not a human woman ever

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
this is not about human women is only dream woman

Submitted: February 03, 2020

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Submitted: February 03, 2020



Claudia melgar she is drowning but everything deity makes she tells deity i can be it what was taken at death then be your next world life and you be super that you make me live that i be in a physical area and body of play.

Claudia melgar she lives on earth then dies that deity make me every pleasure i do it i was in your human creation being real for you as pleasure features and that i am die however that is and be made in your creating what does afterlife to me and from the earth life is your features of what earth bodies does as pleasure and a body knowledge and at death i be what this does as features as a human pleasure to be made and i know what happens as this body and world all pleasures you make and what my features does and soul is be created as what bodies be and play.

Claudia melgar she be at deity this what i am the real of have you create so it be real i am there about anything happen to me about now it has to be created that i enter to it where pleasure body is it was on earth then where i live after death and deity i make you the creator of what is the creations i live in that be real so then what are you deity you send me in them live and in my life i have pleasure and at death your creating and where i come to i am a living body play and you be real to me how you can make and happen what you can do to me.

When i am taken by you and where i enter live in deity it is always real of what this is i see the creation features i be a body live pleasures and to this i enter it about deity takes me to it a soul how be real to become a body creation and it is real of you have everything and formula even about the transfer and enter me to the creation that i have became alive in it playing pleasure and the creation of what does be pleasure and each thing to happen how me and it does then i feel like i know and have happen a creation of deity for it enter me in them and it pleasures me this creation and deity to me is creating and taking me when it must be done and i have the creations live in i am be a body there have pleasures and deity to me is what it creates and takes me live in i have everything it can make and take me there and i enter into the transfer it is real of all this and into the creation it is real of all things and i happen in deity taking making giving.

Claudia melgar to deity is whatever can be real that this happens and is everything and i like it the deity is show me it takes me whatever is real it creates but what was real to me destroyed me but deity is a creator of make it real and i live and for deity i have a life and each thing be pleasure and see it as the creations of deity i enter in about now these are deity things to not harm me and is pleasure me about deity show me what you do to me that i see it always on me while i have each thing play me.

Claudia melgar returns to deity about deity i was destroyed without your own things to be all you can make real then i return to you about exist me with you and have everything from you and for you i am real what i can have happen and be real to me about you created me for what i am to this and now i am with you i have exited the earth that killed me severe but i am a body life of what is real in your creations as pleasures it can be real to me now i know what it is and happens i can happen with what you create i have a body to be the word i am in this is what you create i am happen at what i have like you are creator over it as much i have pleasure be real and see you enter me to it and while it is real you created it and this what it does to me and when i return to you i am about i need a creator to give me a world and body of pleasure it is be what i know and does be real this what deity is enter me to i am now in a state of shock and a soul real about the deity creating me it best i can now be a body life of what is pleasure all from deity let me do this for deity the creator for me that i have came from earth one of it creations all i know and have be real then i return to your creating about it be real.

Deity i see that you take me and you are the real of give me each thing and happen and me be alive about being with you and you are making me live with a world and body that i have died and now you show me make me a body play with a world about what all things does it me from you and i died that now you is make me everything real to me that you show me you do i am a body to a world of all things there this how i exist a body and returning to you obvious i am the body you give me and i have my body in a world so you play me every pleasure and let them be this life they do it have it we are body and things what to happen in this creation.

Claudia melgar was saying to deity look what there is the real of everything that is what is be real to me look what it happens good that is the creation for me there is what created it be real you create it always i am return to you about the state of what i am be is what is created all given to me i am drowning that what else is there it is the creating is the existences now being real and deity taking my soul it is what does be everything else to happen and be real and that is be caused on me exist me alive with it play it like it there are all features to experience it know it have it be real that is what i am become as a body i return to deity the creator of what all be real and before some of this was on earth but now i leave the earth as dead and see what else is real that it has this transfer this enter to it be real as a world and body play and deity returns me to it for creations give me and that is what everything being real and happens is as what else can be real and exist that deity does to made me live on earth as the live play and the drowning as a claudia melgar.

And that my body was of the drowning they lifted it out of the dark dirty cold water and laid me to rest and they seen me as the body that was me and i played until i died and my body was drowned and my soul was that is my body it drowned and i returned to deity for creations then see how i can be in paradise guided and my eternal of past about i drowned and never is my human body be it did not drown eternal as an incident but deity has taken me from the earth about i can live on earth be guided to enter it paradise and it has my death and fate to take me from then it extracts my soul as one of it creations look i created it so i have all the transfers and zones of formulas and things to enter you into life and i have to do this that you drowned before that i have to create your life from that but it was the earth that drowned you while deity is creator knower provider and transfer over you in all matters that you are a soul for deity taking creating them when it give you things is a play a pleasure.

And deity shown me i was a soul on earth and it awaits to take me about paradise is ready and the earth was made of what can pleasure and good me and earth be like this and what this does to me returned to deity have real things so deity is always creator knower over me and my coming death on earth then i drowned because of the earth events then see how in my drowning deity has enough to test me as guided and enter me into creations for pleasures then surely this is my last fate and death and for deity earth that the earth is drowning me i can reach and now know the best and see the creation for it and that deity is knower maker over me and my life so i can exist with it best creating and knowledge now i have to drown then return to deity and i lived on the earth deity created then for it all knowing deity take me like i am guided and enter your paradise so i am drowning because of earth and you have to take me that this happens as i am ready and guided to enter your paradise to exist with how your all knowing and creating happens to me at the perfect bets time as now i am being taken by you about my death and fate that has to be your most powerful knowing and creating for me as a result of end test and have the best as deity the all knowing and deciding and causing you have not remained me on the earth to live longer or prevented me drown in a fate for me be tested and die peaceful about enter me to paradise and because the earth has drowned me and that when i return to you deity it has to be events of how i die and what i learn from life that your all knowing creating is beneficial a saver over me and shows me the best for it as this makes me guided and experienced of what i had on earth then when you transfer me to your final destinations deity.

Because deity you is take me as drowned and then i have to exist with your all knowing and creating making me have paradise if not hellfire and now the paradise surrounds me then i have to think about your all knowing creating has got me in paradise as i live for pleasure and made live after death so it a paradise task you did on me and i had to drown to reach this but deity you cannot return me to you until i have a result of a believer or disbeliever so now i know about your all knowing creating and i have the result of all i am do and know to it to be your paradise not hellfire now as when i die it about i have paradise not hell as now i have died i have learn in my life what to know for you and that at my death i now have a final destination to enter the paradise if not hellfire and before i die on earth my earth life is what i can know learn to enter the destinations and when i die and dying before i die i am ready for the destinations what i know is know what is there for me be like it but deity look the earth has trapped me with over flowing waters and i am of the drowning and a believer in you.

Then deity i am a believer for you of your paradise look at me send me to the alien in a dream and it is be your paradise effect creation on it and i am happening in your best dream but i have died end of test about am i going hellfire or paradise and you have gave me a paradise life in a paradise dream and i am a believer in the real of good it becomes creation that you have made real deity i can be this for your creation and i see my return to you has entered me to this and a dream of proof and my fate of what your destination is for me and deity i was drowning then if i am destined paradise this is my fate and a transfer of my soul ideas for you it for paradise.

Then deity see how i was a body for you on earth and who is and we are made to know the best even that this is be the reality for it all you create deity it be you made know how and be real and it becomes the creations and we is die and enter it making it be your creations is all perfect to us as good is how be rela and we are guided by good and our afterlife body is have these good scenarios and ideas be what it is how perfect you make creations to happen and look deity about this me and her and who we are dying in fate and tragedy or illness as believers that are soul and ideas to you is the enter of the best destinations then deity see how you have believers on earth as human bodies and we will die and suffer in tragedy about you have an earth planet and the bodies can know be guided of know and have it be real of all the best and kind that happens to creations features but the earth has what and how it is kill destroy us in ruin and we is die but deity the earth to us and to you is your creation you made and we are guided about how good it be on earth and us and all this as a return to your creating and we is be real in your creating a soul with bodies world play pleasure and our death about your afterlife and return us to you about what desires and our soul and human life does to be with your creating the real and life and best and is reality of this we enter. 

That is deity you are maker knower over every desire and thing you take it and make it be these desires and things in the final destinations and you made hellfire and paradise for all this as it does be good and bad and what it is to happen and be real on earth and you are maker knower over it and produce it be worlds of play it.

On earth we exist as body life and whatever is real for it is this that deity then has a realness of what this is be and happen for it that we know and can be real for it and see it all be real in deity creation s about taken us and what was about it on earth and deity has what is good for us and things be on earth and in it creations and for our body and sense it is real about how this happens and is good.

Claudia melgar then tells deity i have drowned so you have to show me the best eternal i enter to i can only know what a person has to think and be real and now it is good about it that is what someone can know about what is real is how perfect your creation be about it and now i have returned to your creating that i am good and have what is good to be real i know this and it what everything has to be and what is real to me has to be good for me so i can know it is and have it be this good and deity my body and soul life to your creation is how good it all be eternal from when i start live in it due to what good is and knows and has it be creation and we return to you create it all.

Claudia melgar then tells deity i have drowned so you have to show me the best eternal but i am seeing when i am in fun and with danielle i have met nathan the alien then promise me he is always the best eternal to me that i have drowned and now seen the best in each scenario i look at as my reality then is he wrong to me about what is the best i had since i died and i fear that deity if you show me one wrong thing or person i exist with then all wrong and horrible can happen and i would be in or destined hellfire or that in paradise i am drown but if you show me no wrong and i am guided for it then i am never drown or suffer in your realities while your realities has all real things and bodies and this is what we use to be how it is good and fun so we eternal have it be real and does this and i see in your realities deity the planets are all things here so it can be the good best have happen and how what we know is about this so it how does it and these realities can make this come true only god and all good is for us know about and we is know about when it happens that is the desires you gave us about earth life so at death we enter paradise now and good desires is what they about and how we is definitely know each good desire and events about in paradise as it is now shows us good things happen.

Then deity it listens to claudia melgar admit i have drowned then surely this is my last death and i can enter paradise now so my death is about i know enough and i am know all that enters me and is about what in paradise so i can see it come true now and what it happens good i can desires as ideas actions conditions about it for how at my fate i was calling you to save me and i knew and felt like i can believe in all good desires how real they be and realise and have them come true now and your creating is this so i am saved as now i am drowning and i return to you for creating and your creating makes real things that makes me love it and how know it does be good and fun and this is what exists about your creation and i am be alive for this then let it be my last death and it is be paradise that it was the earth drowned me but you are knower provider and would of let this happen when i am ready to return to you and save me into good that i know i am what good does be as a creation and how this good has all you create and it does be that then deity how it is what desires are and it has it be real so this makes it be body life and scenarios and how this is the creating of what you have be real and all this makes us be this good and things happen nice and it is true about you deity as a creator and that we made to know and it is be like that how is good and it does show creation and enter in it saved by deity into life of perfect that was about desire and real how is good it was also it has a deity creating it and it makes us this real as we have desires and real of good ok nice to be what it really is as platform creations play in and we have been created into it about our fate and death to see sense how good deity has it be that desires and real is reality like it because of what know what have be real what we have entered to and it is all how it be real as good and life on earth was about what this real can be and it makes it be realities of where good is real and we enter it because we do die on earth and we sense what is good as real even though it was on earth so the sense of what like also is being other realities it how perfect and true it becomes so we exist about what like on earth and it also what is realities to be in so we existed as what deity creates and have as real is perfect to be creations as we is live die about what can be real and what is real is appear as what creation it be and perfect as it be like it all good and desires and real is how be good and what we have for this is to enter into creations live there it does this.

Deity that it has nothing of it will is real as the creation and what it does for the people that they cannot know this for and about deity while it is real it is deity has what to create and bring it them and the knowing being of it is as much about deity and it reality of creation then how it has what is real of good and they is die from it and also live with it about deity has it all from it about when they have it real there is beside each desire and real of good what deity creates is this and deity creating and attributes is all on what is real and desire as good and it attributes are in the desires and real of what it be that it is creating it be real and they exist with what is real of it this and about it then how deity takes and creates for them what was real and is now be real and it has the creation as all it attributes beside it as what be real and that deity is about what is real the best while the creation is being things and realities for it.

Then see how deity as a creator would be showing that it creation is the bodies and things is doing that for the people is what is for them have happen it is the creation how to be this to them it makes what you can do with creation have be real and deity attributes is real what it can have happen that it creation is be made of does to them and deity is itself as creator and has the creation be real of what it is amazes and they be things how do this meanwhile they look at what creation is and what creations they is enter what it be there and that deity is also creator as what deity be then how all creation has what deity can make then for it what is good it has creations for this and it has made each thing to be a reality level as good it can be about what creation it was in like earth to be good as real and it makes things be real in creations and has them happen like it and makes what they can happen and it has made what can happen is good then it is who has the creating of what can make it real is these and good as a set creation of play it creates all things then it has all what to create as the best and greater and what was the earth reality then how it is a creator over what is real and can be real and it made the earth about all things then how it is create what can be for these as other realities and perfect things then how the people east on earth what deity has created and they exist as what is everything here is created that deity makes what a creation can be then to deity it is they can only have what can be real and to it they is enter about what have be rela and we have what is good to be real and what you make for it and we see you made earth a reality you is create the realities of good things and at your creating we have what we do and things does and knows and is the best about this what things be and your creating of how make them be these and good it be as realities.

Then how it is deity who has created all things and they lived on earth about all things here that a deity can produce then if they were to die from it or enter it deity would have what to create of it anything to be real what is good that is what be real is that it can be good and be the creation is all these things and how good deity want us be that it has a creation a knowing and we have it being like this as real and we have all this deity creates to exist us and these things and good it be makes us enter to it as reality and to be sent there is about good we have be real and while we live we be a soul and a sense of what is good as it all then we are a soul and sense about going to deity to create we is know what is good and we lived on earth in life about now we are made be a sense and for our soul knowing of good how it happens and be things and that we is be created as body features in creations so deity is only take us as we sense and be a soul and have body features of the good that is real know how and that is what enter to creation is for it be real is good and we have deity create real things and make it be good as now it being made real and we know how good is happen and now we are a sense and a soul of knowing being what is good and we are alive for it so now we exist as the creating deity does that is make it real and good it has to be about these sense level and a soul for the real what good is and we is entering coming to the creations of deity making it real alive us there all things.

The deity creation that things bodies is be what it is as the good it happens the nice it be as real features this is being the creation of what can be real and good it now happens to them as it the creation.

Deity it has all the souls who died as a human all of them in it knowing and creating of them be a body features and realities destinations and they to be sent to who and it knowing is of what each person want and they are a knower doer of worthy have it come true that deity has it made for them come true and the people exist as knower doer of what is real for this that it is the creation to have and what deity makes come true for it and they are a people real of what creation is and knower doer what this is and for it being creation it is made that deity knows and makes what is real for it and they have the creation and knower doer of what be real that it what deity makes gives and it takes each soul and enters them to where be real for this and they can have what in creation and who as this good at it then they will see them and that each person has the knower the doer and happen of what creation does and be as good that it all is real as it be creation and what deity formulas and occurrences to provide and make be real as the creations realities and they exist as what is real from this and it produced on creation and they have deity at it best. 

And the people have a real creation of what features and desires are and does knows and they have it as what can be real and it is show them deity creating knows it has to be this and it is as they have creations realities of all these features scenarios be real and the earth and it is good and real as ideas causes and things be like this that is made to happen us and it and knows this and how it does be the creation.

Deity it creates all things and they are made of this and be what to have as real that is all created and that they exist as what is be created all that deity makes that deity has made the real can be how is good so they are features have features happen this that deity has created they be all of what it creation can be for them and how they are real in this about it be good then they have about all deity creates what is be real so is good and when they are a body to the world and have the creation is real as be this good then how deity always has to show them it creates them exist with all these creation features so then it is perfect that deity and it creation does be good and it has all this made to exist us and creation as our body life as all these features and deity creating of these makes all good and real come true and exist and it made that we do live in this and how good happens it happens us and it so the real is be perfect about we are made with a creation live that deity has made what is to be real that exists us and we have as real and is all features a creation and world has about it be good as it made we know how and happen how and it happens like that and what we know and is to be it that this be made for have it created as we live about is good and then we have to again return to what is created have be real and at this we know and happens and be it as good and we now returned to exist with creation features.

Deity that each thing is from it about it be real so this is what it can do for you make you be what this does and knows and have it be real this what things are to happen that deity creation is how good it does be and the good for how it creating is be as good at making everything and they be as good while being real and that all this to have created and it also be real that it this and we exist as be real always is this and what there is for us and creation be is how happen it while it is real for this that what know and be is that it is good as real so how each thing to be real from deity is creation that the good how it be real is that deity creating is how make it be this that we have real in creation that creation has everything real to be what it is as made for deity make it be and as good it really be as creation as the creation is what deity made and for us have it all made be creation and that there is everything to be good and perfect as it exist as be it and the creating of deity is what be everything so we have it be created and it is real that this how it be real and while it real is good that what is from deity that how it creates it be real and how be good this what is back at deity that the realness of it is this good and it features and it has what to create of this for them and creation and in it they be how good it is and happen it and be made of this creation and it does be perfect how is good and real this what creation does as it features they are how happen it and it makes them have all deity creates that it is creating realness like what it is so is good and it has all we can have created and that is good it is be how it is and these things exist us as life and the creation so we can do all this have it be real and be the know the real the play and make of all these features for our body life as good that is the features realities of deity to it creation.

Deity has created creation that it alone is deity over it had it made them eternal live and never die or ruin to learn the true good way they would of believed that creation was their own making each and a deity to it to have it all real how is eternal not die not ruin in it while deity is of these attributes the eternal and real as perfect in what it be then the people would had nothing in creation about deity exists while they were eternal perfect but deity has produced this on them and in paradise is the likes of this creation.

Then see how what is of earth as good to happen and know and be it features is appear as this in paradise each best and real of it and they have what is real to be in those creations let it happen as where things is like this to be real and created be this so it is there where things is be this and we have what is things there to be bodies and everything play like good and we can as it be what has been know how and real to happen it be like this and is features of it and we have what is real everything about it is return us to deity that it be creations of real there as good things are that we return to deity about what is real in creation that it made in deity creating of how make things real and creation it perfect that it has all things that does be good so it creates it be this that we have a deity that creates the realness of each thing that is what be the best as what is real that we have a deity when it creates all things they are real and that real does be how is the best and play good and deity creates the perfection and what deity creates we exist as be it have it and it has the realities worlds bodies things make and we know it is perfect how it be like and deity creates us in these and it makes all things as to be the best that is real as it because it does create it and we as people do have it be the best and good and what deity creates is all things that they be as real as this perfect good so it has this to create and we have lived in it creation perfect is what does be it and it creating makes the features of this creation that is all that deity exist us with the real.

And we return to deity about all it creates real in creation and we enter in creation that this is real and we have for deity and from it the best things and ever happen good and we return to deity about what is be made real for this is it all and we live in it worlds of it is these things play.

And we enter into creation and we return to deity about what is the creation be and the transfer be and to in all of this each and we are real to what deity transfers and produces.

The great superior day of deity look we have returned to deity and it is making everything real and it be good to us and deity had the earth for us know what this be so we can enter in it creations of this and deity made the earth of it is ruin the people eventual and we see now that was for they and us are not deities but look at the wrong and error they did with how they wanted creation be they are deity to it as look deity has entered them into hellfire and they cannot play what the best creation is they is fail it if they were given to us and we see this about them that with deity it reveals and shows what is happen about anything we be with in creation.

And our return to deity will be it is all knowing it is reveal all we need know now and it is show what each person and thing is do to us while most it is not happen as we are entered to paradise except good happen to us and what deity judges and does to people about go hellfire deity is reveal to us what they is do to us and it has us a knowing of this and at the return to deity the all knowing of what we is realise that deity has for people is be realised and seen as proof for how it shows us paradise about how it has created hellfire and who is there and how we have avoided the hellfire for being guided and revealing to us the all knowing a person has it is not misguide us to reveal the truth proof of what is knowing for us about our paradise and about the hellfire we not enter in and why who is there and what happens about everything and who to us that deity has created us paradise and guidance for it so it want us know everything about what is real for this knowing being as how we in paradise and what the hellfire is for and do to us from who there as we are created to be guided and given a paradise and there is a hellfire against us and all that happens to us is there as in the hereafter deity is causing creating what this all us to keep us in paradise and what is happening outside of it to who and about this is a guided action and knowledge for us a sit be what is creation to us and deity taking us to creations for reasons that makes us and creation do this and be perfect for it as we enter creation that know how and it be it have it real.

That when we die and return to deity it now be all deity does create that it knows and we have got it like we know and exist as real for what it is it now be what creation makes us all know is a happen to be real as also have all creation for it and we is be made and have a creation about what we is do with it this what deity has to create that this creation is for it happen that we are real as what can be it know it and be the creation is this like what deity creation does like this and we made to be how this is real to us a body life of what can be real and it makes it happen that it and us does this and it how all happens and the creation is real that we and it does this and deity has made all these things to do this and exist in it creations to happen this and we have everything to be real how it happens like this is what deity made it for the creation is being what it happens good so this has to be deity play of creation as all things are real for this that is what it happens and we and it knows and it too very good and real and the creation of what be made is all these things that it made about we and it is how happen this and be real with it so how it happens us this is for be the happen as it be for deity create what is real about it happens this so it can have it be real like deity has created creations so live in it as that what our creations for to be made of it and we enter it because of how it is happen there and the happen of creation good is being how it and creation does this and it created so we are now what is real for were it created and play it there as it perfect for what deity made real and our creation is that we enter it have everything real and this happens that we made of how deity has what knows and is real for it that this happens to us as our creation the play of it know of it and is real as being made have it and this what it causes it and us happen and know and it is as real that it be what deity creates and these happen that it is be like this with creations deity enter us in that has all real things as this what we made to have and being with it is real so this is all happen and it is being deity knows and makes has it be real that we happen in this mode it how what is real to be it and because it what happens and is for knowing and being it and with it is all these features of creation as good nice is how real it all to be this to us about how creation is each thing and we made exist with it that deity creating is what be real at the level of it be all like that as it and us is be how and knows this happens and is real it like everything to have and now it happens the creation is what it and us does and there is everything real we have to be in our creation of have it and be all it happen good that the mode of deity creation is what is real to us the mode of deity creates and it is be like it happen like that and these features has been real to us about this and now the creation and mode of deity has developed us about what is real to happen and exist with us as good this is all what we have creation to happen and be real like as deity creation is each real thing and how it be this good to us.

Claudia melgar has sex and part and play on earth her human body pleasures and dies from it then a return to deity you made me a human body of sex and play games a pleasure and it was real you made me be that so you have to create me have it now not once not unlimited i am now a soul for what you create and i am do it in your creation each thing made how you have it happen and i want sex and games and when i was drowning i was a soul coming to you about i want live i want pleasure your and in your creation let me live in it everything you create i want come true and i see that i was a human body and a soul for it drowning about you are all knowing creating and i exist with it you make me live and be in creation while i drown you is show me what happens and what you is do to me as what is be real to me and i am not drowning forever and you made the earth reality the hereafter existences and i am seeing them and i have a soul and what be my body about now it has a time of amount where deity you are now happening to me and it shows i have creations happen me as body and soul features and i return to deity about i was a human of it pleasures so that is what is made for me the deity makes what is real for pleasures to continue them on us and that it be body features for it that how it happens and when i died i returned to deity like the creating of earth and humans on it that you entered me into and i return to your same creating ability and i see the hereafter existences and you create more realness and you have a transfer a process of take me at death and real me and you do more in the creation and i have been a soul had a human body had an hereafter passage and felt seen it all be real as effect of life and from being a human body that the creation happened to is and before i came to it and after my death that deity then has it effect happen on me as i be real now so feel look and have deity happen to me surround me with the things and transfer process of i feel and made of deity is on all these things about it has an existences of afterlife that is all a creations of deity ability controls and takes me in this to my destinations of pleasures and the earth was one of deity creations it made it be that humans bodies feel and see it is earth reality and deity makes the creations be how they are then at my death deity has the creations of i see and feel it effect control everything and it is real enough to alive me and send me to creation of play then i enter the world and feel my body and this world is it design so i feel and have it happen like this as it is real and i play there and it like i know this so i can be here enjoy it and be good like it is to me know good play good have it be real.

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