Secret Admirer Pt 2

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Lisa N Hawkins isn't your everyday average kind of girl. She's into cars not into Barbie dolls. So why is getting a secret admirer letter? Find out in an all new romantic story called secret admirer.


“What you got there sis?” Chasen asked me.

I was still shocked. Why would someone be sending me a secret admire letter? I mean me out of all people. I’m not exactly the girly girl type.

“Hey what do you know Lisa’s got a secret admirer,” Chasen said leaning over me. “A secret admirer. You know what that means,” Tom said standing to the right side of me. Chasen was on the left side of me. The two of them leaned in closer and started to say “kissy face” over and over. I tried to drown them out but I couldn’t help it but to cry. I ran upstairs with the letter in my hand. My brothers can be so mean. In a way I got anxious.

It’s kind of exciting to have a secret admirer. Even though I was still crying I managed to read my letter over and over. I wonder if it’s from Steven Parker. Well he did just recently came from down my street.

“Hey sis,” Chasen said as he opened my door without knocking. “Go away,” I demanded. “Come on sis we were just playing,” He said. “Go a-way!” I yelled at him.

“Chasen quit annoying your sister,” My mom told him. “Alright I will leave,” He said as he put a small piece of paper on the top of my TV stand. He then shut the door behind him.

I went over to my TV stand to pick up that piece of paper. Apparently it was an invite to Mrs. Parker’s café. I love small little café’s. On the back of the paper read meet me at the back of the café. It also included the address to Mrs. Parker’s café.

Wait, Parker?

Could it be?

I quickly went to my desk to turn on my computer. I looked up Mrs. Parker’s café. It’s owned by Kathy Parker. Apparently her family is opening a small café out in downtown Indiana. I scrolled down the page and saw a list of employees. OMG! Steven Parker is listed as an employee. I wonder how Steven and Kathy are related. It doesn’t really say. I wonder if Kathy is his mom. Maybe I can google it. I quickly pulled up a new page on the internet. On the google search box I typed in how is Kathy Parker and Steven Parker related? It showed up as in relation that she’s his aunt. Oh wow I was a little off. I looked at the piece of paper. What I realized is that the paper did not include the day or time. Well that sucks. Huh?

My computer then showed an email as anonymous. I clicked it open.

It read: Meet me in the back of Mrs. Parker’s café tomorrow at 9:00 A.M. The address was included.

I couldn’t help it but to scream for joy. “Ahhh!” I screamed happily.

Submitted: February 12, 2020

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