’s office. There’s no way where this cat fight will end or if it will keep going.


“Eww, gross, I can’t believe you’re eating that,” Leann expressed grossed out by what her friend Jacob was eating.

“What? What is he eating,” Selena asked. “Tell her,” Leann told him. “Peanut butter and pickles sandwich,” Jacob said with a mouthful of the sandwich. “What?” Selena wondered what he said. “I said,” He was about to say again with food in his mouth but Selena interrupted him. “Wait, finish what you’re eating then tell me,” Selena said. “Okay,” Jacob said spiting peanut butter on Selena’s nose. “Oh my God! Ew, ew, ew,” Selena expressed totally grossed out. Jacob finished chewing his bite. “Ha, ha, ha,” Jacob cracked up laughing.

“JACOB!” Leann and Selena yelled so loud in the cafeteria that everyone heard. Everyone was looking at them.

“Hey everyone how’s it going?” Jacob said to everyone as he was standing looking around.

“Hey Jacob,” Some guys at a table said to Jacob. “Dude what’s up guys,” Jacob said grabbing his lunch as he walked over to the table where his other friends were. “Jacob wait,” Selena said over everyone else, who obviously went back to talking. “He forgot his backpack,” Selena said. Leann grabbed Jacob’s backpack to look into it. “Leann don’t,” Selena said about to take Jacob’s backpack away from Leann. However Leann practically knocked her lunch on the ground.

Which wasn’t good because Whitney Green practically slipped on the mash potatoes that was on the ground.

“Oh my gosh Whitney I’m so sorry,” Leann said. Leann and Selena had helped Whitney to her feet. Whitney’s outfit was covered with Leann’s lunch. Whitney is Selena’s other friend. Well used to be friend. It’s very rare that they get along. Ever since Whitney made the cheerleading squad things have changed between the three friends.

“Ahhh!” Whitney screamed at the top of her lungs. That’s what she tends to do every time Selena and Leann help her in any way.

“Ms. Green, my office now. That goes for you two girls as well,” Principal Jackson demanded. “But Principal Jackson,” Leann and Selena were about to say in unison but Principal Jackson interrupted the two of them. “I don’t want to hear it,” He said.

Five minutes later the three of them were in Principal Jackson’s office.

“Alright Ms. Green would you please tell me why you were screaming about this time?” Principal Jackson asked Whitney.

“Well Principal Jackson, Leann here had dumped her lunch all over me,” Whitney said blaming Leann. “I did not,” Leann said in a whiny voice. “I’m just telling it like it happened,” Whitney said. “Which is a lie,” Leann disagreed.

“What is your story Ms. Riley?” Principal Jackson asked Leann. “Let’s just say I accidentally bumped into my tray of food. Whitney just happened to trip on it before I could clean up the mess,” Leann said. “I see,” He said. “That’s not true Leann and you know it,” Whitney complained. “Quit lying Whitney. You know Leann wouldn’t do anything to intentionally to hurt you in any way,” Selena said to Whitney. “Oh please,” Whitney said rolling her eyes. “It’s true Whitney. No matter how mean you are to us. I would never do that to anyone,” Leann said. “Whatever Leann,” Whitney said turning her body from the two girls.

“Ladies please let’s put your differences aside and shake hands shall we? Ms. Riley you start. Tell Ms. Green you’re sorry,” Principal Jackson said. Leann ignored his command.

“What about you Ms. Green?” Principal Jackson asked Whitney. “Yeah Whitney apologize to Leann,” Selena said. “Apologize to Leann?” Whitney overreacted. “Apology accepted. Let’s go Selena,” Leann said. “That was not an apology bitch,” Whitney expressed to Leann. “What did you call me?” Leann asked angry.

“You heard me,”

“Well you’re wrong you’re the bitch,” Leann said. “Ms. Green and Ms. Riley,” Principal Jackson said sternly. “What?” The two of them asked in unison.

“Detention,” Principal Jackson demanded.

Submitted: May 26, 2020

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