Seeing Strange Stuff (5)

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Weird. Awkward. Confusing.

Submitted: March 06, 2013

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Submitted: March 06, 2013



The rest of the dinner was pretty much awkward. Mom went back to staring at me. Occasionally, she would mutter something under her breath that I couldn't quite catch hold of. At one point, she patted my head and said, "I'm glad to have you in my life. You're the best thing that has ever happened to me."

I keep having this awful feeling in the pit of my stomach. I think she's going to die soon or something. I dunno. I don't even know why I'm thinking this. I can't help my messed up thoughts.

Now I'm in my bedroom. I excused myself to be away from her. She makes me uncomfortable with her constant staring.

The thought of what happened to her in the dinner table preoccupies my mind. It's not like I can easily forget about the incident and continue with my oh-so-wonderful life. I really do think something bad is going to happen to her. To us.

At this precise moment, I hear the door opening from downstairs and a rattle of key chains. A deep voice murmurs something. It's Dad.

I was going to play on the computer, but then the sound of plastic bags made contact with the floor and that got me excited. I immediately run down to the room where Dad and Mom are. They're both discussing something, but stop when they see me.

I ignore their stares and go over to the plastic bags. I grin. Chocolate orange! It's a big ball of delicious chocolate orange. People who know me well enough will know that I am nuts about this - even Mom knows I love it. Even my enemy, Tyreece, knows how I feel towards chocolate orange, and sadly, he uses it to his advantage.

"Is that for me?" I ask hopefully.

"Yep," Dad says, nodding his head with a small smile.


I extend my hand to grab hold of my precious treat, even more precious than the Precious in Lord of the Rings, but Mom has other ideas. She takes the entire bag into her hand and shakes her head.

"You've just had dinner, you'll only make yourself sick."

"What? No! There's always room for chocolate orange," I protest.

"Come on, Shay. Let the kid have what he wants," Dad says, backing me up.

Mom glares at Dad. "No, Dan. Don't you remember what happened last time when we allowed him to eat chocolate cheesecake before he went to bed? He threw up the next day in school!"

"Yeah, but-"

"I simply won't stand by and let this happen to him again. Besides, too much sugar is bad for his health as well as his teeth. You should know that," she says coldly.

Oh no... Not this again. Dad has these rotten teeth which Mom never fails to bring up from time to time.

He frowns at her and then turns to look at me. "Sorry, kiddo. You can have it tomorrow."

I nod my head slowly. I don't want to make the situation more worse than it already is.

Mom smiles in triumph, but then gives Dad a dirty look.

"Why did you drop these bags on the floor?" She questions in annoyance. I notice little bits of her saliva flying everywhere.

"Take them to the kitchen!" She orders.

Dad glares back at her.

"I've been working really hard for this family. Cut me some slack," he retorts.

I could sense a fight emerging. This is very usual. Mom and Dad fight almost every day over any little thing. It's always Mom who starts things.

"It's okay, I'll do it," I volunteer.

Without waiting for an answer, I scoop up all the bags in my hands. There's only five bags, and they aren't that heavy, so I have no trouble carrying them. Mom, however, disagrees and thinks I'll drop everything.

"Careful with that bag!" Mum fusses. "It's got eggs in it. You don't want to crack them!"

Or do I?

I catch Dad rolling his eyes. He walks away from us and climbs up the stairs. I return my attention to Mom.

She clicks her tongue. "Here, give me that," she snatches the bag from my grip. I sort of lose my balance, but I manage to steady myself.

"Careful! You nearly dropped the other bags!" She yells in fury.

Nice to know she's concerned about one of us at least.

I let go of the bags altogether. "You can do it yourself then."

With that said, I go back to my room. It's pointless staying in the same room with her. If she's not telling me off, she'll only stare at me uncomfortably or she'll talk about how I'm fucked up in the head.

I decide to go on my computer for a while before I settle down to bed. I know exactly what I'm going to play. 'Fight for Light'.

It's one of those read-as-you-play games, so you understand the plot and what you're fighting for. Out of all the characters, I have chosen Draku. His story is quite interesting. I'm on the stage where he has turned mental just after the death of his brother. His brother, Takuro died because this bitch named Kokoro was after him and tried to convince him to join her side. According to Kokoro, Takuro held something essential within him. Or some crap like that. So she stalked him for a bit and even tried seducing the guy.

This game is for 18 years old and older, but I don't give a damn. I've seen ruder things in my life. Trust me, when you have Bentely as a friend, this shit seems completely normal.

Anyway, Takuro refuses her and blah, blah... blah, they get into war and he loses. That's the end of him. Then, as I've said before, Draku goes coo-coo and swears on his life that he'll avenge his brother. In order to do so, he'll need to find and capture these powerful elements of light. Apparently, Kokoro is too fast for bullets and too smart to get stabbed in the back, so the only other option is supernatural. But, check this, they're hidden. This is the part that fucking pisses me off!

I am never good at searching for things. Heck, I suck at that game where everyone hides and I'm the seeker. The only way I'll win for sure is when I cheat and I normally do. No wonder no one wants to play with me. Not that I care.

There are 'walkthroughs for FFL', but I don't want to cheat for this game. It's a game that I actually like. I've come so far on my own and I don't want any help. It'll ruin everything for me. I mean it.

So, in short, 'Fight for Light' is a cool game which brings out the violent side of Leon, my other best friend who is too immature for words.

The game is still loading. I stare at my computer screen, trying to make the loading bar move faster. I need to find those damn elements!

"I'm sorry."

I jump from shock and hit my knee against the old desk. Ow! Painful... so, very painful...

I swivel around only to see Mom looking at me with concern. What the heck? When did she come in?

"I didn't mean to upset you," she continues. "Do you forgive me?"

She can be so weird when she wants to be. I really don't know what to say, so I smartly reply, "Uhhh..."

She falls to the floor and wraps her arms around my legs. She looks up at me with teary eyes. "I'm so sorry... Please forgive me... Please don't hate me... Please..."

Now I'm plain confused.

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