Starting Over Again Pt 2

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Austin Griffin had broken up with his girlfriend Barbie a month ago. Barbie is wondering why he wants to get back together with her. One day at lunch in the cafeteria Barbie spots Tiffany Lavigne, who happens to be a total slut sitting with Austin. Tiffany then leans in to kiss Austin and blames it on him even though it wasn’t true. Now Barbie wants Austin back. Do Barbie and Austin get back together?

Submitted: May 26, 2020

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Submitted: May 26, 2020




“So he wants to get back with you?” Vanessa asked her friend. “Yes, I don’t know what to do. I mean he was the one that broke up with me a month ago,” She said getting some yogurt.

“Barbie over here,” Austin said calling Barbie over. “Look at him,” Barbie said to Vanessa.

“To me he’s acting like he never had dumped you. It’s like he’s clueless,” Vanessa said. “Clueless is definitely the word for it,” Barbie said as she walked over to the cash register.

“Hello girls,” Mrs. Ramsley said “Hello Mrs. Ramsley,” The two girls said in unison. “Okay Vanessa that’s $2.50,”

Vanessa reached in her purse to give Mrs. Ramsley $5.00. Mrs. Ramsley gave $3.50 back in change. “Thank you Mrs. Ramsley,” Vanessa said. “You’re welcome girls have a nice day,” She said.

“Oh hello Mickey. Okay you have,” Mrs. Ramsley was about to say but Barbie interrupted.

“Excuse me Mrs. Ramsley what do I owe you?” Barbie asked politely. “Oh you know what Barbie, Austin took care of it. You don’t owe me anything hon,” Mrs. Ramsley said waving over to Austin. Austin waved back.

“Aw, how sweet,” Vanessa said. “Seriously you’re buying into his wit?” Barbie asked a rhetorical question.

“Vanessa over here,” Some of Vanessa’s friends waved her over. “I’d rather sit with you and Rachel then as opposed to Austin,”

Austin waved Barbie over. Barbie shook her head no. Barbie spotted Tiffany Lavigne walking over to Austin. Tiffany sat her tray of lunch down at Austin’s table. Tiffany is known to have a bad reputation in school. She practically goes to bed with every guy she seduces. Barbie knew Austin was too smart to fall for a girl like Tiffany.

“Barbie if I were you I would keep an eye on Tiffany. She’s bad news,” Vanessa said. “I agree with Vanessa,” Rachel said.

“He’s so lucky,” Mickey said staring a Tiffany. “She’s a total slut,” Rachel said. “Mickey stop looking at her,” Vanessa said getting a little jealous Mickey then looked at Vanessa.

“Are you jealous?” Mickey asked giving her a smile. She always thought his smile was sexy. “Um no,” She said biting her bottom lip. Mickey went up to Vanessa to give her a good kiss. “You’ll always be my girl. You know that right?” Mickey said in a very sexy way. “I do now,” Vanessa said giving him another kiss. “Good,” He said as he walked over to the table where his buddies were.

“Okay that was very sexy. Girl you are so lucky,” Rachel said.

“I guess no matter what most of our boyfriends will be staring at Tiffany,” Vanessa said. “Vanessa,” Rachel said. “Yes?” Vanessa said. “Look,” Rachel said as Vanessa turned around. Mickey was blowing kisses at Vanessa.

“You see he’s not even looking at her,” Rachel said.

“I’ll see you girls later. I’m going to have lunch with my boyfriend,” Vanessa said grabbing her tray and her other belongings then, she walked over to the table where Mickey and his buddies were.

Barbie was still staring at Austin and Tiffany. I swear if she makes one move on Austin I’ll…. Barbie thought to herself.

She saw Tiffany lean in closer to Austin. She then kissed him. Tiffany then grabbed her purse and then walked towards Barbie.

Barbie felt stupid just looking at Tiffany the way she did. But she couldn’t help it. It’s like no matter what Tiffany even gets stared at even by girls.

“Um hi Tiffany,” Barbie said to her. Tiffany just walked passed her by hitting Barbie’s shoulder.

“Oh by the way Barbie,” Tiffany said turning around to face Barbie. “Yes?” Barbie wondered what Tiffany had to say.

“Austin kissed me. I just wanted you to know that,” Tiffany said.

© Copyright 2020 Alicia Wooters. All rights reserved.

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