After the death of his flawless lover, an infatuated man decides to join her

The wind surpasses my hardened skin

awakens me deep within

the bed of roses smell so sweet

she touches me, I feel her heat

Her hands like angels so tender and warm

her eyes so bright they resemble dawn

her lips so succulent, like rain on flowers

she brings me life in these april showers

her hair like silk so wild, so light

in her presence all thorns out of sight

she is the sweet delight of my past

however sweet delights do never last

Now her golden glow is but a dream

her lively eyes no longer gleam

the wind now pierces my hardened skin

and cuts my heart deep within

I loved you my dear, I still love you now

I can recall the aroma of roses somehow

You have deserted me in this world all alone

now all you are is corpse and bone

your angelic hands I shall never touch again

without you I am suffering in pain

The wind no longer meets my skin

I am now free and without sin

My dear love I am with you now

a sacrifice love must allow

I again see your golden glow

oh is that my love, is it so

I touch your hands again so warm

your eyes still so bright,they resemble dawn

© Alicia Tachmintzis

Submitted: January 13, 2010

© Copyright 2022 AliciaT. All rights reserved.

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Sara Blake

Wow, i was captivated by it from the first to the last line...Great job ^-^

Thu, January 14th, 2010 11:47am

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