The Perfect Mother's Day Gift Pt 1

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
Valerie wants to write a letter to her mom and dad. Little does she know that mother’s day is coming up she tries to concentrate on writing her letter. Her sister Olivia walks in with something on her mind. She wants to surprise her sister to a date. The two of them start fighting about their dad calling them out of the blue. Their brother and sister-in-law are going to be planning a mother’s day party. When the day comes Olivia is afraid that her mother won’t like the gift she gives her. What is the gift? Will Jill like her mother’s day present?

Submitted: May 26, 2020

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Submitted: May 26, 2020




“What are you doing Valerie?” Val’s sister and roommate, Olivia asked her. “I’m writing a letter to mom and dad,” Valerie said.

Valerie and Olivia are also twin sisters. “Oh well send them a post card and let’s go,” Olivia said putting her sweater on.

“Okay for starters it’s not even cold out so you don’t need a sweater. And secondly don’t tell me what to do. I can write a letter to mom and dad if I want to,”

“I wasn’t telling you what to do Val,” Olivia said a little annoyed with her sister.

The two of them bicker back and forth a lot. But they still love each other.

“Besides Olivia what’s your hurry? Do you have a hot date that you want me to babysit for?” Valerie asked. “How did you know?” Olivia wondered. “Really? I’m babysitting him?” Valerie asked just now losing concentration on what she was going to write.

“His name is Petey. He likes to burp and pee on every girl he meets,”

“Petey huh?”


“Do I need to buy him a bib?” Valerie asked. “Funny,” Olivia said applying lipstick on her lips. Valerie walked over to the front door of their apartment where her sister Olivia is.

“Really a cocktail dress?” Valerie wondered why she even bothered doing anything for her sister.

“Well at least I look nice enough. Now get ready Peter will be at the restraunt in like fifteen minutes.” Olivia said to her sister.

Valerie is pretty good at getting ready within ten minutes. She put on her red silk dress that had spaghetti straps on it.

“Are you ready Valerie?” Olivia asked her sister. “Relax, I’m ready,” Valerie said walking towards the front door. Olivia looked at her sister and sighed.

“What now Olivia?” Valerie wondered why her sister was sighing. “You don’t have your purse,” Olivia said. “Seriously Olivia my purse is right here. Now would you get off my back?” Valerie said very annoyed with her sister.

“Do you have your key?” Olivia asked her sister. “No,” Valerie said sarcastically.

“VALERIE GET YOUR KEY!” Olivia expressed very loudly.

“Oh my bad Olivia I was just joking. You know I have every right not to but I’m going because you asked me to. You know you could really loosen up,” Valerie said. Just then Valerie’s phone started to ring.

“Hello?’ Valerie answered her phone. “Hello? Girls?” Olivia and Valerie’s dad said over the receiver.

“Hey dad you’re on speaker,” Valerie said.

“Hey dad,” Olivia said. “Hello girls listen I have to talk quickly because I don’t want your mom to know what I’m talking about. She thinks I’m calling my old buddy Edward. You girls there?” Their dad asked them. “Yes,” They said in unison. “Great, listen make sure you’re home this weekend we’re throwing your mom a party,” He said.

“You mean this coming weekend,” Valerie wondered. “Isn’t that what I said,” He asked. “Well tomorrow is Saturday,” Valerie said. “Oh well,” He was about to say but Olivia interrupted him.

“Jee dad I wish we can finish this convo but we have to be going,” She said hanging up Valerie’s phone.

“OLIVIA!” Valerie practically screamed into Olivia’s face.

© Copyright 2020 Alicia Wooters. All rights reserved.

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