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It's their last chance to find out how DFL and AC had died. Will they get their chance? And when they do will they survive?

Submitted: April 28, 2019

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Submitted: April 28, 2019




“Wait a minute something’s a little fishy,” Troy had said standing up from his chair. “Troy seriously? Sam is dead. There is nothing fishy about this,” Marissa said as she scooted her chair to the side to comfort her friend who was in tears. Tracy was crying hysterically. Troy went over to Sam. Troy knew something wasn’t dead considering there was no blood anywhere else but on the hatchet.

Troy got so close to Sam. Sam yelled boo so loud that it scared Tracy. Troy fell off his feet backward. His butt hit the hardwood floor. “Tracy you should’ve seen your face, ahahaha. That’s definitely a bonus. Ahahaha,” Sam kept laughing.

 Tracy had felt hurt on the inside. She was also confused. “How can you still move with a hatchet on your head?” Mike asked. “Dude, it’s fake,” Sam said as he took off the hatchet headband. “Troy will you please do the honors?” Tracy asked her brother. “Huh?” Sam wondered scratching his forehead with one finger. Troy quickly got up and punched Sam on the nose. Sam went out like a light. “Thank you,” Tracy said wiping her tears feeling better.

The next day, the four of them went to the beach. “Are we even going to find out how AC and

DFL had died?” Tracy asked Marissa. “I surely hope so, I would like to find out. You know Chase looks hot in this picture,” Marissa said looking at teen beat magazine. “You want to know a secret? I’ve always had a crush on Adam,” Tracy said to Marissa. “Who’s Adam?” Troy wondered. “The A in AC,” Tracy said. “Oh, I’ve always had a crush on Daisy in DFL,” Troy said.

“What are you guys talking about?” Mike asked walking up to his friends with a surfboard under his arm. “We’re talking about AC and DFL,” Troy said. “Oh I see,” Mike said catching his breath.

“Here,” Marissa said giving her brother a bottle of water. “Thanks,” Mike said taking a long drink of it.

“We were talking about who we had a crush on out of all of them,” Tracy said to Mike.

“Oh you know,” Mike started to say. “I’ve always liked two out of the three girls from DFL,” Mike said. “Which two?” The three of them asked in unison. “Daisy and Lauren,” Mike said. “You can have Lauren I’ll take Daisy,” Troy said. “Why do you get Daisy?” Mike asked him. “Why would it matter to you? You said you liked both Daisy and Lauren,” Troy said. “True,” Mike said lifting his left eyebrow. All four of them had laughed.

 The sun had faded away into night. The four of them came back to the beach prepared. Mike and Troy had built a fire on the sand. The four of them sat around the fire. Marissa had pulled out her notes then they all had joined hands.

 “For all those whom have died on this beach please come forth and state your name,’ Marissa read her notes.

 The flames of the fire bursted up as the four of them lifted their heads up. When the flames died down their heads went down.

 “I summon the D in the DFL to come out of the water please state your name,” Marissa read on. The ripples in the water got stronger. Daisy rose up from the water as she walked to shore. Once she came onto the sand the silhouette of her figure just had stood behind the four siblings. “I now summon the F in DFL to come out of the water please state your name,” Marissa said. Once again the ripples become stronger. Farrah came out of the water and walked upon the sand. One by one the three last siblings were summoned to shore. The three of them had come up from the water and onto the sand.

 “Why didn’t you state your names?” Marissa asked the five of them.






 All five of them said in a demonic way.

The four friends had looked up now realizing they had woken up the dead spirits of AC and DFL.

 The four of them had gotten up and had started to run. Daisy and Lauren had captured Marissa. Then Farrah had captured Tracy. Chase then had captured Mike. Then Adam had captured Troy. The five siblings had drowned the four friends.

The following morning, the four friends swam up to the shore of the Miami Beach. The four of them were on the ground out of breath. When they looked up they all saw the five siblings standing right in front of them. “Please say you see them to and that this is all a dream,” Tracy hoped. “Oh no it’s not a dream. Welcome to the dead paradise of Miami Beach,” Daisy ended.

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